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ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's news, notes and somewhat relavant rambling.

I swear there was no plan to write a Deion-centered intro to coincide with Prime Time's enshrinement into the Hall last week. And on top of that, I never knew Georgia was in his top three coming out of high school.

Just a coincidence all this happened right after I went public with my love for the guy.

But seriously, there was something about somebody like Deion—the way he could tell you what he was going to do before he did it made me go nuts as a young kid. I think that's why I liked Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels too.

That's an intro for another Mailbag though.

Cornerbacks are a dime a dozen. But a shutdown corner like Deion or Darrelle Revis are special. And I love confidence, even if it borders on arrogance. A corner has to think he's the best athlete on the field to have ultimate success—he has to truly believe he's the best in his own mind if he's ever going to be able to go one-on-one with freaks like A.J. Green and Andre Johnson.

Sometimes that bravado spills over into interviews. Sometimes it manifests itself into a (short lived) rap career or the cultivation of an entertainment persona.

I'm OK with that. But each time I get into a car with somebody, there's a chance I might contradict myself.

Stay with me. Here's why…

I can't take road rage seriously. I enjoy random comments about stuff on the road or quirky driving errors, but I can't stand entitled drivers. When somebody says out loud, "This moron doesn't know how to drive," because another driver did something stupid on the road I immediately start critiquing every move the driver I'm with makes. I'm thinking…well, you didn't use your blinker back there. You just tapped the white line twice when you were checking Twitter. You're kind of close to this dude in front of us…but yeah, that other driver "doesn't know what the hell she's doing."

Road rage seems like wasted energy to me. Everybody, at least at one point and time, is going to make a mistake behind the wheel of a car. Does that mean you suck? Or that you can't drive? Nah, it just means you were thinking about your kids or your job when you were sitting for a couple extra seconds after the light turned green.

I spend a lot of time with a road raging driver. You may know him. He posts stories around here from time to time when he feels like it. Dude loves to put other drivers down…but the handful of mistakes he's made are barely mentioned. Silence follows an illegal U-turn where two lanes of traffic had to stop before hitting us. There is nothing said about forcing his way through three lanes of traffic when he realizes THIS IS THE EXIT WE NEED.

It's like seeing a cornerback right after he gives up a touchdown—right after he's talked a big game all week leading up to kickoff. Cornerbacks, like drivers, make mistakes. Every loud mouth or flashy corner gives up a touchdown every now and again. And yet, I find that moment humbling. Or I say, "You can't win them all."

I guess you can't.

With all that said…ladies and gentlemen, you already know what it is…let's get it poppin'.

aspendawg asks: Any updates on current players such as Owens (he kinda vanished after all the great stuff spread about him during last fall camp), Faghouli, Fields, Stripling?

Owens is currently dealing with an undisclosed injury…it seems like the hamstring variety, but nobody is really saying much. He's been riding the stationary bike, so he's not seriously hurt. But he's missing practice time—and there are a lot of extremely athletic freshman DBs getting reps, getting better.

There isn't much depth at OLB right now, so it has to be now if Faloughi is ever going to make a move. He's out there working. We'll see.

Fields graduated last season, but just to update you on the "random white fullback who is huge and does great work on the scout team or special teams" front, Dustin Royston is the third-string fullback.

Stripling says he's at about 80 or 85 percent right now. But he's able to hang in there at practice and get in the full work detail. Mark Richt said this week the team will be counting on Stripling to be back to 100 percent by the season-opener.

How are the newbies adjusting?

They're finding out what #camplife is all about. Check that link to see the Twitter feed where all the players are talking about fall camp. And then follow me @FletcherPage.

any further updates on some of the Oline or WR's and if anyone else could see the field other than Tampa?

The line is thin, so you're going to see Kolton Houston play this year. He's a chief backup at guard, mainly on the left-hand side.

Watts Dantzler and David Andrews are currently solid members of the second-team offense. I think almost all freshmen OL could use a redshirt, but those two might not get the chance.

