Raction: Isaiah, Figgins, Tucker & More

ATHENS – Dawg Post's reaction from the news of the day in Athens.

1. Isaiah Crowell will play in Wednesday's scrimmage, Mark Richt said. Crowell says he's feeling increasingly more comfortable with the offense and pass protection.

Legge's Take: Good. Crowell is special, and he takes football very seriously. Pass protection is something he's going to be doing for the next ten years... it's good that he's picking up on it now. That is an essential part of playing running back at Georgia, and will be in the NFL, too. If Crowell is picking up the offense and the pass protection that's nothing but very good news for Georgia fans.

2. Fullback Bruce Figgins and tailback Carlton Thomas joined the list of injured players Tuesday.

Legge's Take: Another pulled muscle - this time for Figgins... a pattern has developed. Actually isn't not a pattern anymore - it's just a way of life. It's too late for this season, but Georgia needs to revisit this problem as fast as possible in the winter. This many strains and pulls is unacceptable.

3. Receiver Marlon Brown (ankle) and nose tackle John Jenkins (hamstring) missed practice Tuesday, but neither injury should linger into next week.

Legge's Take: See above on Jenkins. Georgia needs Brown to be healthy. The Bulldogs may be solid at receiver, but they are going to be relying on a slew of players who've never really done anything if Brown goes out. Even with Brown they are low on the experience level, but he's a junior. The time has come for Brown to perform, and all indications are that he's improved and taken well to his role. If he's back and ready for the Dome next Saturday that would be a good thing.

4. Some good news on the injury front: receiver Malcolm Mitchell returned to practice Tuesday.

Legge's Take: Dawgs are going to need Mitchell. He's a burner - he has special skills. He's the second-most-talked-about incoming player. Still, he's got no experience, so any time off is not a good thing to be sure.

5. The team will hold the final scrimmage of fall camp Wednesday, simulating a practice game with Boise State.

Legge's Take: Well they won't be playing the Broncos, so that's great talk and everything, but they are playing the second team and the third team - not the same as a top-ten team. Staying healthy is the number one goal. Running Crowell a few times is probably all he needs at this about this point. At this point (without a pool day thus far) it's OK if Georgia doesn't beat its head into the ground during the scrimmage. Get out of the thing healthy. Losing a starter on either side of the ball could ruin the season.

6. Running back Richard Samuel (quad) is doubtful for Wednesday's scrimmage. But, according to Richt, Samuel is progressing well and receiving more reps in practice.

Legge's Take: UGH! See above. Georgia needs Samuel to be healthy. Crowell is a star - trust me... he's a star - but he can't do it all the entire season.

7. Both Christian LeMay and Michael Tamburo are playing the part of Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore. Tamburo, who transferred from Boise State this offseason, is left-handed—just like Moore—and knows the Broncos' offense well.

Legge's Take: This is probably good news. Tamburo's "expertise" on the Broncos' offensive system would have been even better if their offensive coordinator from last year wasn't the offensive coordinator at Texas right now.

8. Speaking of Mason, he was proud that his high school alma mater, Lassiter, beat No. 1 ranked Brookwood last Saturday.

Legge's Take: Well it's not like they beat Tucker... good for Lassiter... move along.

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