The Dawg Post Mailbag

ATHENS - They said 10,000 words was an achievement, but Fletcher Page pushes the Mailbag to new heights--12,000 words and counting.

"That man almost scared me half to death," I heard a voice say from the kitchen.

My mom's friend Debbie had just met Deion Sanders—way up close and personal.

Of course, we're not talking about the real Deion…this was a cardboard version of Prime Time. Still, the experience left Debbie shaking.

She was spending the night with our family—sometime in the 1990s. I forget exactly when. I was little at the time, and Deion had yet to leave via free agency to win a Super Bowl with San Fran. So we're talking pre-1994 here.

I was smitten with Deion. That's probably the understatement of my childhood. I had posters of Deion with the Falcons…with the Braves…with the gold chains…with the wind breakers…and leopard print sports jackets…and of course, that oh so sexy Jheri curl.

My dad had a rookie card from when Deion was drafted by the Yankees. We put it in a plastic case and everything…I had a Deion No. 21 Falcons jersey. I wore that thing to school, and I didn't even wear an undershirt with that baby.

My mom caught me in the bathroom one time with either shoe polish or makeup trying to paint my face black so, "I could become Deion."

Let's say that was for sure shoe polish. I've barely got any credibility as it is.

I think my hatred of Tim McCarver began because Deion hated Tim McCarver. I still hate Tim McCarver. If you don't hate Tim McCarver, I probably hate you.

Anyway…I had at least four posters of Deion at the time Debbie came to stay with us for that pre-‘94 night. I had a football-only poster. I had a baseball-only poster. I had a football/baseball poster. And I had a football/baseball/rapper/is there anything this man can't do? poster.

I kept that last poster in a special place…in the boards under the top mattress of my wicked-cool wooden bunk beds. I could rest in bed at night and look up at my main man. Bunk beds were a solid choice for this very reason alone.

Unfortunately for Debbie, she went to bed after darkness set in…and never saw that poster…until she woke up the next morning, face-to-face with the man himself.

Let's just say she didn't like Deion as much as I did. Actually, there was probably about a five-second window there where Debbie feared for her life. But I figured, even in my little-kid brain at the time that it had to beat the hell out of waking up underneath Tim McCarver's giant stupid skull.

With all that said…ladies and gentlemen, you already know what it is…let's get it poppin'.

korleone05 asks: Is Shannon Brown going UGA???

Way to get right to the point…starting this Mailbag off with a direct approach.

I think Brown coming to GMC is a telling move…here's a Twitter-style background brief for those who don't know about Brown's recruitment.

Brown was a stud linebacker from Cook County in the 2011 class. #potentialdreamteamer.

Brown chose Alabama over Georgia. #abandonshipwomenandchidlrenfirstinthelifeboat.

Brown doesn't qualify, must take JUCO route. #soyou'resayinthere'sachance.

Brown switches from the JUCO school in Mississippi that ‘Bama frequently places non-qualifiers at and heads to GMC. #justwhatinthehellisgoinonhere.

Brown becomes tight with Todd Grantham and appears to be Georgia bound. #takethatxzavierdickson'sdad.

Anyway, I think Georgia is in a good spot here with Brown, but they need to take care of business on the field to seal the deal.


hpdog jumps in: As an aside, when is the earliest he(Brown) could enroll?

As I understand things, he's going to be able to enroll summer of 2012.

BlackDeathD begins his soliloquy: i have been doing some thinking on this up coming season. I know we are thin on the OL and thin at RB, but are we a sleeping giant going into this year? We know what we have at QB, we know Coach Grantham has the makings of an elite DC, and we know that CMR has gone into years like this where people were down on him and he would have a big year like going into 2005, and 2007. You hear all the talk about AJ being gone but are we really going to fall off that much at WR? If the talk is correct about Mitchell, and TK can have a solid year and Marlon can just be solid and so on, Murray can spread it out and we can have a passing game to set up the run. The point is the talent is here to win the SEC East. SCU has got more than they have had in a while but like us there are a few positions we look better than them. Our QB for example. Samuel could be more of a plus for us than many may think. He does know how to run with the ball, and I do not see him coming in just to block. This should motivate Crowell to learn to work on those blocking skills. Learn to block and you will be a complete package. You want to go to the league he must learn to do this. This brings me to Boise. UGA knows they are in for a fight with Boise. Does Boise know they are in for a fight? Every dawg has their day. Boise's success will come to an end one day. No way you keep a record like theirs and not fall off ever. Have they played a team like UGA before? yes because they played UGA, but no one on that team remembers what it was like. When a program like Bosie wins like they have against weak teams with a VT tossed in there once a year you do not change much. If it is working, you stick with it till someone scouts it out and stops you. Bottom line Bosie and UGA are in for a fight. This game will not be a one sided affair. I just do not see it, but when it comes to speed UGA does have an advantage. It comes down to putting it together out there. Everyone has to do their part. We need 4th Qrts of fight from the OL for example. If you do dominate at least do not be the weakest link. The OL has a great QB and an elite newcomer in the backfield. They need to do there part. They also got vet WRs and a homerun threat comer or two. The OL does not have to do it alone. They need to hold up their end. Feed off of everything around you I say.

Bravo! Bravo!

Where were you and your optimism when I quit playing baseball for two years at the age of 10? I needed you and you weren't there!

nayah interjects his thoughts: My response to BlackDeath's post: Fletch let me know if you agree.

Will do. By all means, the floor is yours…

Talent isn't the problem at UGA. The problem (for the last 3 years at least) has been parlaying that talent into performance on the football. Now, it may seem like that's an issue that Boise has figured out. But the bottom line is Boise plays 2 big games a year, its' season opener and the bowl game. They just don't have to deal with the emotional and physical toll that teams from BCS conferences have to deal with on a weekly basis. With that said, Boise has certainly risen to the occasion more times than not when facing opponents with perceived superior talent. It's the first game of the season for both teams and they've had all off-season to prepare. There is no "well we played Big Shot State last week" excuse for us to use.

Hopefully AJ's departure has breeded a spirit of competition in our receivers. I'm expecting a receiver by committee type deal this season. As for Marlon Brown... Ba-aa-aa-aa-aah (That's my sheep voice Fletch). I was hoping that you or Dean would've run a story about Marlon sitting on top of the jumbo-tron in Samford howling at the moon by now.

Love it!

I see him a possession reciever and a guy that can cause defenses problems in the red zone. Maybe he could even be a jump-ball guy if he ever starts believing in himself. Really want to see Bennett and Tampa in action...


When it comes to our O-line we certainly don't have the depth that we'd like to, but I feel like we have 3 starters returning in Jones, Glenn, and Gates. Saw at SEC Media Day where CMR had Bean penciled in as the starting RT. From all accounts the guy is country strong, but up until now hadn't figured it our scheme wise. Maybe the light has come on. Burnette also is a guy that's supposed to have some ability. IMO we won't find out how good or bad we are up front until the USCe game. If not for the departures of Ealey and King, I think we would've run for close to 200 yards against Boise.