At receiver, Michael Bennett is going to play. Mitchell looks to be the best of the true frosh, and Chris Conley looks OK at the moment, too. Justin Scott-Wesley is the most impressive physically, but again, he's going to take some time to polish it up.

Any news on some of the walk-ons that has not been kicked around? Have heard that we could have a couple diamonds in the rough....Thanks

I think Conner Norman and "the other" Sailors are impressive walk-ons. Sailors for sure will be in there for special teams, and I think he'll eventually get a scholarship. Jeremy Sulek is player Christian Robinson keeps talking about at linebacker…but again, we're talking about special teams work for the most part.

blackbulldawg asks: 1. If you had to pick one thing you are looking to see the dawgs improve on the most this season what would that be?

Without a doubt, it's the opposing team's third-down conversion rate. Last season, teams converted 41 percent of the time on third down against Georgia—and we're not talking about third-and-short…I'm talking about blowing third-and-10s that just killed momentum and were deflating.

That was clearly the "butter face" portion of the team last year.

2. Which player do you think will surprise people the most this season as being improved?

Kwame Geathers is the easy answer here. He should go from Mt. St. Helens in 1979 to Mt. St. Helens in May of 1980—straight blowin' up...

Let's choose another player for the sake of discussion. Before fall camp, I would have tabbed Sanders Commings. He's big, strong, versatile and makes plays. But since he came on at the end of the season last year, that's kind of a safe bet answer. And that's not what this Mailbag is about.

So I'll take a chance on a guy. If he can stay healthy—Wait, let me retype that… IF he can stay healthy, I think Branden Smith could be the most improved player on the defense.

He's got the cover capabilities and ball skills to be elite. But in the past, he's been a liability in the run game. And by liability, I mean he couldn't tackle anything—mostly because he was getting blocked out of the play.

There's some sort of Lego joke here for the taking, but I can't seem to piece it together. Wait...

EDIT: After thinking this one over, I'm going to change my pick to Marlon Brown. He had 11 catches in 2010...surely he doubles that production this season, right?

3. Which O-Line man do you see stepping up and contributing big this year minus the startes?

This has to be Kolton Houston (kind of by default). I'm hearing and seeing good things out of Watts Dantzler and David Andrews, but they're still young. Kolton has a year on those guys, so I give him the edge at the moment.

4. Since Cornbread and the The Behemoth are both going to be pushing each other for time who do you think gets the final nod as the starter?

I'm taking Geathers. I know, I know…I've been claiming Cornbread since February…but I think Geathers is hitting his stride. Again, it feels almost like mid-May in 1980…something is about to erupt.

If Kwame can stay healthy, I see him having a monster year. I think Jenkins is doing well, but he needs to finish getting into football shape and learn to fire off the ball. He may be standing up a little bit at this point. These are two key points that Kwame struggled with last season. Those are no longer issues with Geathers. He's ready.

5. Since JJ is kind of in limbo status right now who do you think will replace him if it doesn't go well for him?

Let me go ahead and say…I think Jarvis will play every game this season. But just in case, I see Ray Drew, Chase Vasser and Ramik Wilson picking up the slack.

I know what you're thinking…because I am too…Georgia needs Jarvis to be playing.

Fletch in the little time you have been on this site you have become a powerhouse and I think if you keep up the good work Dean will have to up that paycheck to keep you.

He keeps talking about giving me some of the company stock. I haven't seen it yet though.

14dawgs47 asks: It looks like we could have some opportunities at LB. we know about the starters and R Drew but who else do you see in the pic.

Funny you mention this…blackbulldawg and I were just talking about outside linebacker.

At inside linebacker, Amarlo Her—

there was a lot of hype for A. herrera on the boards does he redshirt or make impact early.

Amarlo will not redshirt. He's playing this year. He and Ramik Wilson have been getting time with the second-team unit for two reasons: 1) They've been playing pretty well. 2) There's nobody else.

