The Dawg Post Mailbag

ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's news, notes and somewhat relavant rambling.

It's strange; when I think back to younger days I'm often flooded with boring days spent at the recreation beach in my hometown.

There was a small group of my friends that spent entirely too much time hanging at the spot in the summer—we started going as young as third grade and stayed with it deep into our college years. It began as a decent place for our parents to safely get rid of us for an entire day...and turned into something we looked forward to.

There was no flash about this place. We played Frisbee on sand that had seen whiter days. We swam in water that sometimes had rocks and red clay at the bottom. And there was the occasional snake that would join us.

When we were younger, we use to swim out to the large plastic pipe that signaled the end our lap. "GET OFFFF THE BOOOOO-EEEEEE" the lifeguard would scream. We got a kick out of that.

The concession stand was an old building built in the 1970s. Maybe even earlier, actually. There might have been four drink selections. Candy was bountiful at the end of May. By July, a PayDay was about your only choice.

There was no flash. There was no sizzle. But that was our damn beach and we loved the place.

The summer before my last year of college, the county commissioner took to "improving" the place. He wanted an area families could go for an entire day…a place for cookouts and birthday parties.

By that time, I was working as a day camp counselor with three of my friends. The rest of my buddies worked as lifeguards, so we were always at the beach.

And we got to witness the changes.

A new pavilion was put in. Lifeguard stands near the water replaced our old method of setting up lounge chairs and falling asleep. A modern-themed playground was shipped in and assembled. Sand by truckloads was dumped in for us to rake.

The beach as we knew and loved it was gone. People started invading the place. We lost our Frisbee turf to women slopping sunscreen on their kids. Seriously, on a good day before the changes took place, I bet you might see 20 to 30 people show up. That number tripled.

I was thinking about the "old" beach the other day. I haven't been back to that place since the August of 2009. Think about that…Joe Cox was quarterback, I was still in college and the beach was still ours and still fun. I drove by there twice this summer. The place looked great and there were a ton of people out having fun.

I know I've grown up, changed too and live two hours away. I probably wouldn't hang out there now, even without the changes. But it's not the beach I grew up with. It's not the place I hung out at. Sure, it's nice. And clean. And new. And an attraction.

Still, I don't like it.

With that perspective in mind (traditional to new age), I asked you guys to tell me what you thought about UGA's new uniforms. Gone are the silver britches, red helmets and traditional style. But at least you only have to suffer through one game. I'll never fight through another melting PayDay in the hot July heat again.

And that stinks.

With all that said...ladies and gentlemen you already know what it is...let's get it poppin'.

Dean Legge says: "Do you like the Pro Combat uniforms? Why?" Oh boy.

I know, I know…We'll see where this goes. We already know how you feel about the whole ordeal.

jca239 asks: Okay, you opened the can of worms with the "combat uniforms comment" so, I'll bite. I can handle everything except the helmets okay.I would prefer silver britches, but I am even okay with the red ones. So, here's my question - How much input does the UGA staff have with Nike concerning the design of these or any other uniform the team wears?

I'd argue that the staff has little to no input in what the team wears. I'd imagine the coaching staff could say they don't like a certain aspect of a jersey…but I doubt they come up with any actual designs.

I couldn't see Mike Bobo and Will Friend debating over which accent color the leg stripe should be. Just doesn't seem to be something they give a damn about.

Does Nike pitch them to UGA for approval or does UGA go to Nike with a design?

I think Nike pitches the uniform…but I don't think Mark Richt really sits down and weighs the pros and cons. Believe me, anything that goes on in Athens is subjected to the approval of the Georgia football program—I just don't think Richt or any other coaches care that much.

Still love ya, still mean it.

Still typing…still halfway mean most of it...

NCBulldawg says: New uniforms suck in my opinion. I am not hard nosed on tradition as some and I like a little edge, but I wonder why folks have to mess with a time honored thing like , "The G helmet" or the "silver britches"

I just think back to the quote from Richt where some unknown kid said, "I can't wait to wear the silver britches" and in his first game he gets the Red Nike moon suit.

I just think the suit looks more hip-hop flash than classic. And, we all know classic never goes out of style.

We talk about branding and then mess with it. However, I am truly ok if this if it's just a one off thing to try it and make a splash which is what it seems to be!