Bottom line, if we play a complete game, we win.

Well done, nayah. Hit the showers and then grab a couple beers on your way out. You've earned them.

TripleB asks: 1. Can you give us some feedback/insight into the former Dawgs that have joined the staff, maybe from a current player perspective? Thomas Brown? Tony Gilbert? etc...

Something tells me a flood of Thomas Brown questions is about to crash into the Sack…

TNLogDog asks: The players can't spend time with coaches during the summer but I would think that T. Brown would be spending all his time mentoring I. Crowell. Can you elaborate on their relationship and any other information you might have about the two of them?

Yep, I was right. But wait…there's more.

graydog25 says: I had never thought about this, but TBrown is one of the best people we could possibly have on the Dawg Staff to help with Crowell, and not just in the weight room, that is a very good observation and question you would think is true within whatever screwy rules the NCAA has on coaches, there was no one that worked any harder than Brown, and he had a great attitude, one of my favorite players along with DJ ShoK and DPol.

Good question TNLD…and great response Gray…and Triple, I know more about Thomas than I do Gilbert or any others.

You could try to find somebody that would say something bad about Thomas, but you'd be looking for a long time. I've been told by all kinds of people—Kelin Johnson, Bruce Figgins, Christian Robinson, Bryan McClendon and Nick Jones—that Thomas Brown is one of the most genuine players to play at Georgia in recent memory.

He was a great teammate and is still well respected. I have a feeling Thomas will be in Athens for a long, long time.

As for the specifics on his relationship with Isaiah, Thomas (ha, I just said Isaiah, Thomas) has been a constant presence this summer. I don't think he's necessarily holding Isaiah's hand every single step of the way, but I've heard Thomas has gone to class with Crowell a few times, spent some extra time with him in the weight room and just tried to help ease the Columbus-to-Athens adjustment just a little bit.

Believe me…Thomas is the best influence Isaiah could ever have.

"Some guys don't even realize," Figgins told me recently. "Some of these young kids see Coach Brown, but to me he's still TB. He should still be in the NFL, you know what I'm saying? I remember looking at him in the huddle when I was a freshman with him and (Matt) Stafford. TB was one of the best players I've ever played with. If he's not one of the best, then I don't know who is. There are so many guys like that…you can't take this for granted."

TripleB's questions continue: 2. Anything to report on Jarvis Jones or KCP?

I highly doubt we've heard everything that is going to come out of the investigation. My original source that told me something was going on down there in Columbus back in March has been right every step of the way.

Once the original story broke in June, I was told more details of payments would be coming. Those details, about Jones receiving more cash, hit the press this week.

I still think this could be a lot of fuss over nothing, as it pertains to Jarvis. There is a prior relationship between Jones and Tony Adams dating back to the eighth grade.

If that connection is established and proven, the amount of money exchanged should not matter.

As it concerns KCP, I'm not as well versed about what his relationship was with Adams and if the two were close before KCP was considered a recruit.

I think Jones will be playing in Dome. But if there is more to come out about all this, who really knows what could happen. I hate to pull the wait and see card...but that's where we are.

I'm not as sure about Kentavious, but only because I don't know as much about his situation.

3. Is the honey badger the most badass animal ever? And to the effect, why isn't there a college football mascot called the honey badger? Which college team would most emulate the nastyass honey badger?

You'll never know how much time I devote to this type of questions…I love you for that…and I also dislike you for it too.

So, I did a little research on the nastyass honey badger. Here are the notes I jotted down: Does not resemble other badgers…more similar to weasels…extensive range, adapts well in many environments, few natural predators due to thick skin and ferocious abilities…

Here's what all that means in college football terms: Must be a team that wears Pro-Combat unis…a sneaky, productive, extremely disliked team…plays schools from multiple big conferences, performs well at home, on the road or neutral, tough to cite it's most traditional rivals.

I hate to announce this to you…but I just described the University of Florida. (ducking)…I know, I know.

Even further, I ran the description of the nastyass honey badger through a computer formula I created (patent pending), and discovered that Brandon Spikes is, in fact, a nastyass honey badger…(ducking again). C'mon...the eye gauge was started by Ealey's trash talk in the first place! A simple defensive tactic, I say.

Let's move on before you kill me…or worse, quit reading.

EmotionalFescue says: Honey Badgers are the Mark Herzlichs of the Animal Kindgom Total badasses.

Physically—yes. Weasel-like? No.

OK for Fletch: 1. What is our 2 deep at O-Line?

I think it goes a little something like this: LT – Cordy Glenn. LG – Kenarious Gates. C – Ben Jones. RG – Chris Burnette. RT – Bean Anderson.

The second unit: LT – Austin Long. LG – Kolton Houston. C – David Andrews. RG – Kolton Houston. RT – Austin Long.

Nothing to worry about here, folks! Keep it moving…

2. Will someone play the role of Logan Gray on punt returns this year? Writing that sentence made me throw up in my mouth a little.

I don't know why you guys are so worried about this…Hutson Mason has great hands.

Kidding. Well, Mason may actually be able to catch a football, but I don't think we'll see any white bread out there on punt returns.

3. Best perk about going to SEC media day? Did you get any swag?

I enjoy going to SEC media days, if for nothing else, so Dean, Dijana and I can smash fools that don't know what they're doing.

They did give out free t-shirts this year…a disappointment considering I got a Rose Bowl computer bag two years ago.

The best part of this year's media days experience: I asked Will Muschamp if I could walk with him between rooms and ask him about his playing days at Georgia.

He simply said, "No." Which I thought was awesome.

Other than that, Dean and I did a lot of people watching and mingled with media members I won't see again for a year. Good times!

4. We yell "Nerds!" at Tech games. I plan on yelling "Smurfs!" at the Boise game. Is this the preferred taunt?

I think the term smurfs is way too playful…this is football we're talking about here, so you need to get more personal…more distasteful.

What is Boise State's mascot? That's right, the Broncos. Or as I call a bronco—a horse.

Sadly, let's be honest…some deceased horses are used for…that's right, dog food.

Say, what's Georgia's mascot again?

I'll let your imagination run with this one…

TripleB returns to add: I would like for someone to design a new BSU logo like in its current format that says Brokeback State instead of Boise State and has a rainbow-colored unicorn as the mascot instead of the Bronco. Does anyone have the graphics talents to make this happen?

Brilliant! I know there are some fierce Heath Ledger jokes to be had here…but after the horse thing in the last question, I need to tread easy for a few questions.

aname asks: will we beat gt this year in basketball?