Word is, Amarlo has great raw talent…he's working to learn the playbook. And Ramik is a heavy hitter…and, he's working to learn the playbook.

Theme? Yep.

At outside linebacker, coach Mark Richt has said good things about Chase Vas—

At the G-day game I was impressed with chase Vasser. What are the expectations for chase

Chase looks good physically, and there aren't many options. Still, I'll believe it when I see it.

At the DE Jalen Fields has put on weight is it good weight has he worked that hard.

I think Fields is the big-bodied kind of player Grantham likes at defensive end. But I haven't seen him play, nor have I talked to anybody who would know much about his game—and by that, I mean anybody who isn't biased about his game or Georgia.

Do all jr guys loose a star after going to jr college.

When it comes to JUCO rankings, it seems like the Wild West—there is no code, only guidelines. that line from a Cowboy movie or a Pirate film. I'm thinking Pirates...

Anyway, I think JUCO players are no longer ranked with high school players for obvious reasons (older, different competition, sometimes signed and placed, sometimes academic questions, sometimes personal red flags). So that's why they lose a star (or whatever it is). The JUCO kids are thrown together in a list usually compiled late in the fall.

UGA53MAIN asks: Would UGA go after Kirby Smart if CMR were fired after this year IYO?

That seems to be the popular pick. His name always comes up in these conversations.

Here are two thoughts…1) In the past, UGA hired a former player to take over as head coach and it didn't work out. At all.

2) In the past, UGA hired a coordinator with no head coaching experience and it worked brilliantly. Big time.

What does this mean? Absolutely nothing. But, Kirby fits both of those scenarios. What does that mean? Absolutely nothing.

I'm not sure if he's ready to be a head coach in the SEC or not…but you've got to start somewhere. I would think Georgia would go out and try to hire a proven guy (like Chip Kelly or Gary Patterson…) but I understand why Kirby's name keeps coming up.

SeminoleDog asks: Did you know that the eel is the daddy to the catfish?

Is this supposed to be about Dean and I? Because if it is, I think I could write something funny about it. Currently, Dean is sitting less than 10 feet away from me (which is bad enough as is it). Let's move on...

Seriously, OL board. Do we know who's on our OL board and what our chances are with each of them, and are we really going after one or more JUCO OL's, even if we get commitments from Pyke and Young and Hill or Alexander?

Well…I think Georgia will take as many linemen they can get—guards or tackles. Getting Pyke was big because it's a nice four-star backup plan in case Young goes elsewhere.

I don't like JUCO players…nothing personal, but I'd rather have guys out of high school. I know in pressing situations, the JUCO route is a must (John Jenkins, is that you with your hand raised?).

Numbers, numbers, numbers…they need numbers. And after this season, Ben, Cordy and Bean are gone. So, I could see where Georgia could take a few JUCOs just in case.

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: Fletch, can you provide some of our fine members with some grammatical edu-ma-cation since you graduated from the Grady College of Journalism?

Nobody ever confused me with a copy editor, I'll tell you that…

I will spare you from any more OL questions.


1. It appears that we have gone the whole offseason without an arrest. Who woulda thunk it? What do you think is the difference this year? Better and/or more leaders? ??

Hmmm…if I'm baking a "Let's don't get arrested" pie, I would sprinkle in some good leadership, sound judgment, average decision-making, a dash of accountability and throw in some of that "you're apart of something bigger than yourself."

A lot of the past arrests in Athens have been ticky-tack. I understand the frustration for some of those deals.

But—and I hate to use one of Wes Muilenberg's most hated phrases—it is what it is. Adjust to it.

Quick story. I'm an open book, so I don't mind telling you guys this. When I was in college, I had a friend ticketed downtown for an open container. He wasn't drunk. He wasn't even the one who drank the empty beer can I--er, I mean he was ticketed for.

