What I Learned Watching Brandon Kublanow

ATLANTA – What I learned watching Brandon Kublanow play.

Brandon Kublanow took Peachtree Ridge's defensive tackle and slammed him into the carpet at the Georgia Dome – and then he made sure that he stayed down by pushing his head into the ground.

Walton's quarterback rushed over to make sure nothing escalated – but it was as if he'd seen Kublanow's aggressive style once before. It's the type of style that got Wake Forest to ask him to "tone it down" during a camp there this summer (after he bloodied another camper's nose).

It sure seems like Kublanow doesn't know how to tone it down.

The next play was similar – Kublanow fires off the ball and gets his block. The whistle had not yet blown, and he was looking for more – this time engaging in hand-to-hand combat nowhere near the ball, but with someone who had on a different color jersey.

Kublanow plays football like he's not a very nice person, which is what you want in an offensive lineman. I usually get so bored watching linemen because they don't finish things off a lot of the time. That's not an issue with the Walton junior.

Brandon Kublanow on the ground at the Georgia Dome. (Dean Legge/Dawg Post)

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