Reaction: Jarvis, Scrimmage & More

ATHENS - Dawg Post's reaction from the news of the day in Athens.

1. Jarvis Jones was finally made available to the press today. He said the news of his eligibility was great, but that he never stressed over the decision. Jones said he had a pre-existing relationship with Tony Adams dating back to when he "11 or 12 years old." Some of Jones' teammates didn't even know there was an investigation. He didn't ever really talk about it.

Legge's Take: I will repeat again what I've been saying for a while - many at Georgia thought Jones' case was a non-issue. There was never much thought (beyond how the NCAA can react to things at times) that Jones would not play this season. The prior relationship with Tony Adams was something that, as I understand it, was well established, understandable and easily explained. I think that, coupled with the working of Greg McGarity to make sure nothing more was going to come of this, was why this went nowhere fast - as expected.

2. Georgia held the first of three scrimmages Wednesday. The vibe after talking to Mark Richt and players was the defense had a better day than the offense.

Legge's Take: That's pretty boilerplate for this time of year.

3. The rushing statistics for the No. 1 offense were more impressive than the passing totals.

Legge's Take: I don't trust Mark Richt and his newfangled "statistics" from scrimmages. I think he tells the media and the public what he wants them to know, and that's about it. With that said - I want to go on record here in saying that Isaiah Crowell is going to be as good as advertised. Crowell is as good as any running back Georgia has had since Herschel Walker - there, I said it.

4. Here's your daily fix for #IsaiahWatch: 13 carries, 84 yards, 1 TD, long of 15 yards

Legge's Take: See above. Dude is a star. As far as Richt's stats...

5. John Jenkins is working mostly with the second-team defense.

Legge's Take: Well Kwame is the guy at nose right now, and that's not the absolutely ideal situation, but it's good in that Geathers is clearly stepping his game up. Todd Grantham is going to figure out a way to get Geathers and Jenkins on the field at the same time. Something tells me Jenkins needs to lower his pad level... which will take some college-level training, but will happen in time.

6. Michael Bennett is picking up steam in the race for the No. 3 receiver spot.

Legge's Take: Bennett has experience on his side - if not Malcom Mitchell would likely be the guy in this spot. Still, people should be enthused about Bennett, who is a solid SEC-level receiver the Bulldogs will need over the next few years. I don't think he's a game changer right this second.

7. Shawn Williams is pulling ahead in the battle to be the starting safety.

Legge's Take: This is the only spot on Georgia's defense which concerns me. I think if Branden Smith can prove himself in games Sanders Commings will be playing safety. Shawn Williams starting at safety doesn't quite sound right to me yet... I guess that can chance over time.

8. Alec Ogletree has been the most impressive defensive player this fall camp, according to Richt.

Legge's Take: If Alec is beating out Jarvis Jones that's pretty scary.

9. Freshman Amarlo Herrera returned a fumble 65 yards for a touchdown in the scrimmage.

Legge's Take: Amarlo is going to be a good player for the Dawgs in the future... solid player - wants to win.

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