He got out of a taxicab and was trying to help others climb out. He grabbed the empty can from somebody's hand in doing so on accident…and since my--er, his feet were out of the cab, a nearby cop came over and started his "I'm a cop and you've screwed up," shtick.

I took the ticket. Paid the fine. And my group of friends started putting the empty cans under the seat before we got downtown. I mean, my friend took the ticket. College was the best four-and-half years of my life.

You live. You learn. It is what it is. If cops in Athens are going to stick to the letter of the law (which they have a right to do), then you've got to be on point. Taxicabs, private locations for parties, avoiding loose cannons—all these things are easy adjustments that can help avoid stupid arrests.

Maybe that's finally getting through. You can still have a damn good time…and still be smart.

2. So the USCe QB coach got reinstated along with his mentor, Senior Garcia. How does Spurrier get away with this for the fifth time? Did Coach threaten to suspend him next year if he screwed up again? Also, Garcia should be the name for something else a la Dirty Sanchez. (Can I type Dirty Sanchez in the sack?)

(checking with the Mailbag judges)…They'll allow it!

Here's why the kid is still playing football…It's because he's not hurting anybody—except for himself. This is my opinion, but Garcia's stupidity hasn't involved somebody else (unlike Z. Mett).

It's easy to give somebody a pass when there isn't really another active party interested in seeing him get flushed. There is no broken family or violated female or somebody in the hospital.

In the long run, this isn't doing Garcia any favors. But who cares? He's giving them the best chance to win and, ‘C'mon, it's not like he's hurting anybody. He just likes to drink a little bit too much.'

With that in mind, I think we should use the name Garcia whenever somebody does something disappointing…but when you think about it, you say, ‘You know, I kind of expected this to happen again.' And remember, it can't hurt anybody else.

Example: Man, Fletcher is giving us the Garcia with the Mailbag this week. It was supposed to be out three days ago. Oh well, that's Fletcher. He's always late with that thing.'

?? 3. Tech has such a small fanbase that when one decides to give up their tickets it makes the Atlanta news. The lesson to be learned by the one of 23 females in the stands is not to try to take a Chic-Fil-A sandwich to the stadium or you might get a little up close and personal with a security guard?

Wait…Tech has females?

4. With Belin gone, how do you see our special teams performing this year? We know that we have the best kicker tandem in football, but will we be more aggressive during kickoff returns and will we continue to avoid kicking to the 5 yard line?

I can't talk about the specifics here just yet…but I can say that the days of trying to kick the ball right up to the goal line (without going over) went out the door with Fabris. Walsh has a big enough leg to kick it through the end zone on a consistent basis. If you play the percentages, and I do, that's the way it should be done. It's the safest play—like taking pigs in a blanket to a Super Bowl party…there's no way that's ever a bad decision.

Speaking of (without going over), one of my favorite things to watch is that random jerk on the Price Is Right who lets everybody else bid before saying one more dollar than the highest bidder. Classic jerk move…because the person that did have the highest bid is all laughing and playing it up…but they really want to put the jerk in a headlock and rip his custom made "I'm on the Price Is Right, what's up Omaha" t-shirt, too.

Just thought I'd put that out there.

jca239 asks: I think this to be fairly obvious at the top, but what are the top three position needs in this year's recruiting class

Can I answer with 1) OL. 2) OL. 3) OL…? No…OK, let me try again.

1. OL. 2. OL. 3. OL….No. I tried it that time with just a period after the number.

For serious this time.

On offense I think it goes like this: 1. OL. 2. RB. 3. WR.

On defense: 1. OLB. 2. DL (in general). 3. ILB.

and (Bonus Question) how likely are we to adequately fill those needs at each position?

I think Georgia is doing a good job on the OL to this point. They've got two great talents at the tackle spot, and Chester Brown is a bit of sleeper. Running back could potentially be elite with the combo of Marshall and Gurley. The WR recruiting needs to be stepped up (we've been through this. Don't ask me why…you know why).

