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ATHENS - Read the Dawg Post chat recap where members asked Dean Legge and Fletcher Page about Georgia's first day of fall camp.

lowiq - i said earlier today this is the best GROUP of wr/db athletes uga has ever brought in in one class
Dean_Legge They are a very talented young group

lowiq - how is olividotti fitting in
FletcherpageCoach O is doing fine. I know he's dealing with a lot with his family and daughter...but Christian Robinson said O has been business as usual when he's in BM or out on the field.

mjwiggs -I think the big stories of the day are Big John's health and Kent Turene's elegibility...any updates on either?
Dean_Legge Nothing yet
Fletcherpage Big John was OK last night. Went to dinner, bounced back. Not sure about his status for today, but he'll be OK

lowiq - does samuals seem more confident at rb now
Dean_Legge Actually low he does look more confident. But the point is that he's got to do it when the band is playing. If they can get anything out of Richard it would be great. Even five or so carries. I have to say that he looked good, but they weren't really doing anything

Aldog - Dean/fletch the weights on the frosh i saw yesterday seemed very low. andrews at 280lbs. he has to be 300lbs
Dean_Legge No. I think the weights are correct for the freshmen. Andrews wasn't 300 for sure

cdawgie - anyone that really stood out at the WR position?
Dean_Legge I think Tevarres looked the best of anyone yesterday. Mitchell is getting a ton of attention, but I think he's just trying to figure it out.
Fletcherpage TK looked really goood. Marlon was pretty vocal out there. Of the freshmen, Malcolm Mitchell looked the best. Justin Scott Wesley looked great physically, but has a ways to go befor ebeing ready. Sanford Seay looked so-so.

suwaneegeorgia - We don't have to have a spectacular performance out of TKing. We just need for 5-7 guys to come in consistently and catch the ball.
Dean_Legge Richt seems to think they have those guys. I am not sure who they would be exactly. Probably, and in this order, TK, Marlon, Mitchell, Bennett, Wooten and then Conley.

lowiq - i still think justin may end up on defense
Dean_Legge He could. But Justin Scott-Wesley is a raw guy. We don't know yet what his situation will be. He could wind up at safety... but for now its WR
Fletcherpage Low, I've heard people say he could be a good safety.

mjwiggs - I loved the picture of Crowell with the ball while several other players were watching him. Do you sense the older players watching these "Dream Team" members with welcome enthusiasm or do they feel threatened?
Dean_Legge I don't think anyone is an awe. A.J. Green is not out there. Other than that the guys just want to play as much as possible. I don't think Bruce Figgins or Ben Jones are in awe of any of these kids. They know they are good, but as the same time what good does it do for them to watch?

lowiq - dean you have several camps in now. how would you rate the excitement of this one so far. between opening with 2 top teams and the special unis ect
Dean_Legge I think the overall eagerness is there for sure. Mark certainly is excited about the upcoming season. I say that and follow it up by saying that I think he was excited about 2010, too. But that was before the AJ really became reality. It seems like there is a lot more known about this group - even with IC, JJ and JJ. Aaron was the question last year... that's no longer the case

lowiq - at media days and in interviews so far cmr really has seemed confident about this season
Dean_Legge He ceratinly seems confident. I don't know how much I would read into anything these days with Mark Richt. He may be confident, but I am not sure how that is different than any other time. Y'all are contrasting him being confident to what he dealt with at the end of 2010 - and that is totally different. Then again, he's undefeated right this second.

mjwigg - What got Richt so motivated and fired up last night...excited anticipation of the year or fear of what might happen without a good season?
Dean_Legge Not sure what Richt's reasoning for the speech was...but I know it fired the team up. He went on for about 20 minutes about why he felt the team wasn't successful the past two seasons and how that had to change. All the guys said it was the most fired up they'd ever seen Richt.

Aldog - Dean i was impressed with Hutson Mason's progress this spring. how does he look?
Fletcherpage Hutson has come a long way - better than I thought he'd ever be. I think the staff is confident that if anything were to happen to Aaron that Mason could come in and do a good job. He's not on Murray's level, but he's a fine backup.

bpadgett09 - Who do you think will be the starters at WR come Sept 3
Dean_Legge I've got King and Brown
Fletcherpage TK and Marlon

Southerngentleman64 - How did Lemay look physically? He seemed a bit thin to me at the G Day game
Dean_Legge LeMay has certainly been working in the S&C program, but I don't care how big he is. I care that he knows where to throw the ball and can get it there... that's what he's working on

Aldog - Bennett seemed to have a very good spring.
Fletcherpage He looked smooth yesterday. Good hands
Dean_Legge Bennett and Malcom Mitchell are the two guys who could give them a boost. Mitchell could be a difference maker off the bench - major, major speed

mjwiggs - How did Boo look yesterday? He could be crucial if at some point Isaiah is not ready and Richard doesn't get the job done.
Dean_Legge He looked ok. I think he's the 3 in the spot.

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