Rundown: Injuries, Kwame, (no) Pool & More

ATHENS - A few quick hitters from Georgia's practice Monday.

1. Richard Samuel took part in some drills Monday, but for the most part did not practice.

"He did a little bit of run polish," coach Mark Richt said. "I don't even know if he got to any kind of scout work. He's not ready yet."

2. Marlon Brown did not practice Monday.

"Marlon, I think he tweaked his ankle like one the very last plays of Saturday morning's practice," Richt said. "Ron (Courson) doesn't think it's anything real serious."

3. At this time, Kwame Geathers appears to be a strong bet to be the starting nose tackle in the season-opener.

"I mean, I expect to come to work every day and try to keep that position," Geathers said. "I mean, every day everybody is coming in and competing. I'm just trying to work and compete for that job and keep that job."

John Jenkins (hamstring) missed practice Monday, but is expected to return in time for the opener. He's been competing with Geathers to be the starter.

"I think Kwame is farther along, just because he understands it better," Richt said. "I would say he's probably in better condition too. John's not—he's not in bad condition. For a 350-pound guy to be able to do the running test that we did, you've got to be in some condition, but football condition is a little bit different. I think there's a mental aspect to it, too, just to fight through a tough practice, to fight through being coached hard to figure out what to do. I think once the smoke clears and he really understands what to do down after down he'll get much better. He has his moments, but he has times when he looks lost. He gets knocked off the ball because of it too."

4. Malcolm Mitchell also missed practice, his third day sitting out since suffering some sort of leg muscle injury.

"Mitchell still had a pulled muscle of some kind," Richt said. "The list of injuries wasn't super long, but I don't have it memorized right now. I kind of go by whether it's real serious or not. I know any day he'll be back, so I'm not concerned about him."

5. Defensive end Derrick Lott (leg laceration) says he's currently "90 percent," but he's no longer missing any practice time.

"Second-team defensive end, right directly behind DeAngelo (Tyson)," Lott said of where he currently stands on the depth chart. "Coming back from the little setback, my leg is stronger now. I'm not 100 percent—not yet. I'm still working hard and making plays."

6. Offensive lineman Dallas Lee has been a pleasant surprise this fall camp. A respiratory condition kept him from practicing in spring, but Lee is now a solid backup at both guard spots and center.

"Dallas has had a great turnaround," Richt said. "Just talking to him, he feels like there was finally a medication that made a difference for him. That kind of turned it around. Just a few different doctors and specialists here and there—I don't even remember the track it went down in terms of finally finding one that worked for him. He's been huffing and puffing in the heat like everybody else, but it's not like anything close to what he was dealing with before. The last time I talked to (offensive line) coach (Will) Friend, he was saying he was the sixth guy right now. He's the puddy man for any guard or center situation."

7. The team practiced in full pads Monday, in what Richt described a "fundamental practice."

"We worked on some third and medium, some one minute offense," Richt said.

8. In all likelihood, the team will not head to the pool at the Ramsey Center this fall camp.

"I doubt we go to Ramsey," Richt said. "This might be the first time that we've gotten all 29 practice opportunities in. We haven't gotten there yet, but we're on track."

9. This discussion brought forth a funny moment when the Banner-Herald's Marc Weiszer jokingly asked Richt:

"Does it say something about your ability to do the high dive anymore?"

"It might have something to do with my physique," Richt answered laughing.

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