Defensively, I think the DL is going in the right direction. Taylor looks good, and there are plenty of targets still on the board. Need linebackers though. More linebackers.

Love ya, mean it.

Don't make me blush.

AlltelDawg asks: Wat is up with all the shoulder injuries over the years (most of which they don't come back from) Is it the way we workout the way we practice or something else? We have more players on the DL than my Fantasy baseball team.

I think there was enough time passed and enough injuries to justify saying there could have been something wrong with the S&C on that one. Could have been a number of things there (heavy lifts, improper stretching, etc).

You always have to look at these things on a case-by-case…but you're right, there were too many shoulder injuries. The old saying goes, one's a fluke. Two is coincidence. Three is a trend.

And if you're the Dallas Mavericks, four is how many games it takes to beat the Lakers.

TripleB asks: 1. Can you give me the UGA roster in nicknames? I know we have a Reverend, a Cornbread, etc. What others are there that I'm missing?

This should be fun…and I'll try my best to keep it classy.

John Jenkins – Cornbread. Ray Drew – Reverend. Carlton Thomas – Wild Elf. Malcolm Mitchell – Tampa. Quintavious Harrow – Cootie. Kwame Geathers – The Behemoth. Derek Owens – D.O. Justin Anderson – Bean. Ty Frix - Donkey. Orson Charles - Special O or Swag. Alec Ogletree - Tree. Aaron Murray - McLovin. Bacarri Rambo - Goo. Shawn Williams - Sly. Dustin Royston - Plow Chin. Zander Ogletree - Little Tree (or I call him, ZanDar the Barbarian). Blake Sailors - White Lightning.

That's all I have for now. Any guesses as to which ones of those I made up on my own?

2. Do you think North Campus will be filled back up this year with the (slightly) relaxed restrictions? I'm planning on making a return after a one-year hiatus.

I hope so. Seeing North Campus before games last year was downright depressing. I guess I understand why there were some restrictions put into effect, but that was brutal.

It would be like going to Weaver D's and not being able to order fried chicken.

You know what I mean? Last season, you could still go to the bookstore on game days (black eyed peas). You could tailgate in certain areas, but you had to follow the rules (mashed potatoes). You could pregame at an apartment before heading to Sanford (mac & cheese)…but there wasn't that central place that was just an all out, getting after it, good times party spot.

There was no fried chicken.

3. CMF is pushing Carter and Shaq pretty hard. With Mann in the fold, and Hunt/Gaines/Morris as possibilities and only 4 spots, are we only taking two wings and a post. I'm sure CMF would take Carter AND Shaq if that were possible, right?

You're right…IF they could get both, they'd make the numbers works.

RyanJordan asks: I'm organizing an internet flash mob of Diamond Dawg fans to take over the Hoop Dawgs board because Dean refuses to give us a place to congregate. :)

Hey now, there is some good info on the basketball board every now and the—

They barely use it as is...

That's true. But Fox is fresh off a good seas—

Since baseball is far and away the superior sport, and begger is convinced you hate him/basketball, can I assume you're down?

Well, since you mentioned begger…why not? Where do I sign up?

2) Warner Robins Little League are Georgia State champs once again and host the Southeast region tournament beginning Friday. Can you give your expert scouting report on their chances to return to the World Series?

Tell the boys to hit it where they ain't. It's a lock.

3) Speaking of that, shouldn't Warner Robins be GA's Title Town over Valdosta? They have 2 National Titles in football, 2 World Titles in Softball, 1 World Title in Baseball, and another National finalist in baseball. The North Floridian's (sorry) can't match that kind of success. Crown us Fletch?

Ouch…you just threw down with South Georgia…you went there…first you claim their title. Then you call them North Floridian's…I'm staying out of this…not counting Tech, a win in Georgia is a win for us all. That is, unless you consider Valdosta a part of North Florida…(ducking). Hey, I didn't say it. It was Ryan.

4) In honor of football camp, did you ever attend a summer camp?