A few points to make here:

You come right out and make your opinion known in the first sentence. You then back off and ackowledge the other side of the argument, while tempering how much you agree with that point of view. Well done. That's the textbook way to introduce an argument, cover the bases and then get down to business.

The G and silver britches are time honored…indeed.

Good use of a quote from Richt…he did say that. And calling the jersey's a moon suit is original, as far as anything I've seen.

You then say the uniforms are more Wiz Khalifa than Frank Sinatra…more Katy Perry than Grace Kelly.

You then end your argument by saying you're OK with this move as long as it's for just one game…authoritative with a touch of reason.

All in all, I think you covered it.

BigBandMan Fletch ( and Dean if he happens thru ) --- Let's play a game of Agree/Disagree on some of my thoughts and Crystal Ball visions.

Oooh…sounds fun.

1) The combat unis can be described in 2 words, UGH LEY.

DISAGREE…Georgia they certainly are not…but I don't think they're ugly.

2) We should be favored in 10 of 12 regular season games and small underdogs against Boise and S. Carolina.

DISAGREE…Between going to Knoxville (where Tennessee has taken the last two games 80-something to 30-something) and a 2-8 record against Florida under Richt; I could see another game Georgia isn't favored in. Of course, this all depends on how the season plays out. But I think Georgia will be favored in at least eight of its 12 regular season games (which is about right).

We're 0-2 right now BBMan…let's see what else you've got.

3) CMR deserves a 2 year extension if we go at least 10-2, win the SEC East, and beat Florida. He deserves a 1-year extension if we do 2 of those 3 things. He needs to be replaced for anything less than 9-3.

AGREE…I think. If Richt wins the East, he'll be rewarded with as many years as he so chooses.

I hate to put a solid win number on a man's livelihood, but anything less than nine wins places Richt directly in the path of dismissal. Less than eight, and I'm probably covering a coaching search in December/January.

4) We have had 3 straight under achieving seasons with each season being worse than the last. Crystal Ball says 1) We go 9-3; winning games and point spreads against Boise, Florida, and Techies; losing games and point spreads against S. Carolina, Tennessee, and Auburn.

I'll reveal more of my projections next week…but as of right now, I like how you've picked a win over Boise and not against South Carolina. If Georgia is 1-1 after the first two weeks, I thinks that's the way it will have played out.

I could see Georgia tripping up in Knoxville, but I don't see a loss to Auburn at home at this time. I think a long ride from Jacksonville is more likely.

2) We win our Bowl Game.

I'll go along with that.

3) Alabama defeats S. Carolina for the SEC Championship.

AGREE…I initially had LSU taking the crown, but there is too much turmoil going on over there right now for me to remain confident. I'm kicking that pick to the curb. I like Alabama to win the conference.

4) CMR returns next year with no extension, and that season determines his future at UGA.

DISAGREE…I think this season determines his fate as the coach of the Georgia Bulldogs. So does the big man upstairs…No, not him. I'm talking about Dean. His office is above mine in the Dawg Post headquarters.

4) CMR is retained in another position within the Athletic Department if he is replaced as head coach ( This came to me after my 4th Party Beverage).

I thought this was going to be fun…toward the end, these questions got real! And now that you mention it, I think you bring up a good idea here. No matter what happens, I don't see Richt coaching anywhere else. And I'm not sure he'll live anywhere else.

A lot of his family now resides in Athens and Richt calls Athens/Georgia his home. I could see him doing some religious work abroad and when he does return stateside, I think Athens is the place he'll be heading for.

I could see him occupying an office on campus when his coaching days are up.

RenegadeDawg asks: My 5 year old with only a red, silver, and black crayon in his toy box could design better...

Lazy and just sloppy with no regard for tradition at even a tangential level

I take it you don't like the new uniforms…although, after your first sentence I was beginning to think your 5-year-old's coloring ability was something epic.

blackbulldawg says: My response to your question is a lot of people are complaining but yet none of them are wearing the jersey. The only people it should matter to is the players not even the coaching staff because they aren't wearing it either. The unis aren't bad but they aren't great but hell if we knock them on there ass in the game no one will even care.