I currently have Georgia as a 60-40 favorite…playing at home…Fox has won the last two in the series…Tech has a brand new coach…

Now, if something happens to Kentavious stemming from Blazergate…then I'm out. This prediction is null and void in that scenario.

will we beat fla in football? (predict)^

Until Georgia beats those nastyass honey badgers on a consistent basis (or just any kind of basis, really), I can't say they will win. I picked Georgia to win last year…and I was almost right. But almost right is the exact same thing as completely wrong.

how do things around the program feel now as compared to the same point last year? can you see/hear differences.

There are a few differences.

The buzz about the freshmen has been dramatically heightened.

Ladies and gents, let's give a warm welcome to Aaron Murray…say, Aaron, what do you think about all these new players running around making plays and getting ‘Dream Team' tattoos?

"They're talented. There are some tremendous athletes in that class and some tremendous big guys in that class. They're ready to go. They work hard. They came in with the mentality that ‘we're going to work hard and live up to the hype.' Through two months of being with them, I'm excited. I think they are definitely going to be some great additions to the team."

Thank you Aaron. You're always helpful.

Anyway, the latest class has generated by far and away the most noise I've ever heard heading into a fall camp—which, compared to the 2010 group, wasn't that difficult to do.

Still, there are so many young players that the older guys are talking about as potential contributors: Isaiah, Mitchell, Drew, Moore, Sanders, Herrera, Jenkins, Marshall and Swann…the list is long and I probably missed one or two. Anytime you start talking about new players contributing—especially freshmen—it makes for an exciting summer.

Also, for better or worse, the strength and conditioning changes have altered conversations to a certain extent. Hearing about the new regimen, dining hall tactics and people potentially dying on the side of the road has changed the feel. It was about this time last year I started picking up on something amiss in the S&C. Again, change—or something new—always creates optimism, which inevitably leads to excitement and anticipation.

when does fall practice start?

August 4…two days before my birthday. August babies are selfish…Imagine being eight months pregnant in the month of July, during the height of the annual Georgia heat wave. That's right—us August babies are a damned selfish bunch.

I will think of more stuff later.

I'll be here. Waiting.

14dawgs47 asks: What is Ga. plan at QB. Are we done recruiting at the position. Is G. Lambert still a target? Where would you see Faton Bauta playing if he came to georgia. Is there any talk about Jeremy Liggins, he looks like he would be hard to sack, kinda like that dude that was at kentucky a while back.

Well…I thi—

TripleB returns yet again: UGA is not recruiting a QB this year. Things could change, but we have Murray, Mason, Lemay, and Marshall (in a pinch) to hold that position down.

Third time this week! Get it TB…

Yes, Triple is correct here…Georgia is not going to take a quarterback in 2012 to create some class separation.

Grayson Lambert is a good kid, but Brice Ramsey is a better player. Brice projects to be a better college quarterback (and yes, I know he's never started a high school game. I hear that argument loud and clear. But the kid is special…)

Constantly recruiting all these blue-chip signal callers is an excellent practice…so is drinking coffee before I write a Mailbag…but there can be some negative side affects.

A stockpiling of talent is wonderful…except when you're the third most talented in the pile. Georgia had some important decisions to make at the QB spot in this class…and I think having Brice commit early was the best thing that could have happened.

In the words of Elizabeth Taylor: "He was the one I wanted all along."

OK, I doubt she ever said that…or she may have said it six or seven times…but Brice's commitment gave Georgia it's quarterback for the 2014-2017 range, and took some heat off of the "Why aren't we getting any QBs in this class" public rabble.

Also: I don't see Georgia taking any "project" or "athlete" quarterbacks in this 2012 class…Not knocking any of the guys you mentioned…but Georgia already has one of those locked up for three or four seasons in Marshall (he's playing the role of, "Yes, I play defense, but I still think I could win a game or three for you on offense, Coach." I think that highly of him).

And yes, I've been drinking coffee…and no, I won't sleep tonight.

aspendawg asks: any news on the juco trail, are we looking?

I don't have any specfic names for you just yet, but Georgia will probably take a couple JUCO offensive linemen and could be looking for wide receivers as well…speaking of which…

nayah asks: Do you think T. King has #1 wideout ability??

I do think King is more than just a stretch-the-field type guy. I think he is a No. 1 receiver type, but obviously with A.J. still fresh in our minds, it will be tough to live up to what most have come to expect from the top wideout.

Have heard the raving reviews about Tampa, but would like to know what you're hearing about some of the other young pups in the recieving corps, specifically Conley and Bennett. Do you see these guys contributing this season??

At this time, I see Bennett contributing more than Conley. Bennett has about six months more experience in practice than Chris, and I still think Conley could use a redshirt.

Sanford Seay has some good speed, but he has a long way to go before he'll be counted on to contribute.

Justin Scott-Wesley is probably the fastest straight-line runner on the team, but again, he's raw in terms of route running.

I need more time--and to actually see these guys practice--before I can say much more than that.

Have you heard anything about anyone working with Crowell on blocking assignments and do you think he understands that weight that has been cast upon his shoulders with the departure of Ealey and King? I know the coaches and players are telling him that he doesn't have to be the savior and that's true to a certain extent. But you, me, and everyone else knows that this kid was brought in to "bring it" and to be "the guy" at the RB position. He is SUPPOSED to be the next great thing. Does he strike you as the kind of kid who can handle that???

I honestly don't think he has comprehended that just yet--how could he? He knows there is pressure, but I don't think he cares one way or the other. He's a laid back kind of dude who doesn't seem to really get too high or too low.

Sure, the blocking issue is a concern, but players learn new things by doing them--repetition. Practice makes permanent. Isaiah is going to miss some blocks this fall. I know this because even Michael Turner misses blocks every now and then.

Isaiah just needs to be Isaiah...he doesn't need to think about this too much. Run the ball. Learn what to do and do it. That's it.

I think JSW and MM on the kick return team would be stupid sick. What's the possibility of that happening?

With Boykin back for one last year, I don't know how much you'll see that this season. But the future for the return game is bright.

I'm still actively campaigning for an annual 4x100 relay to be held each fall camp. Two teams of four, offense versus defense. Now that A.J. is gone, the defense may actually have a chance this year. (As you can see, I'm always brainstorming on the fringe ideas to write about here in the Sack).

14dawgs47 returns for a second helping: What does the sec look like in two years. I do not understand the desire people have for the super conf. I think it would ruin the great scheduleing we have and make it even tuffer to come out on top. It seems to me the more conf you have the better the competition. I mean if the sec gets any stronger we should just leave the ncaa and start our on league. And I dont like the thought of texas and okie being considered south east. There are a few teams that do fit our profile but most of them would be in our eastern div .I guess we could take two of those and move vandy to the west, they are in a different time zone.

