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ORLANDO, Fla. -- North Carolina plans to prioritize the backcourt in its recruitment of the class of 2013, as rising junior guards littered the Tar Heel staff's July itinerary. Included on the UNC 2013 radar is Isaiah Lewis of Middle Village (N.Y.) Christ the King.

A 6-foot-3, 185-pound combo guard, Lewis said he has offers from Kansas, Memphis, Ohio State, Seton Hall, St. John's, Miami, Florida, Florida State, Oregon State, and UConn. In addition, he is hearing from North Carolina, North Carolina State, Kentucky, Duke, and Arizona.

"I really like Kansas, Memphis," Lewis said of his favorites. "I really like Kentucky, North Carolina, too."

Lewis' list of who is coming at him the hardest was just about identical.

"Well, right now I'd say Kansas," Lewis said. "I talk to Coach Dooley a lot. Memphis [as well] and like I said, North Carolina just got involved. I talk to Coach Haase and Coach Williams ... Kentucky too."

Thus far, Lewis has taken visits to Miami, Villanova, St. John's, and Seton Hall. He is planning to trip to a few more schools this month with a fellow 2013 standout.

"I plan on going to Ohio State, Memphis and Kansas with Brannen [Greene]," Lewis said. "North Carolina started recruiting him."

Lewis has said for awhile now that he and Greene planned to visit schools and attend college together even though the two had yet to meet in person. They finally got to talk face to face in Orlando.

"Yeah, actually we [were staying] in the same hotel and that's basically all we talked about, schools and stuff like that," Lewis said. "He's going to Louisville on August 3rd and we may go to Memphis around August 20th."

Growing up, Lewis was a fan of a certain Big East program, but it is not the only school he likes.

"I really like Syracuse, I really like the 2-3 zone from when Carmelo was there," Lewis said. "I liked Memphis when Coach Cal was there. I like Thad Matta [at] Ohio State. I like NC State with [Ryan] Harrow last year. I like a lot."

Location is not going to be a factor for Lewis as he looks to make his college decision.

"Oh no, definitely not," Lewis said. "By naming a school like Arizona, that should tell people it's not [a factor] ... I got family in North Carolina, in Kansas [too]."

Lewis went on to talk about when he plans to make his commitment.

"I plan on doing it in my junior year," he said. "Me and my parents always talk about it ... Obviously I plan with Omar [Calhoun in high school] and he's a UConn commit so that's probably gonna play a little factor, but I gotta see."

North Carolina is one of the many NCAA powerhouses involved with Lewis and he talked about what he likes about the ACC school.

"Oh, well obviously the tradition is one," Lewis said. "Coach Williams just plain gets it done. He knows how to win, he knows how to recruit. When Coach Haase came to see me at Reebok, I was surprised ... I spoke to Coach Williams and he said he's going to be recruiting me real hard. [He said he is going to] come and see me at Christ the King, come to some workouts."

Lewis went on to talk a bit more in detail about his communication with UNC head coach Roy Williams.

"He basically told me he knows about the tradition at Christ the King and he talked to my coach, Coach Arbitello, and he said after Omar I should be the next McDonald's All-American," Lewis said. "He hasn't seen me play, like I said Coach Haase [is the only coach from UNC who has] seen me play ... [He was] funny and [he also] didn't really talk about basketball ... He can get any player he wants, so for him to contact me, it's real big.

"[Williams and Haase] are the only two [UNC] coaches that I know right now," Lewis said. "I'm going to get to know everybody when I go to visit or get more familiar. ... I've talked to Dexter [Strickland] before, that's really about it, but when I go on my visit I plan to get to know everybody."

Lewis has the few aforementioned visits already in the works, but he has indeed discussed with UNC the possibility of a visit.

"After I visit these three schools I'm going to try to work something out with North Carolina and when I'm out there with NC State," Lewis said. "We definitely talked about a visit."

Lewis said that he sees himself as a combo guard, but noted, "This year on my high school team I'm probably gonna be the one."

"Right now I can say transition," Lewis said of the strongest part of his game. "My pull-up jumper and just getting to the [basket]."

As for his main weakness on the court, Lewis said he is "just working on everything," but did mention a few specifics, including finishing with his off hand.

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