Well said…can't argue with a thing here…

Now that I got that off my chest here are my questions

1.When do you think JJ will be ready to go the guy hasn't been there long at it already feels like he has missed more practice then he has participated in?

He should be ready to practice by Monday. Either way, he'll be playing in the Dome.

None of the injuries that are currently keeping players down (Marlon, Figgins, Cornbread, Malcolm Mitchell, etc) will result in missing the opener. That's not just me…Richt said it.

2.What is your opinion on the Uni's?

A couple quick hitters on my opinion of the Pro Combats:

1. I don't think they're ugly. (ducking)

2. I expected more…of something. More craziness, more detail, more colors…I dunno. Just more something.

3. I like Boise's better. (ducking).

4. I liked the black uniforms (from 07 & 08) and the black pants (from 09). I didn't like the black helmets. For what it's worth.

5. My favorite Georgia jersey of all time is the 1970s away version—white with red stripes on the sleeves. I believe these carried on into the 80s (at least the style I prefer).

6. I like traditional things—dinner at my grandma's, Don Henley, Animal House, hot dogs, etc…but I also think that just because my great-grandfather washed his shirt in a river doesn't mean I should resent the fact that I push a button on a washing machine.

I'm not going to pull a Legge and say if you don't like the uniforms you should shut up and go back to your miserable lives.

If you don't like something, you don't like it. And you don't have to give a reason for not liking it.

I'm sure some people were pissed when Dooley introduced the red helmets in the 1960s…but again this is for one game.

3.Who wins the BSU game?

I've put a lot of thought into this…and at the moment I'm taking the safe bet. Nike will win the game. Already has in my book.

4.Now that your sack, in my best Deion voice, has gone "PRIME TIME" on Mondays do you think you have finally arrived on the red carpet?

It did feel good to have Dean requesting when my Sack would run…but I feel most comfortable releasing it late Thursday and letting it run into the weekend for those who want a break from the everyday grind and serious talk.

Thanks Fletch(PRIMETIME)Page for all you do

That has a nice ring to it! Thanks for playing along.

gadawgs98021 says: I don't care what they wear. I actually like them. But the clothes don't' make the man or the team. I understand its not traditional but its one game. Stand behind our players and support them. I agree with Al Davis. JUST WIN BABY WIN.

Can't argue with Al Davis on that one…I'm sure he scares little children or may in fact be dead, but he was right on with that statement.

1. Whats the deal with rambo?

He's been the unsolved mystery of fall camp—Robert Stack in a beige trench coat as I now call him.

I don't think Rambo has necessarily lost his starting job…I think there is something else going on. I hate to tease things (you guys know I'm usually pretty candid on these matters…i.e., Ealey, Washaun, Downtin, Marcus, etc).

I have a feeling some news may be on the horizon in this case. And please, keep this off the message board. What's read in the Sack, stays in your brain.

2. I see drew, morant, and samuel is back but, will they be ready for the opener? Will JJ be ready also?

All players listed as injured will play—outside of Dexter Morant. I'm not sure when he'll play or if he'll play this season.

This first game i believe is more than just a game for us. It's a statement game. IMO

I agree with you…I understand that the game doesn't mean anything in terms of conference standings or ultimate rivalries.

But..or…BUT…Let's say you just signed up for a 12-week fishing tournament extravaganza.

I'm talking 12 weekends…12 lakes…you and 11 of your best buddies and/or frenemies (friends who you want to beat into submission and brag about killing in a fishing tournament but would still send a Christmas card).

Anyway, in last year's fishing league, you finished in eighth place, disappointing considering you've won the whole damn thing two out of the last eight years.

I know, I know…I hear your excuses. You didn't have your best rod the first four tournaments. And you were breaking in a new boat, which surprisingly didn't cause many problems. And it was the first year you had with a new baiting tactic…I get all that. But in the end, you are what your record says you are.

So…the week before the big kickoff tournament, you and a friend (that now lives across the country and you haven't seen in six years but has gotten really good at fishing because of expert execution and the lack of competition in his fishing circuit) decide to have a little fish-off to get back into the grove of things.

Keep in mind…you beat down this friend on Lake Oconee in 2005. Now you two have decided to fish on Allatoona—neutral waters, if you will.

Does the outcome of this fish-off matter in your league standings? No. Do you want to win this fish-off? Hell yeah.