Funny you should bring that up…after about the fifth grade, I don't really remember going on too many family vacations. I started going to team basketball camps the summer after sixth grade.

The first year, our little group went with the varsity squad to Mars Hill. We were a bunch of fixing-to-be-seventh-graders playing a junior varsity schedule against freshmen and sophomores.

I wish I could write you a love story from this camp—at least a tale of triumph.

But I can't. We went 1-16. My friend Shea got dunked on. Twice. I hurt my neck on a drive to the basket. I think we went eight straight games without successfully breaking a press. My buddy Heath almost got us into a fight for saying something stupid about somebody from another team…while that team was walking right in front of us. And we got killed by the varsity players in a pillow fight…a pillow fight that lasted three days.

It was a wreck. It was a mess. It was…awesome. Yeah we lost. And we weren't ready to play that kind of competition. But it was a great time. And of the six or seven of us that went on that trip, I'm still really close with most of those guys.

But yeah, I spent every summer after that at two or three basketball camps. The best camp was at Clemson—that was the one thing I think Oliver Purnell did right. He had one hell of a camp for high school basketball players. We did all kinds of crazy stuff up there…I could type for days. I bet my friends would prefer I didn't talk about it. We were pretty wild.

aspendawg returns to ask: Now that camp is starting, can you see how things are going with Coach O...what his plans are for special teams and the defense in general? What do the kids think of his style, what does he bring to the table that is different from Belin? Most importantly, hopefully his family is doing ok.

First off…his daughter is home, which is awesome news. She is still being treated, but having her back at home has been a big boost for Coach O.

I was a big fan of Belin—I think you guys probably picked up on that in my Sacks last season. I think coaching in the NFL was always a dream/goal of his (duh), so I'm happy for him.

What I'm saying is…Belin set the bar high. And Coach O couldn't be more different. And yet, I am just as impressed with him. He's extremely nice—talks at length about anything and the players like him.

"I love him," Christian Robinson said. "They couldn't have hired a better person."

While I've got Christian here in the Mailbag, here's some perspective on O's coaching style: "He's always working on improvement. He doesn't want to make the same mistakes. That's the big thing with him. We go out to practice, and he's harping on hand placement and foot placement. That's the big thing with him. That's the biggest difference than anything I've experienced before—just taking on blocks in a different way. And it's really helped me with rolling my hips and hitting fullbacks and linemen. That's something taken from the NFL because you have to be in the right foot position. Using that against running backs has been a big help."

Christian Robinson, ladies and gents!

willbeezy asks: Fletch. I need advice from someone concerning a vacation spot. Now my wife of so many years does so much for me I want to take her on a nice beach vacation. So, will it be St. Thomas, St. Crox, or St. Johns? I need advice from a ladies man so, I'll ask....... Dean. NOT!! What would you do?

I'll plead ignorance I mentioned, I spent all my teenage years at basketball I didn't vacation all that often.

But I want to answer all your questions in the best way possible...So I turned to our old pal David Hale to help you out. In case you didn't know, David now covers the Phillies. He's well-traveled and mildly entertaining.

"I've never been to St. John's, but St. Thomas is cool. I had a friend who lived there for a couple of years. He said St. Croix is (a word that means not very good). If you go to St. Thomas though, I can give you a heads up on lots of cool off-the-beaten-path things to do."

Thanks a lot Hale...(door closes)

I'd probably go to St. John's if I were you...

gavindawg asks: Why all the Mono?

It's a college thing…and a high school thing…or just a thing. After searching the InterGoogles for this, I found that 95 percent of all people come down with mono at some point.

I had mono my freshman year of college (during finals of spring semester, no less).

Living in close quarters with a lot of people (dorm, locker room) leads to this…I think Georgia has had some good luck with the timing (Cordy and Austin in fall camp the past two seasons as opposed to September). But truthfully, there's no good timing for this sort of thing.

dunkaroos8 asks: Who do you think will have more catches at the end of the season? When was the last year we had a tight end lead our team in catches?

