Reaction: Stats, 'Tree, Safeties & More

ATHENS – Dawg Post's reaction from the news of the day in Athens.

1. Thoughts on Wednesday's scrimmage:

Ken Malcome and Brandon Harton struggled to get going, which isn't a surprise. They are the third and fourth string running backs – they should struggle. Aaron Murray, Hutson Mason and Christian LeMay combined to go 26 for 46 for 233 yards with a touchdown and interception.

Actually Murray seemed to have a decent day (if you believe Mark Richt and his "stats" that is). Hutson Mason is clearly the #2 quarterback as LeMay is hardly getting work. The interesting question remains this: What happens this year as it relates to Mason – do he play or not? Somewhere along the way Mason needs to get some separation from Murray if the Tampa native is on the four-year-playing plan.

If Israel Troupe is leading the day at receiver I'm not taking the reciver stats very seriously… sorry.

Alec Ogletree continues to dominate – stunner. Jarvis Jones and DeAngelo Tyson continue their steady ways – both with five tackles and a sack each.

Blair Walsh missed at kick? I don't believe that… sorry.

2. Jakar Hamilton will miss the season with a stress fracture in his lower leg.

Hamilton was already behind this fall – missing every practice so far. Taking a redshirt is the only way to go considering his leg is going to keep him out for another three months.

3. Alec Ogletree lead the team in tackles for the second straight scrimmage.

The sky is blue… moving along.

4. Neither Isaiah Crowell or Richard Samuel played in the scrimmage Wednesday. Richt isn't concerned…yet.

Let me know when Crowell can't play in a game – that's when its time to panic.

"I'm not too concerned now," Richt said

Me either.

5. Shawn Williams looks to have locked up the starting safety spot. And Sanders Commings spent all scrimmage as a safety.

I guess I don't totally follow. If Williams has locked it down then that means Rambo is with the twos… is that what's going on? It seems that way. Hum... Interesting.

6. Country music singer Jason Aldean visited the team locker room Tuesday. Aaron Murray said he got his picture with Aldean, but didn't really know who he was.

I don't know who he is, either – not that I care. Its not like he's Bill Elliott or someone important.

7. Murray said the team needed to improve on finishing drives after last week's scrimmage. Getting touchdowns, not field goals, is Murray's goal. He said the team improved in that area Wednesday.

Wait, I thought Mark Richt preferred kicking field goals over scoring touchdowns… is Murray aware he's getting in the way of the RichtBot's plans? No kidding they need to finish drives. If this team wants to win the East they are going to have to force teams to kick field goals while they score touchdowns. It's easier said than done, but that's my advice.

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