Why? To prove you can still catch big fish. That your boat is something to be reckoned with out on national waters. That your friend may win tons of tournaments in the WAC fishing league, but this is a different element.

And because you need to prove to yourself that you can.

In case you were wondering, yes I did compare A.J. Green to a fishing rod. And Aaron Murray was the boat.

I've got the urge to buy a tackle box. Let's move on.

3. Has you or Dean heard from Alltel? I hope everything is ok.

I haven't heard from AlltelDawg about his son. We're keeping Mason in our thoughts.

Thanks for all you do.. GO DAWGS

Thanks for the questions…

DickVanDawg asks: Haven't heard much about Damian Swann, does he see the field other than special teams?

Swann has been the most impressive freshman at cornerback. He and Chris Sanders are both going to play this season, but I think Swann gets more run than the Tucker grad.

I don't know how much Swann will play on defense, but he's right there knocking on the door. He's behind Boykin, Commings, Smith and Love. But I don't think there is any hesitation to put Swann out there if needed.

hpdog asks: Fletch; what have you seen or heard about T.J. Stripling's Fall Camp ? Can he be a player this year IYO?

Stripling has worked more in fall camp than I thought he would…he's still not quite 100 percent, and I'm told he's still a step or two away from having that speed/burst/athleticism he had coming out of high school. He needs more time to fully get back where he was.

He'll be a player this year—to what extent is unknown. He'll play because there aren't many bodies at OLB.

gadawgluver asks: I like the uniforms for one big game since the kids seems pumped ....motivate them anyway you can, just motivate...I was in Fl when we did the celebration. The entire stadium and team for UGA change for the entire game. An awful lot of it is between the ears.

"Everybody has a thought during the week, something that might jumpstart your team. The best thing about what Mark (Richt) did was his team backed everything up."

Houston Nutt said that shortly after the 2007 celebration game against Florida. That point rings true—it doesn't matter what you do (or what your wear) as long as you back it up.

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: I can't say that I am a fan (of the uniforms). The only part I like about them is that the players like them, and I hope that recruits like them as well. The jerseys need some division between the two reds (pants and jersey). They could have made the belt area black to divide the unitard look. The red stripe on the helmet is entirely too large. The pants couldn't be more boring.

Like I said…they need more…of something. I just can't tell you what that something is.

1. Fletch, what are your thoughts on Dean letting loose and proclaiming Isaiah as the best RB at Georgia since Herschel?

If Dean were a flavor, he'd be Dale's steak seasoning.

Excellent in small doses, but can ruin a good meal if applied too heavily.

Sometimes Dean makes good points—other times I don't care. Sometimes he says things that can't physically be measured. It's his website and message board…I'm just posting on it.

2. It seems that you and Dean have been surprised that Shawn Williams has been playing with the ones this fall. Is it because Rambo is not the one starting or because Williams IS starting?

Probably a little bit of both. I didn't think Williams was a terrible player last season…and I didn't think Rambo was great or anything either.

But something fishy is going on at safety. #imjustsayin'.

3. Any update on how Figgins has looked at FB?

Figgins has done fine (minues the little hamstring strain setback).

Of what I've seen, he looks good in pass blocking. Bobo and Richt have talked about the adjustments Figgins had to make in run blocking (getting downhill and the physical nature of taking on defenders after a five or six step sprint), but he seems to be doing well.

4. What do you think of the NFL placing a suspension on Pryor for 5 games? (Also, I am not surprised that the Raiders picked him in the supplemental draft.)

I figured the Raiders would pick him up. For a bit of perspective, Ryan Mallett was a third round pick in this year's draft. The Raiders are telling me with that pick that they think Pryor is just as a good as Mallett? Surely they don't. But Al Davis is decrepit and most likely already dead.

Wow…two Al Davis corpse jokes in one Mailbag! We're setting records every week, folks.

As for the suspension, I agree with it. I know Roger Goodell can sometimes seem to be overstepping his boundaries—at times he appears to be a dictator. But I agree with him in this instance—Pryor fled Ohio State because he was A. suspended for five games, and B. most likely going to be suspended even further.

It's not right to run your way out of town only to be rewarded with a professional contract and a chance to play right away. There is no lesson learned in that…when you steal a bag of pork rinds at a Piggly Wiggly in the state of Georgia, you can't just move to Alabama and start buying pork rinds right away.

