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ATHENS - Dawg Post's reactions to today's events in Athens.

1. Austin Long will miss a portion of fall camp with mononucleosis. The 6-5, 305 pound redshirt freshman is not expected to miss any games.

Legge's Take: This is too bad for Long, who has been on the wrong end of an injury or two while at Georgia. It's never good to miss fall camp - and with the depth problems on the offensive line (some of you walkons wanted your chance... #MakeItWork). This means to me that Watts Dantzler is going to get some time in the top offensive line rotation. I'm glad that he's transformed his body over the last year. He looked particularly solid at Dawg Night a few weeks ago. Too bad for Long, who will likely be back as school starts; good thing for Dantzler - who will be getting his shot slightly earlier than expected.

Bill Elliott's Reaction

"I'm just tickled to death to be at where I am today. " - Elliott after watching the The Human Juke Box - Southern's Band - after a race in 1989.

Page's Take: Mono isn't something to take lightly—ask Cordy Glenn, who struggled all of last fall camp with the illness. Long is an important piece on this offensive line because there aren't many pieces to begin with.

Now a freshman (most likely Watts Dantzler) will probably be in the two-deep earlier than expected. And this means Bean Anderson must become a dependable tackle in fall camp.

2. Southern University has agreed to play Georgia in 2015 for a guaranteed $650,000.

Legge's Take: AWESOME. Why? Because I don't care about the game - I care about the band. Entertian me Greg McGarity - I am going to be baking in the sun anyway... at least you grabbed me a little halftime entertainment. The band is coming right? If the band is not coming I am going to be pissed - I can only watch the Redcoats spell G-E-O-R-G-I-A so many times.

Page's Take: No disrespect Legge, but I'll be busy scarfing down a hot dog or two while all that noise is taking place.

3. Israel Troupe failed to appear in court Tuesday on a charge of public urination. The senior wideout paid his fine Wednesday and the case has been closed.

Legge's Take: Don't care.

Page's Take: Nothing to see here, folks. Keep it moving.

4. Fall camp officially begins Thursday. After a media session in the morning, the first practice of the year begins at 4:20 p.m.

Legge's Take: Ugh. Dude it was 101 degrees in Athens at 7:30 Wednesday night, and I am not down with that. Someone needs to work on the weather. Seriously, I am concerned with the heat. Water. Water. Water. Water. Dawgs need to get the work done and leave the field.

Page's Take: This is always an exciting time. Just for fun, here are a few angles I'm looking forward to monitoring this fall camp.

> Who starts at safety opposite Bacarri Rambo? Shawn Williams, Jakar Hamilton…Sanders Commings…or maybe even Corey Moore or Chris Sanders.

> How good can Aaron Murray be?

> Is nose tackle the lynchpin? After struggling to find a push up the middle last season, Georgia now has two legit big bodies to throw full force at offensive linemen.

>Can the O-line hold up? With only five healthy returning scholarship linemen, there is no margin for error this season. Cordy Glenn and Ben Jones are a terrific senior duo, but any more injuries would devastate the offense's chances. Look for a couple of freshmen to get looks early to help ease the depth concern.

> Who steps up at receiver opposite Tavarres King? Marlon Brown and Rantavious Wooten have been around for a while now. It's time to start producing because Malcolm Mitchell created quite a buzz this summer.

>Where is the linebacker depth? The starting LBs look good—Jarvis Jones, Christian Robinson, Alec Ogletree and Cornelius Washington. Outside of Mike Gilliard, there isn't really anybody that's played in a game back there. Where will the depth come from? Will T.J. Stripling and Dexter Morant be fully recovered in time? Will freshmen help round out the depth chart?

>Speaking of freshmen, exactly how many will play this season? Isaiah Crowell and Malcolm Mitchell are going to play. No doubts there. But there are opportunities/needs at offensive line, safety and linebacker. More than a dozen newcomers could become solid contributors, or see playing time, this season.

Can Isaiah live up to the hype? Fair or not, the expectation for Crowell to make a difference starting from Day One is there.

5. Former receiver A.J. Green is already drawing rave reviews from his short time spent in Cincinatti Bengals' training camp.

"He catches everything," writes's Geoff Hobson. "No one's covered him, and when he is, he jumps up and takes it away."

Legge's Take: Green is as good as you are going to see at receiver. At least there is a receiver to watch in Cincinatti while Mike Brown's disfunction continues to ruin the franchise - #IckeyShuffle

Page's Take: You're hashtagging all over the place here, Legge. Green will make an impact no matter what team he plays for or who is defending him. But the Bengals don't have a quarterback. Or…much of anything else.

Until Mike Brown decides to start running a real professional franchise (you know, like hiring more than two scouts and an actual "front office"), this is an unfortunate situation for Green, in terms of team success. He'll still get his though. Make no mistake about that.

By the way…Brown played quarterback at Dartmouth…yet he has no real business sense, and he can't ever seem to get a solid run with a QB (Anybody remember Brown turning down a trade that involved the Bengals receiving nine total picks for one first-rounder in 1999? Yeah, Brown drafted Akili Smith. Oops. Check that...YIKES).

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