Rundown: Nine Points From Day One

ATHENS - A quick rundown of the happenings from the first day of fall camp.

1. As expected, there is quite a buzz about the freshmen entering their first fall camp.

"I've told all of them, ‘Your goal is to learn what to do,'" coach Mark Richt said. "The reality hit this summer and working with the team and learning that there's some pretty good older players on the team. Now we're installing things, and it's going at a certain pace. We're going at a veteran pace. We're not going at a rookie pace. Their heads are swimming right now. They're realizing they've got a lot to learn. They're realizing they've got a lot to prove before they can play. All I'm asking them to do is learn what to do and put yourself in a position to compete."

2. News on Jarvis Jones from the NCAA could come soon.

"The only thing I know is that we submitted anything we found to the SEC offices. That's all I can say about it," Richt said.

3. With two high school players in Georgia passing away this week, the heat is a real concern in Athens.

"We're adding an extra break or two. We always have water breaks in the middle of practice, but we'll add another couple of breaks. It's five minutes, get them out of the heat into the shade and get them to hydrated. The other thing is, and this is all the time at Georgia, if there's five guys in a drill and each guy is taking his turn to do this drill, if the first guy gets his rep in and he's waiting at the back of the line to get his next rep in, we have trainers right there with water, Powerade—all that, all day long. So, they can hydrate the entire practice, but there will be four times in the middle of practice where we stop everything for five minutes and get them in the shade and make sure they're hydrating."

4. With A.J. Green gone, Richt said the offensive plan will incorporate more players than last season.

"There will be multiple guys," Richt said. "I don't think it's going to be a ‘Get the ball to A.J.—that type of year. We want to spread it out as much as we can. We're going to have multiple guys that can make a lot of plays, so let's get them out there and make some plays. I love playing a lot of guys. I love it because morale is better. I love it because they're fresher. I love it because you tend to stay healthier."

5. Some players do admit to hearing about Richt being on the hot seat.

"It's extreme motivation to hear people say that coach Richt might be on the hot seat because this is the man that had so much faith in us from high school to bring us to his school," said junior defensive end Abry Jones. "For us to be players, to put us in that kind of position gives us extreme motivation for us to kind of help him out and to show what kind of great coach he is and what kind of great players that we are."

6. Georgia is ranked No. 22 in the preseason USA Today Coaches Poll. A total of eight SEC teams were chosen.

"We're looking at it like there is only one way for us to go and that's up," said senior defensive end DeAngelo Tyson.

7. The true results of the changes in strength and conditioning won't be known until September, but players are positive about what transpired this summer.

"We're fourth quarter ready," said junior cornerback Sanders Commings.

8. Sanders Commings says he's entering camp as both a safety and cornerback.

"I have no preference," Commings said. "Whatever the team needs me to do."

9. While depth at certain position on defense (safety and linebacker specifically) could be a concern, Richt acknowledged the lack of a desired amount of players at each position, but said Todd Grantham has a positive outlook.

"One thing I like about Grantham is that he¹s so used to playing with a 53-man roster," Richt said. "When you look at a college depth chart, you're thinking, ‘Man, we might be thin.' And (Grantham) says, ‘Coach, I¹m used to playing with 53 guys.' He¹s right. There are some spots where we can¹t afford many injury issues. I say that, but then someone could step up and do something great."

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