I'm on your side of this one14d47…

Hey, I guess we can agree McDonald's is the undisputed SEC of the fast food world (I don't eat there much anymore, but their stock price says they're the best).

No matter how much you personally like McDonald's…or how great or how much better McDonald's is than the other conferences (Burger King is the Big 10, Wendy's is the Big 12, Zaxby's is the Pac-12, Taco Bell is the Big East and Arby's is the ACC…I'll let you guess which conference I eat the least of), you can only eat so many chicken nuggets (unless you're Dean. Dude can dip and dunk those whole white dream pieces with the best of them).

You get what I'm saying?

Sure, McDonald's has some damn good nuggets (Alabama)…and a good burger (Florida) and a surprisingly good fish sandwich (say, Mississippi State in 2010).

But Burger King's Whopper is a hit (Ohio State). Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich is spot-on (Oklahoma), Zaxby's chicken strips dipped in tongue torch sauce will make any day better (Southern Cal), anything from Taco Bell at 2 a.m. will taste amazing in the moment, but leave you with regrets later (pick any top three Big East team) and Arby's kind of sucks (again, pick any ACC football team).

There's no need for one restaurant to have all these menu items!

And again, I spend waaaaaay too much time thinking about this stuff…moving on.

UGA53MAIN asks: Will Shannon Brown be a 2012 or 13 guy?

Man, you guys are super seriously interested in this dude. Brown is a 2012 guy.

Is there anyone else? Anybody else with questions about Brown??? Are you sure? OK…

What is your guess on Turene?

I think we need to have a talk…sit down…yeah…about Turene…well…it's just that…I mean…OK, OK, OK…I think he's going to JUCO. That's what I'm hearing and that's what I've got my money on (figuratively speaking of course)…I've been wrong before. Maybe even twice. But I think you need to brace for this now…

Looks like we have some speed on offense this year? B. Smith, Mitchell,Wooten,King,Bennett ,JSW,etc etc, do you think Mike Bobo will do what it takes to utilize this talent?

I know you want me to make some kind of run right, run left, run draw, punt joke here…I know you do.

Let's face it…Georgia's offense hasn't been creative…and it likely won't get creative overnight (this offseason). The players you mentioned should all have an opportunity to make plays this year…but I don't see the staff coming up with something drastically different than what you're used to seeing.

The key factor here could be what happens at fullback.

Georgia (and any team for that matter) is going to have five linemen and a quarterback on the field at all times. That leaves five skill players on the field at a time (Hey, you've got to give credit to the masters of the obvious).

Who are the best five to have out there? That's all I care about when I think in terms of trying to score. Orson Charles is probably going to be one of those five nearly every single play. So is Crowell.

So, is your next best three a trio of wideouts (say, Mitchell, King or Brown). Or should a TE be thrown in there (White, Lynch or Rome). Or is Figgins or Ogletree worthy of being one of the coveted cinco?

Me personally, I'm a fan of three wideouts…but down and distance will dictate much of this.

After re-reading this answer, I kind of realize I just walked around in a pointless football-talk circle. Everybody knows there are five guys that can make a play on the field at a time. Everybody already knows the breakdown for this. I'm sorry for the drivel. There's just something about this offense that will turn even your conversations bland.

Damn it. I let you trick me into making a joke about Bobo's lack of creativity.

bpadgett09 asks: Who do you see starting opposite King at WR this year? I'm sure Brown will almost have to lose his spot in the fall due to his blocking and experience (if you call it that). Will it be Bennett or will Mitchell or somebody else get that third slot, or maybe Orson will flex out a lot.

Lot's of questions about the receivers in this edition of the Sack…it's not like the unit just lost a once-in-a-we'll-never-see-a-player-like-this-again type guy or anything. Wait…

For the sake of doing what we as humans do best…let's rank who has the best chance of starting the most games opposite T.K. this season.

7. Israel Troupe: Yeah right.

7. Branden Smith: Or any other defensive player for that matter. Yeah, I'm talking about you Boykin, Marshall, Geathers…wait…not you Kwame.

6. Any freshmen not nicknamed Tampa: A lot to learn…a lot to prove.

5. Michael Bennett: He seems to do all the right things, and others seem to be saying all the right things. We shall see.

4. Rantavious Wooten: Guy's game is different than the other receivers (outside of Mitchell, who I think is faster and quicker, therefore negating any kind of niche feature angles involving Wooten. Hey, story ideas don't always work out).

3. Orson Charles: I'm tempted to make a creativity joke…or ask who abducted Charles in the first half of 2010? It better not happen again.

2. Marlon Brown: Sheep or wolf? Sheep…or wolf?

1. Malcolm Mitchell: Hey, the buzz is out and about—and it's loud. I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid…I'm shotgunning it.

Jtugadawgs asks: 1.) DL or FP one said that we should expect another recruit to commit within the next 7 days other than Chester, is this still a fact??

Yeah, about that…it didn't work out, did it? Just to hint around a little bit for the sake of entertainment, the kid I thought that was next to commit was a 2013 safety out of Newnan.

Have I said too much?

2.) How much better of a job do you feel that Scout does than Rivals? (IMO 10 times better)??

Don't you hate it when people say "No comment" to the media. It's like the person is saying, "What you just asked me about is completely true or is going to happen, but I don't have the swag to answer you straight up."

Like asking Joey Buttafuoco if he loves his wife…no comment. Was Susan Smith really instructed by God to kill her children, or is she just crazy…no comment…Is Dawg Post better than any other competing sites…no comment.

3.) Any chance we swing Reuben Foster away from Bama???

It could happen, especially if Georgia can win those first two games and have a good year. But this is going to be a tough pull. I've been told Foster very nearly committed to Georgia on Dawg Night, but then held off. Something was holding him back…that something appears to be a little feeling in the pit of his stomach that's telling him Alabama is the place to be.

4.) Please tell me we are not wearing RED ON RED for the Boise game! I love Pro Combat Jerseys except for Miami's last year.?

Outside of rainbow stripes on the shoulders, I won't be surprised by anything that happens with those jerseys in the Dome.

But I'll agree with you…I'd much rather see black on black than red on red. Or black on red…or red on black…and I wouldn't mind seeing some kind of traditional throwback color scheme either…

By the way, have you ever noticed how selfish people are when they talk about traditional jerseys?

Like for some of us young bucks…a black helmet stripe and shadow-style numbers is what players wore "back in the day."

Herschel was wearing red pants when he made Bill Bates his platform for leaping into your heart in 1980. The helmets were silver before Dooley showed up.

I guess what I'm saying is, I don't understand why some people say, ‘They just need to wear the red jersey and silver britches like we always have and go out there and wipe some butt." (Upon editing this, I noticed I said wipe some butt instead of whip. What is this, a nursing home football game?).

Maybe Georgia shouldn't wear any helmets at all in respect to its oldest living fans…after all, the Bulldogs did go 8-0-1 in 1920.

