Recruits Like - Even Love - New Uniforms

ATHENS – Chester Brown is in love with Georgia's new uniforms – then again his favorite color is red.

"Oh man, dang," he said when looking at Nike's creation for the first time. "They are nice, real nice. It's different from the regular Georgia uniform. I like it because it's red – all red – and that's my favorite color."

Brown and several other Georgia commitments differ from the perspective of many of Georgia's fans… they realize the uniforms are different, but nearly all of the commitments Dawg Post spoke with liked or even loved the new uniforms.

"I didn't even know they were doing that," Dodge County outside linebacker Leonard Floyd said on Saturday. "I like them. I don't know why people wouldn't want them to wear them. It's one game."

The most vocal fans have been opposed to the new uniform – blistering Nike's all-red change from the classic Georgia look, which is typically a red top complemented with the Dawgs' famous silver britches.

"Its different," Brown said. "It's not a normal design you would see on a uniform. Its very, very different from the usual – I think that's a good thing."

Nike released the pro combat uniforms to the public Saturday morning. The Bulldogs themselves got a sneak peak of the very red outfit earlier this month, which was met with excitement from the team as well.

"They are sick," Bolles (FL) offensive tackle John Theus commented – sick in a good way that is.

Camden County quarterback Brice Ramsey was the pragmatist of the group, and wasn't quite as sold on the look as it was presented.

"I think they look funny on a mannequin, but they will look better on a person," he said. "I just looked at the red pants, and I don't know, they look kind of funny."

The Bulldogs have not worn red pants since the 1980s. Ramsey was blown away by the design of the helmet, however.

"That's a great helmet. That has to be the only one that looks like that in college football," he said.

The Bulldogs will wear the uniforms only once – on primetime in their season opener against Boise State. The Broncos will also wear Nike pro combat uniforms.

Brown, for his part, is ready to make a wholesale change.

"I think they should wear this for the home games... and the all black for blackouts. I like it for the home jersey," he said.

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