Grantham Ready for the Challenge

ATHENS – Always one to encourage taking on a challenge, Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham was excited when he first heard Boise State had been scheduled.

Over the course of this offseason, that excitement turned to focus.

Now less than four days away, Grantham has the chance to prove his defense will be better in the second year under his guidance.

And he'll have that chance against one of the premier offenses in the country—something he's been looking forward to for months.

Grantham briefly met with the media Tuesday night to discuss his admiration of the Boise attack, his player's progression and the anticipation of trick plays in the Georgia Dome...

What are your thoughts when you look this Boise State offense?

"This offense is as explosive as any offense that I've seen in a long time. You know, they're a physical team, and they've got some linemen up front that do a good job of finishing blocks. Their left tackle—he's probably a first round pick. They've got a good runner back and another guy that got hurt that's going to be back. Those guys make guys miss. They can go to the house. Their fullback is really physical. Their running game is more physical than I think they get credit for. Then their quarterback is as accurate as anybody I've ever seen. This guy is accurate and knows where to go with the ball and can make what should be a good play for the defense into a positive play for the offense with his smarts, his instincts, his talent. When you look at them, they're really physical. They run an NFL-style passing attack. They get the ball out quick. They know how to run their routes. They're a challenge."

The general perception is your defense will be better because you're entering the second year as the defensive coordinator. With two fall camps under your belt, how do you feel about your unit going into this year?

"I think we're better. I think the guys have done a good job of doing all the things that we ask them to do, from playing the way we want them to play to taking on blocks the way we want them to take them. Just doing everything that we want them to do, as well as learning the system, communicating and matching things that we want them run. I think from a performance standpoint or from a technique standpoint they've improved. From a make-a-habitual-trait-habit standpoint, I think they've improved. I think their knowledge of what we're asking to them to do has improved to, so I think all of that's been good. I think we just have to go play."

How did you feel when you realized Boise State was going to be the season opener?

"I was kind of excited because you hear a lot about their offense because of the success they have. It is a unique offense. They do a good job with the personnel they've got. You know, I like challenges and our defense likes challenges. We've obviously got a huge chance to see where we are. It also gives us a chance to prepare in the offseason, not only for this game, but the season—really, this is a big game, but it's one game of many to come and you've got to build on it and get ready after it's over with for more people to come through. You've got other games after that, so you've got to take them one at a time."

How much time did you spend on Boise's trick plays?

"Any time you play someone you rep the things that they've done, and you have to be aware of that with any offense you play. There's no way of knowing when they're going to come. You have concepts; you have rules, and you just have to apply those and be disciplined in your approach."

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