5.) Do you think we sit #1 on Keith Marshall's list right now? And on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best) chances we sign him.

I'm not sure if Georgia is at No. 1 or not. Marshall has had a busy summer with track, so I don't know if he's put much thought into recruiting the past couple of months or not. I'll put Georgia at a solid 6 right now…but if the Bulldogs win those first two games, I think a 7 or 8 could be in order.

6.) Gut feeling today as to whether or not CMR is the next Bobby Bowden at UGA. I LOVE CMR by the way great leader and person IMO??

He needs to have a good year…Bowden had the luxury or blasting Arby', I mean the ACC for two-plus decades. The SEC these days isn't nearly the romp room Bowden bested…

I don't think anybody wants to see Richt fail…he's an even-keeled guy, a good face of the program and treats almost everybody (fans, players, media, recruits) with respect.

But you've got to win games. He needs to win some games this year.

7.) Alabama or LSU to win the west? And Auburn's record at the end of the season.??

Since I know you read the latest Dawg Post magazine (the preseason preview), you already know I picked LSU to win the West, take the SEC in the Dome and then march on to the BCS title in January.

But I've soured on that pick. Alabama hosts both LSU and Arkansas, and I think that may push the Crimson Tide over the top. I like LSU's talent, and I think the offense could be very good this season.

I kind of feel like Reuben Foster though. There is just something in the back of my mind that won't let me commit elsewhere.

As for Auburn, the Tigers won't win more than eight games this season. Take that to the bank.

Thanks again for the responses! You do a HELL of a job at what you do, and I know it is worth every dollar to be a subscriber of DAWG POST!

I bring my A-game to help make up for Dean's daily messes. Thanks for posting and reading.

dunkaroos8 asks: I hate to bring any kind of negativity into the mail bag, but honestly, if the worst does happen and Richt gets canned at the end of the season, what are the chances that Theus and some of the younger recruits still stay with us?

Hey, I welcome all types of questions here in the Sack. I don't discriminate in the least bit. It can't be all double rainbows and winning lotto tickets up in here.

Anyway, you can't choose your family…you're stuck there. But you can choose your friends…and where you play college football.

If Richt does get fired, you'll see every kid reconsider his commitment—and rightfully so.

In that scenario, if Georgia were able to keep half the kids currently committed, it would be a major victory.

SuwaneeDawg03 says: Fletch, I hope that was the last break from your sack that we have to go thru for a LONG time.??

I hope so too, Suwanee.

How did Richt act when he got the question from Ben Jones at SEC Media Day?

For those that don't know, here's an excerpt from my story on Ben Jones this week:

...a unique voice posed a question to Mark Richt Thursday morning—different in attitude, already confident in the response he would get.

"Ben Jones. Georgia. Coach Richt, do you trust the offensive line this year?"

Surely a player has asked a question in the Big Room before—although nobody immediately sitting near Jones could recall it actually happening.

For a group sometimes called critical and jaded, Jones' question was met with laughter and amusement.

But that's no surprise—the senior center has been winning over rooms for years. And he does so by simply being himself.

That was one of the highlights from SEC media days…without as much talk about runners for agents or parties in South Beach, the event was kind of quiet.

Richt got a kick out of Ben rocking the mic. I think everybody thought that was pretty funny.

How do you see our coaches preparing for the Boise game? Will we get out coached in this game? What kind of game plan should we have to maximize our superior size and speed? ??

Well…I'm not a football coach (obviously)…so I can't really get too crazy with this answer. I have already discussed some of advantages I think Georgia's defense has over Boise in past Mail Sacks, and also what the defense needs to watch out for from the Bronco's offense.

Offensively, I think Georgia's offensive line—the starting unit at least—will have a major size advantage over Boise. I don't want to speak too specifically just yet, but I think the offensive game plan doesn't have to get too crazy. Take care of the football. Stay balanced. Take care of the football. USE YOUR PLAYAMAKERS—Isaiah, Orson, Mitchell, King—whoever. Take care of the football. Let Aaron be Aaron. And take care of the football.

Bobo can be creative without getting kooky. He just needs to spread the wealth. The game of football these days is designed for an offense to succeed. The rules are slanted in the offense's favor. Georgia just needs to get the ball in numerous player's hands, avoid turnovers, don't get stagnant with the playcalling and score. Sounds simple—and sometimes it is.

What do you think of Slive's proposed reforms to the League??

Let's look at these one by one:

1. Changing scholarships from a year-to-year basis to a four-year scholarship.

I don't like this one…I've put my thoughts out there before…I don't think it's fair for a coach to run players off solely if a player is not performing up to expectations. This isn't professional football, so I don't think players should be treated as employees, so to speak.

I think a binding scholarship system could certainly benefit the players.

But, what if a player gets homesick? Or his mother passes away? Or…anything that could cause a player to want to transfer to another program (outside of a coach being fired, of course)?

So, I think forcing a school to commit to a player for his career is a positive…but I don't see how it's fair to force a player to commit to a school for four years. It won't always be a good thing. There are too many unforeseen things that could happen that could create loopholes.

I'm sure many people think it's a great idea to "lock in players" for their entire career. But I think that's a self-interested viewpoint.

2. Raising the required GPA for freshmen in core classes from 2.0 to 2.5. Also, allowing coaches to monitor recruits high school academic status more closely. And require high school players to maintain sufficient academic progress all four years in high school.

Yawn…this sounds great on paper. I'm all for academic achievement and improvement in the classroom. But I'll tell you this: this would negatively affect most schools in the SEC.

Every Vanderbilt fan (all 47 of them) is pumping his or her first right now.

I can't argue with trying to improve academic standards, but I'll believe this when I see it.

3. Allow partial qualifiers back on campus.

Hey, I'm all about giving kids an opportunity. I see no downside here…if a kid that's borderline pans out in the classroom, it's an immense success story. If he flunks out, that OK. One out of every four college freshman drops out.

4. Increase NCAA enforcement.

Rules are both necessary and good. I think if a college coach or player cheats, he should be punished.

But the NCAA is a frustrating bird when it comes to enforcing rules. There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind many rulings, precedents are hardly ever taken into account and verdicts NEVER happen in a timely manner.

I question the leadership of the NCAA's "task force." And I'm not sure Slive should offer "more support" of something that is so damn mismanaged.

Counting the tally, it looks like I'm in favor of two of the four ideas…so Slive is batting .500 here in the Sack.

Does Mark Fox's first commit get the ball rolling for the 2012 class?

Charles Mann was a great start—and he fits the biggest need (point guard) of the class.

From here, I'm not sure who could be next…or when that next commit could take place. But getting Mann was important—if for nothing else, so I would stop making jokes about the recruiting effort here in the Mailbag.

Are there any rumblings of any of the other big Georgia recruits or any out of staters pulling the trigger?

