Reaction: Nine Points From Day One

ATHENS - Dawg Post's reactions to today's events in Athens.

1. As expected, there is quite a buzz about the freshmen entering their first fall camp.

Legge's Take: All the freshmen need to do - actually this goes for everyone involved in Georgia's program in any way - is do exactly what they are supposed to do - nothing more or less. If that happens Georgia is going to have a very good year. What I mean by that is that if a player is asked to do a particular thing they need to do that and that alone - nothing more than they are being asked to do. Let's not get too complicated here. If you can't learn you are not playing. People want to kill Richt and company for not playing running backs who don't understand how to pass block. I'd say that's a good example of this "learning" thing. Not understanding pass protection will get Aaron Murray knocked out - and then where is Georgia?

Bryan McClendon screams at RB Isaiah Crowell (Dean Legge/Dawg Post)

2. News on Jarvis Jones from the NCAA could come soon.

Legge's Take: This news could come soon. My expectation is that this is a whole lot of NCAA nothingness. That's my expectation. We are - after all - dealing with the NCAA, who just stripped Tech of their ACC title for a couple of T-shirts.

3. With two high school players in Georgia passing away this week, the heat is a real concern in Athens.

Legge's Take: Ron Courson is not going to screw this up. I'm moving along.

4. With A.J. Green gone, Richt said the offensive plan will incorporate more players than last season.

Legge's Take: If Malcom Mitchell is as good as people are saying he is then Georgia will be able to run a pretty decent receiver group out there. No one is replacing A.J. Green. I would rather throw it to A.J. Green 100 times before I threw it to anyone else, but he's gone and someone has to play. They may be fresher, but they are not better.

Bill Elliott's Reaction

"In the summer when it's hot like this it can get brutal, boys." - Elliott after the 2011 Prelude to the Dream.

5. Some players do admit to hearing about Richt being on the hot seat.

Legge's Take: Did Paul Finebaum tell them that? I thought he was on the hot seat last year? #SECFootball.

6. Georgia is ranked No. 22 in the preseason USA Today Coaches Poll. A total of eight SEC teams were chosen.

Legge's Take: That's about right I guess. Now that we've got the pre-season poll out of the way I wonder which walkon is going to make an impact this year - #meaninglessdrivel

7. The true results of the changes in strength and conditioning won't be known until September, but players are positive about what transpired this summer.

Legge's Take: When are the players publicly negative about anything?

8. Sanders Commings says he's entering camp as both a safety and cornerback.

Legge's Take: I used to think Brandon Boykin was the best corner Georgia has - I still think that's true. I'm starting to think that Commings is the most important defensive back on the roster.

9. While depth at certain position on defense (safety and linebacker specifically) could be a concern, Richt acknowledged the lack of a desired amount of players at each position, but said Todd Grantham has a positive outlook.

Legge's Take: Well Grantham understands the burden of playing with a 53-man roster. He's got his nose guard now - that will make a big difference at the other levels of the defense.

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