The Rundown: Isaiah, Drew, Smith & More

ATHENS - Eight points of emphasis from Georgia's second day of fall camp.

1. #IsaiahWatch is in full effect. After only two practices, the freshman already has players and coaches impressed.

"You can just see he's got really natural running skills," coach Mark Richt said. "He's got a great change of direction and he's catching the ball well.

"You can tell he really likes football. You can tell he likes practicing and learning,. Bryan McClendon is coaching him just like everybody else. You don't see Bryan having to follow him around on every single play just to get him lined up and then whisper in his ear what the play is. He's letting him practice. He's getting most of it right."

2. John Jenkins made it through the full practice today. Thursday, the junior college transfer left practice early with heat-related issues.

"I mean, yeah, but that could happen to anybody," said sophomore Kwame Geathers. "I remember my first day I was having some problems to. I can't blame him for that, but he's probably getting used to the tempo from the junior college level."

3. Branden Smith "stole the show today," according to coach Mark Richt. Smith had at least five interceptions that Richt could recall.

"Branden Smith kind of stole the show today," Richt said. "A couple of (his interceptions) just kind of came down to him, but mostly he went up and got or snatched away from somebody. It was a very, very impressive day for Branden Smith."

4. Cornelius Washington did not practice today because of a sore hamstring.

"We hope (it's) short term," Richt said

5. Because of Washington's absence, freshman Ray Drew saw time with the first team unit.

"He's getting a lot of reps, I know that," Richt said. "We're working a lot of two units and sometimes three units, but when you just watch a little bit of pass rush you see he's got some good skills."

6. No word yet on linebacker signee Kent Turene, but Richt used the word "doubtful" when asked if he had a gut feeling on if the Florida native will get into school this fall.

"I don't know that answer," Richt said. "Right now I'd put a doubtful on it--on him making it this season. The frustrating part is that he's not here with us now. He wants to be, he's done everything that he could possibly do to be here. Things don't always roll as fast as you want, and you don't always get the answer you want. I'm just frustrated for him more than anything.

7. Coach O's daughter is back at home, Richt said. She's still receiving treatment, but having her home is a tremendous boost for the family.

8. Greg Pyke, a 6-5, 310-pound 2012 OT, committed to Georgia Friday. Pyke was on the Georgia campus when he made he verbal pledge.

"I liked Georgia when I first came down and after today's visit with my mom and dad it was perfect," Pyke told "I made the decision with my parents here."

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