Football-wise, at this time I am not hearing about anybody who is close to committing. Doesn't mean it won't happen, but I'm not catching any of those whispers right now.

Fletch, how did you get it poppin' all these days without your sack?

The Mailbag is a free-flowing dialogue that occasionally touches on mature subjects. Parental discretion is strongly recommended.

Now that I've legally covered my backside, the answer is simple: Angry Birds…I've been playing a lot of Angry Birds.

bhayesii asks: I have heard that Dexter Morant was in a car accident recently. Do you have any information on this and whether it has impacted or delayed his rehab from the shoulder surgery?

I have not heard about this…but it wasn't that long ago that somebody told me you should never tell people you don't know something. Instead, you should always spin your answer to say you'll find out.

I find that advice helpful in this instance.

While I will ask around about this, I can add that I'm not sure if Morant will be able to play much this season. He certainly won't be ready to go by the start of fall camp.

Don't worry though, I'm not running away (get it!) from this answer. I'll see what I can dig up the first couple of days of camp.

trooperdawg980 asks: Was it just me or was CMR by far the most engaging speaker at media days? I again was most proud that our coach was not at the podium answering questions regarding NCAA investigations, oversigning, or any other improprieties that seem to be affecting most other members of the conference.

Richt was in an awfully candid mood at media days. But he was still his same old self. I did find his comments about King and Ealey a bit surprising because he rarely says anything negative about kids...but it was the truth.

Mark can be boring (in a good way). But he was not that at media days this year.

Would you agree that most people lose sight of the clean and honest nature under which our coaching staff operates and focus solely on wins and losses.

For some people, that doesn't matter. Wins matter most. That viewpoint is not right or wrong—it's just different than the other side of the room.

I guess what I'm getting at is I find it ridiculous the number of people that seem to think a East title is what is required for Richt to keep his job. I fall into the category of "the grass isn't always greener on the other side" and " be careful what you wish for. CMR has served this program well and deserves every opportunity to bring this team back to prominence. IMO he's been there and done that and given the time he will again.

You make some good points. A couple of wins in early September will help your side of the debate win out.

blackbulldawg asks: 1. How have the Freshman O-Line looked this year compared to years past?

I saw Watts Dantzler at Dawg Night and came away impressed with the way he looked. You can tell he's worked hard this summer.

I'd say Watts, David Andrews and Zach DeBell could be in line for some early playing time. We'll know more after they get the pads on.

2. with MM stepping up do you think our wr core can cause some havoc this season?

I think the receiving core will be fine. Sure, A.J. the star is gone. And Durham, the veteran complementary piece, is too.

But King, Mitchell, Brown, Wooten and Bennett are all different in their own right. And they'll all have an opportunity to make contributions. I see new blood as an exciting angle to monitor.

3. With this being Cordy and Ben last year who do you think will be our best lineman for next year?

I like Ben for all that he brings—consistency, toughness and passion—but I'm going to take Cordy Glenn.

Don't you hate when people preface their answer by stating why they would have taking the other choice?

It's so weak.

It's like saying…David Greene had the best playaction fakes I've ever seen and poise like no other…but I just loved D.J. Shockley's final season in Athens. He was a DGD. I'll take him any day.

Just make a pick. You're not going to hurt anybody's feeling if you don't like Greene as much as you did D.J.

Anyway, I'm taking Cordy because he's the ideal blend of size (6-6, 348 pounds), experience (36 career starts), versatility (can play both guard or tackle) and potential (could be a first round pick in the draft next spring).

4. CTG is turning out to be a great recruiter what about him makes recruits flock to him?

I think the No. 1 thing, generally speaking in terms of most commonly discussed topic, on recruits' minds these days is getting to NFL. Like it or not, most of these recruits think they're going to be turning pro in three years.

That's the way recruiting has evolved in relation to college players increasingly playing more and more as true freshmen.

Todd Grantham's NFL background resonates with kids. Now, not every kid lists turning pro at the top of the priority sheet. But for those that do, Grantham has over a decade of service to boast about.

It's one thing to sell a kid on exposure and winning and getting better…it's another thing to mention to a recruit during film study that he reminds you of Demarcus Ware or Jay Ratliff.

"Why do you say that," the kid may ask? "Because I coached them," Grantham can respond.

Thanks for all you do.

Thanks for playing along.

begger asks: Why do you hate me?

C'mon now begger, hate is a strong word. It's not as if I'm James Harrison and you're Roger Goodell here.

I'll give it to you; you're consistent if nothing else. I understand you continually want more basketball coverage…and I get that. I love basketball, as you know, and started here at this site with the best of intentions to bring the best basketball recruiting coverage I could.

But it quickly became obvious that only you and four other people were reading my basketball stories. And I decided to start writing 10,000 word Mailbags and crafting full-length features on all kinds of people around the Georgia program.

Despite my best efforts, you can't love me for what I am…you want to change me. Your selfish hopes for what I write has created a rift between us…That's what I hate. Tim McCarver and that rift.

tcdawg30, the Eternal Optimist as he often answers to, says: Fletch, you really do remind me of Chevy Chase's version of Fletch. This is a good thing.

Hey, "for another grand, I'll let you take me out to dinner."

In all your prophetic glory, will our DAWGS contend for the east title? I don't want ifs and buts. I need to know what Fletch really thinks. In my eyes and mind, these DAWGS seem to have something special. But as you may be beginning to see, I prefer not to dwell on what ifs and if we can do this type of cognition.

If Isaiah and Mitchell can perform, Jarvis isn't suspended, the offensive line stays healthy and somebody/anybody plays halfway decent at the "other" OLB and safety spots I think this team will compete for the East.


One defensive point to make, we now have TWO 350lb nose guards. This is THE best thing that could have happened for CTG's 3-4 D.

(nodding my head).

Thanks for all the info you and the DawgPost team put together for the rest of us. Sept. 3rd can't get here soon enough!!!

I hear that. Thanks for getting in the mix.

hammerdawg1 asks: FP- 1) We have what could be one of the best TE groups in the country but I have no confidence in OC Bobo being able to use them to there full potential. Can you give me reasons why I am wrong to worry.

Well…wait, Mike, is that you? What are you doing here in the Mailbag? What a coincidence, hammerdawg and I were just discussing how you plan to use all your weapons this season as opposed to last year. Wait say you?

"Truth be told, I'm still excited about what we have coming back…We've got to play to the advantage of the guys that we're going to have playing and learn from last year. Not having A.J. Green for the first two games and then four games, I probably didn't play to my other guys strengths as well ‘cause I didn't give them enough credit. I don't want to make that mistake. I think we've got playmakers here, and I think they can make plays. They're going to be given an opportunity."

Well there you have it HD1…hope this helps you sleep at night moving forward.

