Rundown: RB Injuries, Bean, Marlon & More

ATHENS - Quick hitter notes from Georgia's practice Saturday.

1. RBs Isaiah Crowell (groin), Richard Samuel (quad) and Ken Malcome (undisclosed) did not practice Saturday.

"Right now, it's just more so you don't want those guys to practice while they're banged up," RBs coach Bryan McClendon said. "If we had to play tomorrow, I'd be confident those guys could go out and do a good job. But you don't want to practice them when they're banged up because you know they're going to have play banged up."

2. Even though Isaiah didn't physically practice, OC Mike Bobo said there is still an opportunity to get better mentally.

"Yeah, I mentioned earlier, we're fortunate right now we're not in school," Bobo said. "So right now we can have unlimited walkthroughs and unlimited meeting time, which he's benefitted from that in the whole mental process. That's been a good thing for him, but when school starts on Monday, if they're missing practice it's going to hurt them a little bit."

3. The team will take Sunday off after conducting 11 practices in nine days.

"It's a struggle mentally," Bobo said. "That's when the coaches have been talking about mental toughness, keeping your mind going and these guys had a hard summer and a hard offseason. I was really pleased after (Friday), which was a physical practice, to come out today and really had a lot of energy and were moving around. They came out there ready to practice, which got me going."

4. There aren't many seniors on defense (Boykin and Tyson), which has Todd Grantham speaking about the youth movement.

"I think when you look at the guys with the guys that we have now in the positions they're in and you take the guys that we've added, we're still a really young team on defense even though we've got some guys back," Grantham said. "We're still young with the guys filtering in with the guys that we signed. I think we're going to be a growing team. I think the guys are pretty much listening to what we say and working hard. I've been pleased with pretty much the way they've worked and responded and tried to do the things that we think are important to win."

5. Coaches and players keep mentioning Marlon Brown when polled for players that are standing out in camp.

"Marlon Brown would probably be the No. 1 guy that I can think of," Bobo said. "I'm really, really pleased with how he's played, his condition, he's more flexible, he's running hard, he's in shape and he's making a ton of catches over the middle and outside."

6. Speaking of a player creating buzz, CB Branden Smith has drawn praise all camp.

"He's gotten stronger, he's more knowledgeable, and he's becoming more competitive in certain situations," said DBs coach Scott Lakatos. "He's gotten a lot better. I think the biggest change he's made is his technique has improved a great deal."

7. Brandon Harton was the only healthy running back that's able to play against Boise State (Carlton Thomas is suspended for the opener) practicing Saturday. He missed practice from Monday-Thursday with a concussion.

"Brandon Harton had a great spring," Bobo said. "He had a great first few days of practice. Obviously, he had the concussion, which has dropped him out for a few days that hurt him."

8. OL coach Will Friend is pleased with his starting unit.

"I like what I see with the first group, as far as playing together as a group," he said. "They've done a good job with executing. They've got to keep that up."

The depth on the OL is the concern, but Friend doesn't seem bothered by having true freshmen in the two deep.

"They've done better," he said. "Really, we had to challenge them a little bit during the week. Not only do they have a lot going on, but they kind of hit that wall that guys hit. We kind of reset their focus with what we're trying to get done. They did better at the end of the week."

9. Freshman linebacker Amarlo Herrera did not practice Saturday with a shoulder contusion.

"I think he's OK," linebacker coach Kirk Olivadotti said.

10. Freshman Ramik Wilson is getting time at both inside and outside linebacker.

"He's been doing well with it," Olivadotti said. "He's moving around and playing the right way. He's not necessarily doing all the right things all the time, but he's going to try to play the right way.

"He's got a little bit of pass rush to him, so we like that. He can be a downhill guy at inside linebacker, so we like that."

11. Justin Anderson is adjusting back into life as an offensive lineman.

"He's doing a good job," Bobo said. "He's been playing at right tackle and doing a good job picking things up where he left off a year ago. The thing about Justin, he seems like a different person. He's excited about coming to practice, and he's working hard. That happens when guys mature and their senior year they know that's it."

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