The Dawg Post Mailbag

ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's news, notes and somewhat relavant rambling.

How many mulligans can we take?

That's what I'm usually thinking as I walk up to the first tee box on the golf course. I'm out of practice and not good to begin with—so I'm looking for any break I can get.

Really, searching for a mulligan doesn't apply to making college football predictions—because usually nobody remembers what you said anyway. Picking games, champions, rushing leaders—after the first kickoff, people tend to forget what you said last…and look forward to what you'll forecast next. That's good for the picker…but I'll drudge up a few shots I hit last August anyway.

I thought Aaron Murray would have a so-so first season as the starter. You know, sometimes hot, sometimes cold. Result – off in the deep rough, second shot not playable to the green.

Murray was better than anyone could have imagined (perhaps even Murray himself) finishing with over 3,000 yards passing, 24 touchdowns and eight picks.

I wouldn't waste my mulligan with this shot though, knowing I'm probably going to need it later in the round.

I was sure Kris Durham was going to have a solid year playing the steady veteran card to A.J. Green's superhero role. Result – approach shot landing three feet from the pin. This helped erase the bad vibe the Murray shot created in my wobbly confidence.

Durham finished with 659 yards and an average of 20.6 yards per catch. Made some clutch plays too.

I just knew the offensive line would dominate. Boling, Jones, Glenn, etc, returning off a good finish in 2009, plenty of depth. Result – taking a drop after splashing in the lake off the right side of the fairway. Dropped two hitting three and put it back in the water. Drop three hitting four, missed the water, clipped a tree, landed in sand trap. Wiffed first shot in the sand…picked ball up, threw it across green. Somebody else can have that mess. Where's the beer? Wrote down an eight (double par is all you can write down anyway, right?).

The line call didn't work out. I'm fuming now, but there's still a long way to go.

I thought Florida was vulnerable and South Carolina would lose a game or two it shouldn't have. The East, I figured, would be a free-for-all, with three teams finding new ways to erase their chances to win. Result – I put this driver right down the fairway. A chance to get to the green in two for a potential eagle putt.

Florida stunk thanks to John Brantley's keen ability to poop himself when teams blitzed. South Carolina lost to Auburn, Kentucky and Arkansas after beating Georgia in Columbia, which helped breath life into the Bulldogs chances.

So what did I do what that eagle putt? I predicted Georgia would win the East. Result – misread the putt, pushed it 12 feet past the cup. Rushed the birdie putt, watched it lip off to the right. Tapped in for par, as my buddies cracked a beer for me as I walked slowly back to the cart. Stopped twice to gaze back at the green. Still can't figure it out. But did drink another beer.

I projected A.J. Green would set at least 10 school records (career and single season). Result – I was playing this hole without my trusty pitching wedge (left in a tree a few holes back). I had no way of making good with this shot because I had no way of knowing A.J. would miss four games, potentially costing him a couple bottles worth of ink in future Georgia media guides. I did go back and get my pitching wedge though. I'm ready now.

I said Georgia would lose to Colorado. Result – greenie with a 7-iron, tap in for birdie. The travel, the already dismal start—that was an easy shot.

I could go on all night with things I've predicted. The point is…you hit some good shots, you drink some bad ones…I mean, hit some bad ones.

What's the lesson learned here? I dunno. But how about another round of Prediction Golf? This time, let's play a full 18 and see how it works out. Don't forget to bring a pencil (with an eraser) and enough beer for the both of us.

The course: Comprised of Par 3s (low risk guesses), Par 4s (nothing too crazy, but calls that can come back to bite us), Par 5s (high risk, high reward). Let's tee it up…and hey, how many mulligens did you say we could take?

Hole 1, Par 4: I'm aggressive off the first tee box. I'm taking Georgia to beat Boise State in the Dome 37-21. Hey, I have a 50-50 chance of being right to begin with…Boise is making a long trip to Atlanta, Georgia will hold the crowd advantage, should be more physical and the defense does well getting pressure early.

Hole 2, Par 4: I take a chance here by being conservative. If that makes sense. The Green Bay Packers repeat as Super Bowl Champions.

Hole 3, Par 3: Right at the flag. Alabama wins the SEC.

Hole 4, Par 5: Abry Jones leads Georgia in sacks with 11.

Hole 5, Par 4: A deceptively slow green here can break your heart and leave you wondering why you keep coming back. Justin Beiber dumps Selena Gomez… meanwhile; Ronnie and Sammy break up, get back together, yell at each other, break up, have sex, yell some more and then get married.