2) Will OC Bobo be calling all the plays this year or will CMR be participating in those as well. If so what percentage of plays will each being calling, your opinion of course....

Mike makes most of the play calls…or at least that's what both he and Richt have repeatedly said. I think Mark likes to make suggestions from time-to-time, but Mike is the predominant play caller.

I think those two are on the same page in terms of philosophy and train of offensive thought, so I don't think they trip over each other on the headsets or anything.

gadawgs98021 says: My first time in the mailbag and instead of asking a question about sports I have a question about the site. Have read every sack since I became a member and I love it, thanks for all you do. My question is with all the members here and on free board which do you think has the best, funniest, and real picture or quote on there post? This could be funny I guess but, If you or Dean had a picture and a quote what would it be? Thanks again for all you do.

Hey, we've got a first-timer here!

Welcome to the show…

I'm not real big on the photo sigs because I spend so much of my life checking the board on my phone. Those pictures are kind of a nuisance for me, especially the ones that are larger than the original page.

But I love a good quote…always have. I think my favorite sig quote is from a poster on the free board. It goes something along the lines of, "Every man should believe in something. I believe I'll go fishin'."

I'm not sure why, but I like that mentality.

As for Dean, his quote would probably be along these line: "What are you doing? I am in the fight of my life against this computer and every sale counts." – Dwight from the Office.

And I'd probably go with: "I'll say things that are serious and put them in a joke form so people can enjoy them. We laugh to keep from crying." – Kanye West

Thanks for the questions and comments…keep them flowing.

theburnem returns for more action: 1. Is the Nick Saban poison that is running through rebuen fosters veins contagious? Especially in regards to Trey Matthews?

I don't necessarily see Foster's recruitment as being over just yet. But again, he's originally from Alabama and still has family there. It wasn't exactly a hard sell for Saban.

Matthews is high on the ‘Dogs, and I hear Alec Ogletree has been chatting Trey up too. I think in the end, Matthews will be a Bulldog (isn't this crazy how these 2013 kids have kind of upstaged the 2012 class? There's a lot of talent in state next year).

2. Am I crazy to think that the duo of John Jenkins and Gathers are going to open up a huge lane for Tree to lay the lumber to the yard chickens in week two?

No. And I think it's in the best interest for your personal safety that you keep saying good things about these two in a public setting. No need to ruffle any of those large feathers.

3. Does Saban pull lies out of his back pocket to tell recruits whatever they want to hear? Example : Hey Trey, we run mostly 6 db sets so your most likely going to have one of those spots.

This reminds me of Corey Smith's line about trying to pick up chicks in downtown Athens…"I'm pre-med here at UGA, live on Milledge Avenue. I was raised over in Buckhead,I drive a BMW."

Whatever it takes to seal the deal, my man. Or get recruits, I mean.

4. What is the word about Crowell and Drew? Answer even if its just what you hearing type and not pure fact please.

I think Drew is the real deal, in terms of work ethic and having the willingness to do what's right on a daily basis. Ray has a good attitude in the sense that he is pleasant for all types of people to be around.

He has plenty of friends on the team, but Ray is in with the media, the coaches, David Pollack, etc.

That's what you're looking for in a player—somebody that can be productive and be a face for the program.

Isaiah is a completely different person than Ray. He's not nearly as outgoing, probably not as self-motivated (as a whole, not just with football. Ray isn't just good at football. He is involved in the church, understands the PR game, etc.,) and is a little more reserved.

I think it took Isaiah some time to adjust to the college lifestyle in June (which is understandable). I believe he's gotten it down now though, and he seems to be taking all the necessary steps.

gunter2011 asks: What's your thoughts about CMR naming Richard Samuel as the #1 RB right now? You think he'll be the starter in the BS game

Well, I like to imagine the domesticated dinosaur Fred Flintstone had before the family got Dino was a wonderful pet.

I think that pet's name was Knowshon.

See, my theory is, Fred couldn't help but make comparisons between Knowshon and Dino…and since Dino wasn't Knowshon, Fred constantly dismissed him as a potentially yabba-dabba-dinosaur pet. In the process he pushed Dino off on Wilma (if by the slim chance you're still following this lame ass attempt of a comparison, Wilma is Grantham).

But in hindsight there were episodes where Dino proved useful and at times, Fred showed genuine love for the original purple dinosaur. Just in the moment, Fred couldn't see the trees for the forest.

Now, if you're wondering just what in the hell I'm talking about here…read this quote from Mike Bobo:

"Well he ran extremely hard. He was a physical runner. He was fast and he broke tackles at times. I think he was a raw runner, still a young back. But if you go back and watch film, which we did, I watched every play he touched the ball in '08 and '09 and the guy ran hard and physical. There were some times that guys turned down hitting him because of how big he was and how hard he was running. Truth be told, I went to coach (Richt) and said, ‘This could have been a little bit of hey, we just lost Knowshon and here's this guy.' And we didn't give the guy as much credit as we should have to give him a chance to be a decent back."

See, maybe Dino wasn't so bad after all.

I'm not sure how I got off on the Bedrock-based tangent, but I think Samuel was the only choice to enter camp as the starter. He's the only available back that has ever carried the ball in a game.

He may start against Boise...but I don't see him getting the most carries.

AlltelDawg asks: I have a crazy thought that Z. Debell could be like a history of OL that we have had to come in and start. B.Jones,T,Sturdivant,and even K.Gates from last year. On the crazy meter from 1 (any member of the anthony family) to 10 (perfectly sane,possibly enlightened)

I don't think this is too crazy…but it is a stretch. Zach needs to gain some weight (which we'll know more about in a few weeks) and I think the coaching staff likes where the current starting line is.

I'll say you're at a 3 right now. But there is a big difference on this scale from 3 (Tom Cruise) to 1 (Anthony).

And again, theburnem asks: 1. What's the status on Burrows and Stripling? Can we except them on the field this year?

You just can't get enough can you?

Burrows is out for the year…and Grantham claimed recently Stripling should be ready to go sometime during fall camp. I'd still like to see T.J. get the year to fully recover and add strength and muscle…but sometimes depth precedes a player's own best interest (cut to Richard Samuel sulking in a corner).

2. Boise's lines do not look too intimidating on paper. Do you think this is where UGA wins the game or will it be from containing their trickery?

I'm with you here. Georgia looks to be clearly bigger and better in the trenches. That's why it beat Boise in '05 and Hawaii in '07.

Discipline is always important though. Sure, Boise runs some trick plays—but the hardest thing about playing Peterson's team is the fact that the offense runs out of over 190 different formations.

So forget the occasional reverse or half-back pass—sure that's trickery. But the discipline that is required on a play-to-play basis is what makes it so difficult to play those guys.

All the looks and pre-snap motion is mentally draining—and fun as hell to watch if you're an unbiased fan.

