Reaction: Bobo: Attrition is "Unnerving"

ATHENS - Dawg Post's reactions to today's events in Athens.

1. Mike Bobo called losing his top two returning rushers and two offensive linemen after spring practice "unnerving."

Legge's Reaction: It's unnerving in the sense that Georgia's margin for error is limited in the backfield. I am not sure how much A.J. Harmon or Brent Benedict would have contributed in 2011. With that said, I think it is a total shame Benedict is no longer in Athens. He might not have been able to contribute in a big way this fall, but if he was able to rehab and get back to being healthy he would have been a solid contributor on down the road. Meanwhile, with Benedict's departure, Georgia's class of 2010 looks rougher and rougher the longer we get on down the road.

Bill Elliott's Reaction

"It's been a long year. It's been one of those type seasons where a lot of things have happened. I think we are going to Bill Elliott Ford tomorrow and have a hell of a sale." - Elliott after the 1992 Hooters 500.

As it relates to losing Washaun Ealey and Caleb King. Its probably a good think Ealey is gone – but losing King is going to hurt at some point this season. King, in my view, was the better back. He could, at a minimum, pass protect – and that was a flaw of Ealey's. Isaiah Crowell was the best running back coming into 2011, and he would have been the starter sometime in September (probably the first game) anyway. But now there is no margin for error. I'd feel unnerved if I was Bobo, too.

2. Bobo admits that there will be a lot of pressure on freshman running back Isaiah Crowell.

Legge's Reaction: Speaking of Crowell… there is no question of the talent of Crowell – none. Dude can scoot. But I do wonder out loud if he can handle everything that goes along with being the man. I'm not saying he can't be the man. What I am saying is that he's used to being the man on a high school campus playing in front of less than 5,000 people during a game. Now he's going to play in front of 93,000 – millions on TV – each week, and he's never been confronted with that before.

Columbus is where Crowell fits in best. Hopefully for him and Georgia fans he will fit into Athens well, too. If that happens and Crowell stays healthy Georgia is going to have a good season. Or as Mark Richt says: "I plan on having a hell of a year."

Fletcher Page's Reaction:Sure there's pressure. But this is Georgia football, and Isaiah is the 'Next Big Thing.' This is a little blah, blah, blah to me. There will always be pressure and expectations...if not, what would be the point? Isaiah just needs to be Isaiah. He just needs to do what he has always done--run the football. And run it well. No need to over think this too much.

3. Tavarres King called newcomer Malcolm Mitchell a "tremendous athlete"

Legge's Reaction: Malcom Mitchell is officially the new hot-summer-talked-about guy in the program. Players won't shut up about it – so something's going on here.

Page's Reaction:I wouldn't be surprised to see Mitchell start games this fall. I know every summer brings new names that are supposedly lighting the voluntary workouts up...but Mitchell's buzz is different than most.

Stories about Mitchell burning defensive backs at wideout...and then turning around and calling out receivers and defending them as a corner in the same drill is fairly epic, in my opinion.

4. Bobo said that QB Aaron Murray is still "wanting to get better."

Legge's Reaction: Murray still wants to get better? What happens in the fall? He's supposed to top 24 touchdowns against eight interceptions with 3,049 yards with a completion rate of 61%? Here's my advice to Aaron Murray – lose the Liberty Bowl gloves… that is all.

5. Bobo also weighed in on the change in strength and conditioning at Georgia, saying: "When you don't finish at the end of games, you've got to say, ‘Why not? Why couldn't we finish?'"

Legge's Reaction: Good question. The jury is still out on if Georgia's change in strength and conditioning has worked. They haven't played a game – so how is anyone supposed to know what the results are anyway? Mark Richt had, had, had to make a change in strength and conditioning. What we don't yet know is if the change he made was the appropriate one.

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