No, you still have to face the punishment, regardless of where you are.

5. Any idea who the front 7 will be while in nickel packages?

Oh man…you just had to ask me about that nickel package, didn't you? It's elusive, you know, learning about the ins and outs of the sub package.

Here's what I think…what I THINK…

The coaching staff has been trying to bring Kwame along in the nickel. I'm not sure if he's there yet…so, if he's not available, I think the front line could be any two of Tyson, Jones, Lott or Smith. But most likely, I think Tyson and Jones would stay on the field. Jordan Love checks in for Kwame and the team is off and running.

So it's not all that different, but the look does change the speed and cover ability on the field.

Only one more football-less Saturday!

Exciting times, my friend.

RyanJordan asks: 1) What are the black bones for?

Number of Mortal Kombat Fatalities moves used in the locker room arcade.

2) What time is the Dawgwalk?

This may be just me…but isn't it almost always two-and-a-half or two hours before the game?

(I just wanted to go ahead and get those 2 out of the way before we have to hear them 50 times come Fall)

I got you. As long as you haven't been to the copy machine lately.

jnc88 asks: 1. even though he's been hurt and in green jersey, do you think RS gets the nod over IC to start and get most of the carries simpy b/c he's had more years in the system?

I'm not sure who will start, but Isaiah will get the most carries (as long as the game is close and competitive).

2. Are CMR and CMB "holding back" the playbook with IC much like they did with AM?

I would say they're bringing Isaiah along at his own pace, but it's different than what a quarterback has to go through.

Aaron pretty much has to know what all 22 players on the field are doing on every single play if he's to be successful. "Holding back" the playbook with him meant only using one side of the field on certain plays or only having one read to make (A.J.!) before dumping the ball off or looking to scramble.

With Isaiah, if he's running the ball, then he's running the ball. On pass plays, he needs to know if he's in pass pro or releasing to become a target, staying in to block for the duration of the play, who to block, how many checks he has to make before he releases, etc. It sounds like a lot to comprehend and read, and it is. But he has an advantage in that everything is confined to his realm…and he has Aaron standing nearby telling him what to do.

I don't think Isaiah necessarily limits what the coaches can call. It's just another thing Aaron must check off his list before the ball is snapped.

3. If Warner Robins wins the LLWS do you think the Braves would consider having them throw out the "first pitches"--all of the team at one time to Braves players?

That's a good idea…and win or lose, I think they should have them throw out a first pitch anyway. If you make it far enough to be televised on ESPN, you should be able to throw out a first pitch at a Braves game.

PIGGSKIN asks: I have a burning question! I was on Boise State's board, and they were talking about how they are not concerned about our big DL. They said they run so much hurry up offense, that our big uglies will be cramped up, and gasping-b/c they wont let us substitute, and they will be going off on us. That has me kind of concerned.

The college rules installed the past decade or so have really hurt the hurry up's effectiveness. This is still a good observation and good point.

The best answer Georgia can provide here is to get off the field on third down. The hurry up is rendered road kill if you get stops…any offense is. If Boise is moving the football and getting first downs, the hurry up would be concerning, but probably wouldn't be the biggest problem.

If the hurry-up does play a major role, you could always take the easy way out and blame Joe T.

When we have these significant out of conference games-t'would be swell of you guys to educate us on the opponent (and if you do windows too, that's a bonus) -Do they run that much hurry up offense? Of course, over here-I never watch any of their games.
-Can we get any kind of scouting report on them from you guys? I am just not very familiar.
-Do they do crazy shifting like Stanford was doing(had a small man-crush on their OC, whoever he is-but I'm over it)?

As it just so happens…I'm planning on releasing five or six keys for each game in the days leading up to each Saturday. Should be exciting…and informative. Be on the lookout.

Thanks for the 411.

You got it.

albdawg asks: What kind of contracts do these undrafted NFL free agent rookies sign ala Caleb?

I'm probably not going to get all these details exactly right…but I'll damn sure give it a shot.

Caleb signed with the Vikings Tuesday morning…most all UDFA's agree to a one-year, league minimum of $405,000. This was pre-lockout, so I'm not sure if the numbers have changed.