3. Who cuts your hair?

I'm currently in-between "hair-cutters." But I take this matter very seriously, as many of you know.

4. Do they also do mens hair?

C'mon man, I barely have enough cred as it is…but let's be honest: I'm not a guy that's walking into a barber shop saying "Just need a quick trim. No. 2 on the sides. No. 3 on the top."

That's not going to work for me. So maybe I do like to get my haircut where a shampoo and rinse comes complimentary. Maybe I happen to like the way conditioner smells on a random Thursday afternoon.

sandersvilledawg asks: 1) What players are out for the year already due to injury or ongoing rehab?

Hmmm…I know Burrows, Sturdivant and Ward are for sure. The first day of fall camp always brings forth injuries and suspensions. Check back with me on the board on Aug. 4.

2) what do you think about the possibility of using Samuel and Boo Malcome to lean on and bruise the defense up and then use Crowell as a change of pace back that can take it to the house??

I think that's the right way of thinking about the running back situation—except I hesitate to use the phrase "change of pace" behind Crowell's name.

I know you didn't mean it in the way the term is generally used. But I think Isaiah needs to get 65 to 70 percent of the carries this season.

Unless Samuel flips the beast mode switch, I don't see him getting more than five to 10 carries a game.

3) Are there any players who are definitely going to redshirt this year?

Ward, Long and LeMay are the only kids I could see for sure taking a redshirt. I think some of the other offensive linemen could use one, but again, depth determines each man's fate.

begger is back again: Atlanta Braves at the trade deadline?

Need a bat…and this is rare, but I think the Braves need a right-handed bat. Beltran would have been nice, and I don't necessarily want to see Atlanta overpay for Hunter Pence. He's durable and plays every game, but I still don't like breaking the bank for what I perceive to be somebody that is a little bit better than a role player.

I do, however, like Pence more than Carlos Quentin.

and seriously, why do you hate me? is it your weak hustle? not much football, you neglect my hoops when you showed so much promise. what did i do to deserve such all this hatred, like a dry, flavorless manhatten?

Don't push it…you're not entirely useless…I may even call Shaq Goodwin one of these days just to bury the hatchet.

bullymack asks: Hey Fletch, usually at some point we hear about part of the coaching staff making a pilgrimage to visit with the staff of other schools to share information, etc...Last years visit to VA Tech comes to mind. I think I recall hearing some of the staff from Boise came to Bama this summer. Has there been any of that this for us? I know I personally would have chipped in to see Bobo and Co. make some trips to the likes of Oregon and Okie State just to get exposed to some new ideas.

Great question Bully…had I thought of this sooner, I would have asked Bobo about it on Wednesday.

I haven't heard about the coaching staff making a trip this offseason, but they usually do. I'll ask around.

Just for the sake of fun, here is my top five schools that I would like to visit if I was a coach:

5. TCU – I think Patterson is a special kind of defensive mind.

4. USC – How they've handled all these sanctions and still been successful on the recruiting trail is impressive. Never underestimate the wonder working power of damage control. Oh, and a free trip to Cali is never a bad thing.

3. Alabama – I'd like to see the whole machine in motion—from workouts, to practice to curfew checks.

2. Oregon – You'd leave that place with your mind blown by the offensive genius…and probably plenty of Nike swag, too.

1. Clemson – Robbie.Caldwell.Yeah.

willbeezy asks: Fletch I know we have beat this horse to death but I think it is still a problem that needs a professional like yourself to fix. We need the fans to be LOUD at critical times in Sanford Stadium. You can hear a pin drop in there most of the time. We need to develop a reputation for being noisy, I know the stadium is different from some others but the fans can make a difference. How about you getting yourself a flag and run around the stadium at critical times? You could be just the man for the job.

Sometimes I think you could get Katy Perry to run around with a flag in Sanford and it wouldn't make a difference.

The crowd in Sanford can be very loud at times…which is why it's so disappointing when it's not. Currently, the crowd is kind of like a high school student that made an A in a tough chemistry course, but inexplicably had to scramble to pull a B in 10 grade Lit.

The potential for straight As is there…but something is amiss.

People bash Richt for his jersey decisions over the past four years…"We don't need gimmicks. The players should be motivated enough on their own," some have said.

I'd argue the gimmicks were more to keep the fans involved than to get the players emotionally ready.


14dawgs47 asks: Any reports on weight gains for Z DeBell.

I haven't heard anything about DeBell yet. Perhaps the staff will release a new weight for each player heading into fall camp, but I bet we won't hear anything about this until we get to speak to Zach in person.

That should happen two or three weeks from now.

All the attrition the line has faced this season does create the need for a couple of freshmen to be ready to play, just in case injuries strike the unit before the season-opener.

Also what does the future look like for G Smith, and M Thornton.

I think Garrison Smith has a bright future ahead of him. He got some playing time last season and said this spring he is comfortable playing any position on the defensive line.

Thornton is a little bit of an unknown for me at this time. Obviously since he redshirted last year, I don't have much to go on. Some people have kicked around the idea of Thornton sliding out to defensive end. I could see that happening, but Todd Grantham said recently that Michael will enter fall camp at nose tackle.

We'll see how the offseason has treated these two guys, but I already see Smith as a serious contender for snaps this fall.

Also how is the recruitment of josh harvey-clemmons coming.

All is quiet on the JHC front. I'm not sure why, but there hasn't been an update on his recruitment since March.

I can't say which way the kid is leaning, but the last time I talked about the kid I was told Georgia had a done a fine job recruiting him. I heard Grantham thinks JHC can be a great linebacker in his system. If nothing else, he'll join Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in the highly regarded "3 Initial Nickname" Club.

I know many of you probably expect the Lowndes prospect to get steered to FSU, but I think Georgia has just as good a chance to land him as any other school.

Is ga not interested in Jordan Watkins.

Yeah, Georgia is recruiting Watkins hard.

He's the big body type that Grantham is looking for in defensive ends, so the Bulldogs have been all over Watkins.

The kid is taking things slowly, and his list that he trimmed this summer still has over 15 schools on it.

graydog25 returns to ask: Has there been any report or anything heard about the status of Dallas Lee, will he contribute this season?

Yeah, Mike Bobo recently said Lee is "100 times" better than he was in the spring. I took that to mean Lee's "asthma-like symptoms" have improved.

However, I'm still not sure how much you'll see Lee on the field this season.

38243824 asks: in the video interviews, it is clear you need to do something with your hands. since dean never lets you hold the mike, can you go back to the radio/tv dept at grady and get a little help.

Oh, damn…cut me deep.

does dean know that video adds about ten pounds to your appearance?

Now that's like a big fat band-aid placed gently on my wound…

I'm hitting the back door and getting out of here before this gets any worse…

Turn out the lights boys, the party's over…We outta' here baby…Thank y'all for coming.

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