Hole 6, Par 4: I'm not really focused on this lazy dogleg. Florida State beats Virginia Tech for the ACC crown. Yawn.

Hole 7, Par 3: Put some spin on this baby. Draw it back to the hole. Isaiah Crowell rushes for more than 1,150 yards.

Hole 8, Par 5: I get greedy looking to make something happen. Aaron Murray throws more than eight interceptions on the season.

Hole 9, Par 4: The group in front of us is playing way too damn slow. I take a driver and try to blast the green while their finishing up on the dance floor. Sanders Commings will have the most memorable hit of the season.

At the turn…

Hole 10, Par 4: I've steadily gained confidence on this hole. Ready to say as much. Oregon's LaMichael James wins the Heisman after rushing for 1,650 yards and 23 touchdowns.

Hole 11, Par 5: I've never proven myself worthy here. I have the big driver needed to clear the fairway bunkers. My short game has held me back though. Marlon Brown leads the team in receiving touchdowns this season.

Hole 12, Par 4: Drive heading into the woods. Kicks out for a hey, look what found moment. Wisconsin wins the Big 10…or Big however-many-teams-you-have.

Hole 13, Par 3: Just pick the club that makes the most sense. Alec Ogletree leads the team in tackles this season.

Hole 14, Par 4: Not much in the way of hitting the green in regulation here. Oregon dominates the competition in the Pac-12 after beating LSU in the season opener.

Hole 15, Par 4: The beer cart girl always comes by after this hole, so I really don't care what happens here. South Florida, West Virginia and Louisville tie for the Big East crown. I hear basketball practice starts in October.

Hole 16, Par 3: Don't let the bunkers around the green distract you. Orson Charles will lead the team in receptions this season.

Hole 17, Par 4: Bittersweet hole here. I par it, but missed a short putt that could have given me the bird. Oklahoma wins the Big 12…or Big however-many-teams-you-have. A loss to Florida State Sept. 17 keeps the Sooners out of the National title game.

Hole 18, Par 5: Grip it and rip it. Alabama beats Oregon to win the National Title. Alabama's effort won't be flashy; pounding the rock on offense and playing stout defensively. Trent Richardson scores three rushing touchdowns, winning MVP honors.

Back in the parking lot and taking off my spikes. I don't want to look at my card until I get home (in January).

We may not have shot a low score…but we drank a lot a beer and had a damn good time. We'll do it again.

With all that said… Ladies and gentlemen, you already know what it is… Let's get it poppin'.

BlackDeathD says: Ok Fletcher it is crunch time. What are your five keys to a UGA win in the Dome this weekend?

Here's a few points:

- Have to get pressure on Kellen Moore, and the best bet will be to target the center (Thomas Bird, 5-11, 290) and the right guard (Charles Leno, SOPH, 6-3, 275). LT Nate Potter is an absolute beast, so I think the blitzing schemes and point of attack needs to be predominantly at the right side of Boise's line.

- Get in the passing lanes early – use linebackers to rough up targets on routes early. If pressure is coming, that's where Moore will beat defenses. He's 5-11 though, so if a team can move him a little bit, or get in his face or cloud the passing lanes, it becomes an advantage.

- In the run game, target the fullback. He's not much of a pass catching threat—he caught less than 10 balls last season. Where he goes, a run is likely to follow.

- Don't get caught up in the pre-snap crapola. Boise will trot out many different players, formations and looks in the first 15 to 20 plays. It looks confusing, but Boise runs a lot of the same plays/routes, just with different variables. The first couple of series will see the Broncos using many different formations/players to feel out what can work to their favor. If there is a moment of hesitation, Moore will find it/exploit it.

- Offensively—GIVE THE BALL TO ISAIAH. I know he's a freshman. I know he's never played. I also don't care. He needs the ball first, early, often and last. Establish the run in true Mark Richt offensive fashion…and then…

- Take advantage of the young secondary with medium to deep routes. Use TK and Marlon Brown—maybe a third guy like Malcolm or Bennett. Don't try to get too many receivers in there—use the best three or four you have and go with it.

- The Broncos defense isn't nearly as complex as Georgia's is. There are only a handful of blitz types they run. It shouldn't be hard for Murray to know what's happening most of the night.

- And I think if there is going to be some trickery on offense, it will come from Brandon Boykin.

Hope this helps…

What is UGA's 5 keys to make a 2nd trip to the Dome this year lets say the week after GT?