The catch is, the player has to make the 53-man roster (or whatever it is post-lockout) to earn that money. If he's not on the active roster, then he could still get paid by being on the practice squad (which pays anywhere from 80 to 100K).

And just because you're on the 53-man one week and getting paid, doesn't lock you in. You can be bounced back and forth, and you get paid depending on where you currently stand.

It sets up rather well for both sides—players that didn't get drafted can work their way up (although it is an uphill battle). And the teams can luck up and find an undrafted guy like LaGarrette Blount, who rushed for 1,007 yards and six touchdowns for the Bucs last season. He was paid a measly 405K and outrushed Frank Gore (who was paid 1.85 mill) by 200 yards.

That, my friends, is called a bargain.

Who is working with 2nd team at OT?

Currently, Watts Dantzler and Austin Long are your No. 2 OTs. But in the event Glenn or Bean can't go, Gates would slide over to tackle and either Lee or Houston would play guard.

Comforting, I know.

I love the outfits, I mean uniforms. I hope UGA didn't have any input. Thanks for the information.


BlackDeathD says: As well coached as Boise is, IS there a limit to what they can do? If UGA walks out there, and plays like an SEC team plays, and we see UGA's OL and DL dominate. We see Murray take that next step as one of the best if not the best in the SEC, we see 6-0 191 lbs Kelin Moore feel the heat from the UGA D, we see the Georgia Dome rock with the red and black, could Coach P save them?

I do think there is the possibility Boise State can out-execute Georgia. There is always the potential for one team to "out coach" the other…in every game played in every sport.

But Boise has shown the ability over the years to come into big games well prepared and execute opponents from the big conferences into submission.

In 2005, you saw a well-coached Boise team come to Athens and get spanked because that program wasn't quite ready to play with an SEC Champion.

Six years later, Boise's got some athletes (referenced by players getting drafted in the first three rounds of the NFL draft). The Broncos have a good defensive line. They have good players at skill positions.

That program is seeing the benefit of both sides of the coaching versus talent debate. The answer to that question is…both. Boise has long since established its execution and discipline (coaching). It's now also hitting it's stride in terms of players being drafted, players in the discussion for winning awards, etc (talent).

If Georgia does what you say—the lines dominate and Murray takes the next step, then yes the Bulldogs should win. But that's true for every game Georgia plays.

IS this team any better than the LSU teams, or UF teams, or Bama teams, or SCU teams we have played over the years??Boise fans act like we have never played anything like what they have right now. To me Boise is a pre-test before we play in the SEC again.

I don't think Boise could have beaten Florida in 2006 or 2008. Or Alabama in 2009. Until the Broncos beat a top-notch SEC opponent, I'll continue to say they'd struggle in the conference. They would anyway. Any team can beat any other team on any given night…but the conference grind is a different cliché.

If you were a Boise fan, you'd probably crow too. The team keeps beating everybody that's put in front of it. It's won BCS Bowl games against legit comp. I mean, it's not their fault they're in Idaho and will never be invited into a major conference.

It's not because other schools are scared. It's because there is no market (money) to be had up there.

Give credit though, the Broncos played Virginia Tech in Maryland. They played Oregon. They scheduled Georgia in a game to be played in Atlanta.

Boise is doing all it can do.

14dawgs47 asks: Friday nights whos your state picks for each class.

5A: Lowndes
4A: Kell (darkhorse pick so you guys can't call me a frontrunner).
3A: Sandy Creek.
2A: Buford
1A: Eagles Landing Christian Academy

Are there any updates on Cordarrella Patterson, and Alex Taylor.

Man, 14d47, you sure like to pepper me with the JUCO questions. Not that I'm complaining…just making an observation.

Last I heard, Patterson was fairly wide open and was hearing from a lot of high level schools (Oklahoma, Georgia, Tennessee, Auburn, etc). He's going to take all of his visits.

And on Alex Taylor—I assume you're talking about the 2012 receiver from Lester, Ala.?

He's a little bit out of my scope…but I'm not sure how much of a chance Georgia stands. Could be in the mix, but I've never seen or spoken to the kid.

What Georgia schools will be playing national games this year on TV. (High schools)

I know Camden County is playing in the Kirk Herbstreit Classic in Ohio on Labor Day Weekend.

