Rundown: Jones, Samuel, Isaiah & More

ATHENS - Six key points following Georgia's practice Tuesday morning.

1. Jarvis Jones has been cleared by the NCAA and will be eligible to play this fall, the AJC reported. Official word from the University has yet to come. If Jones is deemed OK to play, the Bulldogs will have potentially their best defensive player on the field against Boise State.

"He's a physical guy," said Richard Samuel . "He comes downhill. He's fast and good with his hands. He just knows how to read offenses and make plays, so he's going to be a good physical, aggressive guy."

2. Richard Samuel says he has no problem splitting time in the backfield with Isaiah Crowell.

"It's not important to me at all," Samuel, a junior, said. "He goes in and makes some plays. I go in and make some plays. If I get tired and tap out he goes in and makes plays and vice versa. We're all just sharing it. …If I'm No. 1 or he's No. 1, it doesn't matter."

3. Speaking of Isaiah…

"He's looking awesome," said quarterback Aaron Murray. "I mean, really good. He's already impressed everyone with the amount he knows already. It's hard coming in and you only have a couple months in the summer, and you're not working with your coach. We were a little afraid—we worked with him over the summer, but we didn't know how much he'd know in camp. He's done a great job. I've talked to the other backs and guys about how much he's paying attention in the film room with coach (Bryan) McClendon. They all said he's working hard in there, paying attention and it's paying off out there on the field."

And from Samuel: "He's out there practicing good. He's picking up the stuff as well, just as well as all the other running backs."

4. Marlon Brown has been cited by players and coaches as having a good fall camp to this point.

"Marlon Brown has done a tremendous job," Murray said. "I mean, turning everyone's head. …Coach Richt asked me the other day if I could name one receiver that's really caught my eye. I said Marlon. He's having a tremendous camp. He's been making plays, fluid and just been real consistent. I don't think he's had a bad day yet."

"Even when we were going over routes today, Marlon would run the route, the next receiver would come in and run a route. You know, if a few of them did it wrong, Marlon would be called back up and he'd run the route and show them how it's done. He's perfected his craft over the past couple of years. He's more comfortable. He's not thinking about it. Now he's reacting and just having fun."

5. Depth is concerning on the OL, but Murray says he's happy with the starting unit.

"They're giving me plenty of time," Murray said. "Ben (Jones) is doing a good job of making sure everyone knows what they're doing. They're communicating really well. That's the biggest thing you've got to worry about when new guys come in there and maybe not everyone is on the same page. They've been talking a lot.

"We might not have a lot of depth, but we definitely have some talent backing them up," Murray continued. "They're getting better and better every day. They've just got to keep repping it out. I think going against this defense every day has been helping. The blitzes coach (Todd) Grantham brings and the fronts, you don't see it a lot. You don't see it with most defenses, so if you're able to continue to grow and pick up the blitzes he brings, when the season comes and you're going traditional defenses, everything is going to be a lot easier for those guys."

5. Orson Charles says freshman Jay Rome is good enough to play this season. Even with so much depth at tight end, a redshirt doesn't appear likely.

"Coach (Mike) Bobo is not scared to play any freshman," Charles said. "The main thing you have to focus on as a freshman is learning the playbook and learning why you're doing things and what the defense is doing. If you know what you're doing and you're going full speed, coach Bobo will play you."

"I know each day Jay is progressing and learning. He's grasping the offense, and Coach (John) Lilly asks him questions and he knows what to do. He's going out on the field and playing well. I could see him playing this year."

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