I knew the answer to your last question was Leonard Pope in 2005 (39 catches, 541 yards and four touchdowns). But I didn't realize in 2006, Martrez Milner was only one catch behind Mohamed Massaquoi…who happened to be only one catch behind Pope in 2005. Whatever that means. #thingsifindinterestingthatnobodycaresabout.

Anyway, I'm going to take Tavarres King this season to lead the team in receptions. I think he'll beat out Orson by at least half a dozen. But I don't think King will lead the team in touchdowns. I'm not sure who will, but that's just the way I feel about it.

gadawgs98021 asks: What are your thoughts or ideas on a new entrance song for when the dogs takes the field? I know it has been talked about in the past and Dean wondered why no one had any love for Miley. What are your ideas?

I'm not necessarily sure what needs to be played, but I do have an opinion on what doesn't need to be. Miley shouldn't be heard in Athens on Saturday. Or anywhere for that matter. And I also don't think Georgia needs to get a rapper or band to do one of those "personalized songs" either. The only one I saw that came anywhere close to working out was Tennessee's Eric Berry 4 Hesiman video—and even that song is way overboard cheesy.

Personally, I think Ben Jones, Aaron Murray and Christian Robinson should pick the song this year. It's their team, their year and their time to run on the field. Let them pick the music. But Murray and Robinson can't cave and let Ben have 'Sweet Home Alabama.' That's not going to work.

gadawgluver asks: Fletch,?Can you guess: 1) Who can drink the most liquour, Garcia or his coach?

It's not who can drink the most liquor…it's who eats the worm when the bottle's been finished off (assuming we're talking tequila). Obviously in Greensville, Mangus won that prestigious battle.

?2) Who gets in the most trouble while drunk, Garcia or his coach??

If this were baseball, Garcia would be like a pesky slap-hitter that always seems to find his way on base.

Mangus on the other hand is like a husky first baseman that hits .230 each year, but has 30-plus homers, too.

I give a tip of the cap to Garcia for his consistency, but I'll give this title to Mangus for making his hits count for more.

3) If they out recruit us at the quarterback position who should be fired, wipped with bamboo or something? (Do not think it has happened thus far and surely this helps us.)?

Probably any kid that picks South Carolina over Georgia. No bias here, but the track records of the two schools at the quarterback position the past decade is undeniable. Say what you want about Bobo (or Richt for that matter), but the two know how to find, develop and coach quarterbacks.

What players in the 2012 class may be impact players, either verbal or prospects??

I focus mainly on kids in Georgia, especially kids with high mutual interest and/or commits…so let's stick with that group.

I'll put them in order of being most ready:

1. John Theus (No need to go into detail. Dude is ready).

2. Keith Marshall (from what Chad tells me)

3. Jonathan Taylor (met with him in person not long ago. Looks good).

4. Greg Pyke (the need for tackles will still be there next season. So he'll get a look).

5. Leonard Floyd (needs to gain weight, but again, depth says OLB is a position of need).

Don't take this list too serious though. I only listed players who were currently committed or who appears to be leaning to Georgia.

With Geathers and Jenkins do we have the largest two players in the SEC? I looked at the LSU defensive line and did not see anyone nearly as large.

I believe the duo combines for over 700 pounds, which has to take the cake.

I'm not sure if they're officially the biggest or not, but having both of those guys is the best thing that could have happened. I'm pretty sure all the Jenkins talk pissed Kwame off a little bit. And there are two ways to take constant news about an incoming guy at your position—depressed or motivated. Kwame chose to work his butt off this offseason, winning Spring MVP and rolling through summer workouts without many problems.

No matter if he starts of not, the effects of John Jenkins will influence this team on every down this season.

And with that, I'm hitting the back door…I enjoyed it. We'll do it again soon.

Turn the lights out boys, the party's over…We outta here baby…Thank y'all for coming.

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