Got a Problem with the Uniform?

ATHENS – Upset with Nike's latest creation? Get over yourself.

First things first – I am ready to admit that I am not in love with Nike's pro combat look for Georgia. It's too much red. Why they messed with the classic silver britches is beyond me.

But I'm not a contestant on Project Runway, and the uniform meets my no-unicorns requirement. That means I am good.

Georgia could run out there in red, black and silver poka dots – I wouldn't care, and you shouldn't either.

Red, after all, is Georgia's dominant color.

Got a problem with the uniform?

You were probably the only person in your section who wore white to the Blackout just to prove a point.

I guess you were in a panic when Herschel Walker scored his first touchdown against the Vols in red pants – not silver britches. You must have hated Georgia's silver helmets in the 1950s because there is nothing traditional about the 1950s.

And what about this young punk coach putting an oval "G" on the side of Georgia's helmet? Who does this Vince Dooley guy think he is?

What's Dooley thinking getting rid of the Silver Britches? What's he thinking bringing them back? Doesn't he know that "gimmicks" don't work? He was 5-6 last year, and he'd better hope Herschel Walker is good because those Silver Britches aren't going to save him if he has another losing season (I hear Pat Dye can really coach).

If you hate Nike for the change and took to the Interwebs to complain you were doing nothing more than helping them make more money. Nike is a marketing company that sells clothing – and you are helping them do that with your complaining.

Also, Nike has dumped millions of dollars into Georgia over the last decade and a half – if they want to change the uniform they have more than paid for the right. And before you start complaining about how Georgia is your school, and that Nike shouldn't be messing with the uniform no matter how much money they pay the school… simply return under the rock you've been living under for the last two decades.

Because money rules in college football – don't think so? Just ask Georgia to return the over $18 million check from TV revenue from last season alone. Or tell Micheal Adams, Greg McGarity, Mark Fox and Mark Richt to return the Nike money from the last few years – they will look at you like you are crazy… because you are.

This is the world we live in. You will make it through the Saturday with Georgia looking like a wacked-out version of the Power Rangers. If Georgia wins they win.

If they don't you will blame Richt or Mike Bobo or both – as well as the uniforms – and you will go back to your miserable life thinking that uniforms have anything to do with winning.

Either way you can't change it. With the money Nike has paid you are lucky they haven't changed Georgia's primary color to orange.

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