Rundown: Jenkins, Drew & More

ATHENS - Quick hitter news and notes from Georgia's practice Thursday.

1. John Jenkins has been playing mostly with the second-team unit. Coach Mark Richt said Thursday was a good day for the junior college transfer.

"I think I saw Jenkins begin to play harder, practice harder," Richt said. "I think I've seen that. …I saw him in particular pushing and still practicing hard in the heat, which was a good sign. He's not the only one, but you know the first day—he couldn't make it through the first day. Now I'm finally seeing him make a push."

Speaking of that first practice (when Jenkins left early with heat exhaustion), here's what Jenkins had to say:

"To be honest with you, when I fell out the heat got to me, and I had enough time to think, gather my thoughts. I felt like I let those guys down that day. I don't want to be that guy to let my teammates down."

Jenkins said he weighed 357 when he reported in June, but has since lost 15 pounds. He's not surprised or disappointed to be with the second-team defense.

"You've got to think about it, Kwame (Geathers) has been here for a while," he said. "As he's been on first team, I'm learning. This is a tough defense. It's not like junior college. It's a lot of things to be accountable for. They want to make sure I'm able to handle that pressure, and by Kwame being in front of me I'm learning. And it gives me an opportunity to go against Ben Jones and the first offensive line. Ben Jones is a heck of a player. Every time he gets me on a play or what not, I get angry and I want to fight back. But I also go to him and I ask him what I did wrong. He's been in the SEC for a while. I'm learning from every experience. I'm learning from the guys.

2. Brandon Boykin and Cornelius Washington returned to the practice Thursday. Both were in green jersey's, but aren't far off from practicing without limitations.

3. Austin Long will return Aug. 15 from his bout with mono, Richt said.

4. Richt cited Christian Robinson as the leader of the defense.

"He's had a really fine camp in his ability to recognize things and communicate things and get guys lined up quickly to allow everybody to be ready faster so we can play better and play faster. He's done a really nice job."

5. Freshman cornerback Damian Swann continues to be mentioned by coaches after practice. For now, Swann is working strictly with the defense.

"If he keeps going, we'll find a way to get him in the game," Richt said. "I don't know if he's in a starting position, but he sure is working on grabbing some playing time in my mind. I haven't sat down with (Todd) Grantham or (Scott) Lakatos about what they're seeing, but he's made plays and he just seems to be making very few mental errors. He's kind of skinny. You know, he's been a two-sport guy his whole life. He hasn't been living in the weight room. You can see that. But for a guy who hasn't been doing that, he's got some physicality to him."

6. Freshman OLB Ray Drew has not seen any time with the first-team defense.

"I've been working second string in base and nickel," he said.

On his progression:

"As of this week, we've had a lot thrown at us," Drew said. "Basically the entire playbook. I've caught on pretty well for the most part. It's just getting down the small things, such as alignment and those types of deals."

Richt on Drew:

"Ray's getting a ton of reps. He's getting better. He's kind of like all the freshmen, every once in a while you'll see something and say, ‘Man, he's really going to be good one day.'"

7. To this point, Richt says he's satisfied with the effort in fall camp.

"Right now, the thing I like the most is the overall spirit of the group, the sprit of the team," he said. "I see them working hard. I see them working with enthusiasm."

8. And lastly, to update the #IsaiahWatch...

"He's still the same old Isaiah out there," former Carver teammate and fellow freshman Quintavious Harrow said. "He's still making those runs and cuts, just like at Carver."

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