Reaction: Isaiah, Drew, Smith & More

ATHENS - Dawg Post's reactions to Friday's events in Athens.

1. #IsaiahWatch is in full effect. After only two practices, the freshman already has players and coaches impressed.

Legge's Take: No doubt about it. In fact, I was told some time ago by a Carver assistant that Crowell loved to play, loved to practice - loved all of it in terms of football. He looks physically ready to roll. The only thing that will prevent him from being ready to play against Boise is some sort of injury. Georgia needs to make certain his hamstrings (and so forth) are stretched out. Georgia can't afford a Thomas Brown circa 2004 this season. Crowell has to be ready, and judging from everything I have seen thus far he is.

Page's Take: Barring any injury, Isaiah is going to get the most carries against Boise State. I have little doubt about that.

It's a good thing Isaiah is in Athens…because Carlton Thomas is out for the first game (not that it matters much). Ken Malcome is already limping around with a bothersome groin. And although Richard Samuel looks great and hits hard…he's yet to prove he can be a productive back.

Having Caleb King would have helped…but it's nice to hear Crowell is doing things the right way--even if it is only two practices in shorts.

Bill Elliott's Reaction

"These guys work hard, and we kind of struggled all day long, boys." - Elliott after the 1994 Pocono Race.

2. John Jenkins made it through the full practice today. Thursday, the junior college transfer left practice early with heat-related issues.

Legge's Take: Guys as big as Jenkins are going to have a hard time in the heat. I remember Max Jean-Gilles nearly dying on the practice fields three times a season for four years. That didn't stop him from being a force. John Jenkins is going to be difficult. I know its easy to have optimism going on day two of fall camp, but he's a big reason Georgia fans should be excited about the future. The other reason was listed above.

Page's Take: Seeing Jenkins come off the field Thursday was a little unsettling in the heat of the moment (shameless play on words)--but he bounced back quickly Thursday night and was ready for practice Friday. Like Dean said, these things are going to happen to a guy that's pushing 350 pounds.

3. Branden Smith "stole the show today," according to coach Mark Richt. Smith had at least five interceptions that Richt could recall.

Legge's Take: This #1 jersey thing is coming down to a dance off between Mike Bobo and Scott Lakatos. I got Bobo (#dropitlikeitshot).

Page's Take: I could care less who wears No. 1--I'm not really for multiple players wearing the same number, but if that's what it took to get Isaiah in the fold, then it was worth it.

Instead, I'm more interested in what a good fall camp means for Branden Smith…and more specifically, what it means for Sanders Commings. If Smith can prove he's capable of starting--which means he has to be able to help against the run and not get blocked all the way out of bounds--then maybe Sanders will move to safety.

Either way, getting the best four DBs on the field needs to happen--and Smith already performing helps make the competition and speculation more enjoyable.

4. Cornelius Washington did not practice today because of a sore hamstring.

Legge's Take: If they can't play it doesn't matter how much they can lift... get them stretched... now.

Page's Take: Hey Legge, if you're blaming (or urging) Coach T, you should at least come out and say it.

Legge's Take:I'm not trying to start that fight you clown. I'm just saying. Stretch.

5. Because of Washington's absence, freshman Ray Drew saw time with the first team unit.

Legge's Take: Ray is probably on the same track Alec Ogletree was on last season. He's going to play. He's going to be good. He may well start eventually this season. All of that, and I hear he tells a good joke.

Page's Take: Razor thin depth…talented freshman…wearing David Pollack's number…these details are starting to add up. Drew is going to play in 2011 and probably contribute a lot. It's just a matter of time and opportunity.

6. No word yet on linebacker signee Kent Turene, but Richt used the word "doubtful" when asked if he had a gut feeling on if the Florida native will get into school this fall.

Legge's Take: Not going to happen.

Page's Take: Tough break too, because I've been told the staff thought Kent was one of the most underrated recruits in Georgia's 2011 class.

7. Coach O's daughter is back at home, Richt said. She's still receiving treatment, but having her home is a tremendous boost for the family.

Legge's Take: My mother had Leukemia, and it is a real, real fight for the entire family. I don't know how he's doing this. This is painful and difficult. Everyone is pulling for him and, more importantly, her.

Page's Take: Agree 100 percent with you Dean.

8. Greg Pyke, a 6-5, 310-pound 2012 OT, committed to Georgia Friday. Pyke was on the Georgia campus when he made he verbal pledge.

Legge's Take: I spoke with Greg after he left Georgia on the long ride back to Maryland. He was very excited about the commitment - saying that the coaches didn't have a clue who he was on at the start of the camp in June. By the end of the camp he was in Mark Richt's office getting an offer. Good for him.

Page's Take:Georgia needs offensive linemen in this class…and it looks like Pyke is highly thought of. The Bulldogs now have two of the top 25 tackles in the country. And a third (Avery Young) could potentially join them.

Just for the sake of discussion…now that Georgia's having so much success with OL recruiting, it's hard to believe they currently have two or three true freshmen in the two-deep. #ThingsToPonderAtNight.

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