Also, Buford and Yulee play Sept. 9 and it's supposed to be on one of the ESPN channels. I'm not sure if it's the U or ESPN2.

That's all I've got on that front.

aname asks: Shaq Goodwin update? Robert Carter update?

Both are narrowing down the choices and still considering Georgia. I think Shaq is closer to committing (and the better bet to become a Bulldog).

Why does UGA love to charge students at random times for things that they thought they paid off months ago.

Tell me about it…I still owe $80 in parking tickets from two years ago. Wait…you said things you thought were paid off…Yeah, I'm kinda dragging mine out…

We have heard about Kwame. We have heard about Jenkins. We have even heard of Tyson a bit at nose. What about Michael Thornton. I've heard he has gotten some reps. Has he added a crap load of weight? Will he ever play NT here, or will he move to DE?

He's kind of buried right now…and honestly, I haven't seen him come up for interviews in quite some time. He is not repping at defensive end at this time, so for now, he's soley a nose tacke.

Can you confirm anything about where the away team's band is moving.

I can't...I could find this out for you…but wouldn't you rather it be a surprise?

Is there more hippie people than usual in Athens or am i imagining things? I definitely feel a little overwhelmed.

I think the ratios may fluctuate from time to time, but there is usually a good mix of all kinds in Athens…

AJC in a report just mentioned that Nick Marshall was a 4 star bball recruit in hs. Who had him at that? All i can find is football except for ESPN who rated NM at a 2 star for bball.

Nobody had Nick rated as a four-star in basketball (though he was quite good). That had to be a typo, which do happen from time-to-tyme.

When is the next scrimmage?

The next scrimmage is Sept. 3 against Boise State. The team should be ready for the SEC after that.

What will our record be?

Nice try…I've still got one more week to dodge these questions…I may turn next week's Mailbag into a prediction frenzy.

Any word on any expected Athetic Department building projects?

Besides the full indoor facility to be constructed by the softball complex on South Milledge? I'm kidding, but don't you wish I wasn't?

There are 2 theories about how physics work. The whole einstein gravitational movement for large effects (which is predicted) and then there's another theory about quantam **** i don't understand that says everything at a small level is completely unpredictable. Which theory is applicable to college sports? Anyway.

Everything at a small level being unpredictable does not apply to college athletics—Nick Saban has proven that theory wrong.

Here's how this whole thing works, as it relates to college football.

Think of gravity as success. In college football, the closer you are to the ground, the better you are doing. Alabama in 2009 was completely on the ground. If you're floating around in the football landscape, something isn't right. Hang with me…

Newton's law of gravity can be described as the curvature of space and time…

Space is recruiting…time is player development.

The combination of space and time is R.

There are other variables in play here…(M)ass=strength and conditioning. (G)ravitational constant=coaching staff. (r)Radius of the Earth=strength of schedule. (c)the speed of light=good publicity. Velocity=uniform modifications.

R (space and time) is influenced by all other variables. Here's the formula:


If you're Alabama, you're planted firmly on the ground. If you're Georgia at the present moment, you're hovering somewhere above the canopy. And if you're Vanderbilt, you're somewhere in the stratosphere.

Good luck figuring out anything of what I just said.

dunkaroos8 asks: 1) I know your working and taking notes during the game but how many beers do you pound before the game starts? The game isn't the same without a few brews in your system.

While I tend to agree with you, I no longer work for the student newspaper. So my days of double fisting on the way to the stadium press box are long gone. I even tuck my shirt in these days. Sometimes.

Besides, Dean likes to get to all the games at around 10 in the morning…and I refuse to drink a beer before 11:30 a.m.

2) if you could pick one song to pump the players up before they take the field what would it be?

A few options here:

New school (Pro Combat): Anything Wiz Khlalifa.
Old School (Bill Bates): Survivor's Burning Heart.
In-between (Garrison Hearst): Pantera: Respect.
Time-tested Go-To (Larry Munson): Anything Metallica.
Southern Sound (Ben Jones): Anything with 38 Special.
Or the Mark Richt Special: Phil Collins' In the Air Tonight.

And while you wait for the drums on that one, I'm hitting the back door.

Turn out the lights boys, the party's over…We outta here baby…Thank y'all for coming.

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