The Dawg Post Fantasy League

There's no trophy (yet), but compete in the Dawg Post Fantasy Football League for more than bragging rights.

The NFL lockout threatened our lives as we love and know them. If the players and owners hadn't come to an agreement this summer, gone would have been America's favorite professional sport. Sunday cookouts wouldn't have had the same feeling. And soccer fans would have cranked up the intensity in the fight to make America as a whole halfway respect the "world's most popular sport."

But worst of all, we would have lost a season of fantasy football (a close winner over missing out on talk of yet another Brett Favre comeback).

So…just for the sake of having a backup plan, I devised a Georgia Bulldogs fantasy idea.

A few things to get out of the way:

- This is only for Dawg Post premium subscribers.
- This is only for fun…and by only for fun, I mean this is extremely serious.
- And most importantly, I've talked Dean into giving the winner a free month added to their subscription.

The NFL lockout ended in time for this season to be saved; thereby giving me another chance to underachieve in the two fantasy football leagues I play in annually.

So to give me a reason to keep living in the fantasy realm, we're going to go with the Plan B too.

Here's how this is going to work…

I'm going to give the instructions/rules here in this story. I'll then link to a post on the message board, where you will give me your picks. I'll keep up with the points and the standings. After the regular season (12 games) a winner will be declared and given a free month added to his/her subscription.

If Georgia gets to the SEC Championship, the winner will square off against myself and Dean in a three-way competition. Defeating Dean adds another extra free month. The same goes for me. A win against both of us, results in an additional free month…so there is a chance to have four free months added to a subscription here (because I feel an incentive-based society creates for the best competition).

Here's the shakedown:
Every person picks 18 players (nine on defense, nine on offense). You will choose 3 defensive linemen, 3 linebackers and 3 defensive backs. 3 offensive linemen, 2 wide receivers and 4 tailbacks/tight ends/fullbacks.

I've left the quarterbacks and kickers out of this because there aren't enough players to pick at those positions.

Here's a sample team:

OL: Ben Jones, Cordy Glenn, Justin Anderson.
TB/TE/FB: Isaiah Crowell, Ken Malcome, Orson Charles, Aron White.
WRs: Marlon Brown, Malcolm Mitchell.
DL: DeAngelo Tyson, John Jenkins, Garrison Smith.
LB: Alec Ogletree, Jarvis Jones, Amarlo Herrera.
DB: Shawn Williams, Brandon Boykin, Jordan Love.

Simple enough? Here's the catch: Any player you pick in Week One is not available for you to pick in Week Two. If you pick Jarvis Jones for the Boise State game, you can't pick him again until Coastal Carolina. This will hopefully bring a little strategy into play, thinking about which backups will play a vital role and using some judgment in picking not only the best players, but mixing in sleepers as well.

Here's the scoring breakdown:


Rushing yard: 0.1 (I do it this way so every yard is accounted for. 10 yards equals 1 point).
Rushing TD: 6
2 pt rushing conversion: 2

Example: Isaiah Crowell rushes for 89 yards and two rushing TDs: 14.9 points.


Receiving yard: 0.1 (Same as above).
Receiving TD: 6
2 pt receiving conversion: 2

Example: Michael Bennett catches 6 passes for 74 yards, but with no TDs: 7.4 points.

Offensive line:

Sack given up: -3
On the field for TD (rush or pass) inside the 20: 3
On the field for a TD outside the 20 (rush or pass): 2

Example: Kenarious Gates was on the field for one rushing TD inside the 20, three passing TD outside the 10, gave up two sacks: 4 points.


Tackles: 1 point for unassisted, 0.5 for assisted.
Sack: 2
Interception: 3
Fumble Recovery: 2
QB Hurry: 1
Pass breakup: 1
Safety: 2
Blocked kick (punt, PAT or field goal): 2
Interception, fumble or blocked kick returned for TD: 6

Example: Abry Jones has 3 unassisted tackles, 4 assisted tackles, 1 sack and a fumble recovery: 9 points.


Every 30 yards in the return game: 1
Special teams TD (kick or punt return): 6
Offensive player recovered fumble for TD: 6
Any fumble lost: -2

Example: Branden Smith has a 61-yard punt TD: 8 points.


The sum of your players points will be your total score for the week. The player with the most points (obviously) wins the week. The player with the most points totaled after all 12 regular season games is the overall winner.

Everybody on the same page? Head HERE to make your picks. And remember, any players selected in Week One will not be available again until Week Three—so this will be a test of balance, skill and probably pure coincidence. The picks thread will be locked AT KICKOFF…so get your picks in early and make changes as necessary up until game time.

Good luck.

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