McGarity Expects to Hear on Jones Soon

ATLANTA – A ruling on the eligibility status of linebacker Jarvis Jones could be coming soon, according to Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity.

Speaking at the final Bulldog Club meeting of the offseason, McGarity, along with Mark Richt and Mark Fox, spoke about the eligibility status of Jones and basketball freshman Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

Both were involved in an investigation into a Columbus-based AAU team.

Georgia is expecting news on Jones before fall camp begins Aug. 4. As to what the ruling will be, McGarity is still unsure.

"I quit trying to guess how things will turn out because bottom line is, it is what it is, and you report whatever you find out and uncover everything—try to report everything at one time with honesty," McGarity said.

A few notes of interest involving the case: Georgia is involved in an inquiry, but this case is different than what A.J. Green faced last season because Columbus police are conducting the investigation.

"I think the difference was, as I understand things, this was either the city or the state that conducted the investigation," McGarity said. "So this was a separate entity that had done all of the legwork, so in essence there was a whole investigation done—not by us, so we're just basically finding out what was in the report and reacting."

Jarvis Jones during G-Day 2011. (Dean Legge/Dawg Post)

The investigation centers on Tony Adams, who reportedly used unauthorized funds to pay for flights to Los Angeles for Jones and his mother. Also, the cell phone bill Caldwell-Pope's mother was reportedly paid by Adams.

Both Jones and Caldwell-Pope played for the Georgia Blazers, an AAU team led by Adams.

While the eligibility of both players is in question, the status of Jones is key due to fall camp starting in early August.

"Our goal is that we will have an answer early enough to be able to prepare properly, but I think we're on track to do that," Richt said.

Jones projects to be an important piece to the Georgia defense this season. He is currently listed as a starter at outside linebacker.

Could word of his status be known by the first day of fall camp?

"That's my hope," Richt said. "We'll see."

"I think if we can wrap this up by August 1 then it gives us time to react," McGarity said. "So hopefully there's nothing else. And you uncover everything and there's nothing else out there unless it's something where there needs to be follow-up work by the SEC. Hopefully you're thorough enough that you've already answered all the questions that need to be answered."

It's unclear when news on Caldwell-Pope will arrive.

"I mean, you know, you don't ever want these situations, but I think it will be handled appropriately," coach Mark Fox said. "It's really not my job to do. It's not a decision I'm going to make."

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