Taking care of the football. Giving the rock to Isaiah. Staying balanced on offense. Exploding on defense. Forcing the issue. Creating turnovers. Continue the special teams greatness. And beat South Carolina and Florida. That's about it.

If you could pick an upset this weekend in college football, who would you bet on?

I know it's not a great upset, but I think Wake Forest could beat Syracuse…or at least hang with the Orange. As a 6.5 underdog, I could see them at least covering.

You know there is always at least one shocker in the first week. App St over Mich, East Carolina over VT, Vandy over SCU or Jax St over Ole Miss.

I'm not exactly seeing any upsets of epic proportion that jump off the page right now, but perhaps James Madison could beat UNC… I mean, Madison beat Va Tech last season. And UNC couldn't possibly be in any worse shape right now. Right?

and my last one Vandy is only an 11 point favorite over Elon. Are you taking the points? Over/Under? I know Vandy is bad but come on.

I have one rule in betting… Never take the points when a SoCo team is involved. That is all. And a 1A to that rule is… Never bet on any game where Vandy and a SoCo team is involved. That is all. You could win the bet, but would you really want to tell your friends you made money in that steaming pile of mess? Regardless of which side you bet on?

ChevyDawg12 asks: Fletcher, Who on defense or offense comes up with a big play to help UGA get momentum against Boise?

The easy answer on defense is Alec Ogletree or Jarvis Jones. But taking the easy route isn't always my bag of tricks. I think Abry Jones could come up with something game shifting…and also, I think Christian Robinson could do something subtle that could lead to something big (making a read, telling Alec something important, dying his fro blonde).

Offensively, I think Isaiah is the easy call…and it wouldn't surprise many if Orson Charles made some noise. In saying that, I'll take Marlon Brown in the surprise category.

UGARedandBlack asks: Weekly reader, first time Sack poster. Amazing work so far... ask Dean for a raise.

Nice words and a nice thought…

Okay back to what actually matters, Georgia football. It's game week.

I thought asking Dean for me to get more money was what actually mattered?

Let's talk about the uniforms more... Hell no. It's not going to make any player run faster, hit harder, or remember an assignment.

You're singing a sweet tune now.

Does anything change with Boise State losing their Offensive Coordinator to Texas? Or do Peterson and Kellen Moore just keep on trucking along?

This isn't like what happened at Florida when Dan Mullen left. Petersen was the mastermind before he became head coach at Boise (OC from 2001-2005). So I don't expect the offense to miss a beat. Petersen essentially mixes the music and sings the lyrics. It doesn't matter who else is in the studio.

Predictions: Will Jarvis Jones have a better season than Houston had last year?

I don't think Jarvis will have as many sacks as Houston—I don't see Jones reaching double digits (because he's playing the OLB spot opposite where Houston was).

I do see Jones having a better overall season—more tackles, better pass coverage, dreadlocks and as a more even-keeled leader.

Does Crowell make it over the 1,000 yard mark?

If he stays healthy, I'd take the over on 1,150 yards.

Wild Dawg or no Wild Dawg this season?

I bet there will be something comparable to that this year—I'm betting Boykin is involved.

How many points does Georgia win by on Saturday? (I'm not asking if they win, but by how many points. Must stay positive)

Put me down for a double-digit margin of victory.

Thank ya sir!

You got it. Glad to see you here in the Sack.

GuineaSaurusRex asks: Should CMR sport a goatee this year?

I've heard certain beards and goatees have magical powers… If nothing else, over the centuries a strong facial hair presence has been a show of power—Zeus, Agamemnon, Brian Wilson, the dudes in ZZ Top, Ulysses S. Grant, Carl Marx, Uncle Jessie, John Lennon, Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, and Robert Duvall playing Robert E. Lee… And last but not least, Jim Morrison. Oh yeah, and Charles Manson (at times).

In saying that, Richt doesn't need to go this route. His always tan complexion is enough to assert his dominance in most any situation.

shortdawg420 asks: I've enjoyed the Sack on many occasions, first time asking a question.

Second first time poster this week! We're snapping more V-cards than 10th grade around here!

Great job always Fletcher.

Bordering on the precipice of classy and distasteful…sometimes funny…never on time…always one phrase too many…and all that perfectly describes my response to your intro, too.

1. I am very superstitious about what I am drinking while watching the Dawgs. So I ask. Brown or clear liquor for the opening game?

You're talking to the wrong person for the most part. I'm more of a beer guy who occasionally taps the liquor cabinet. I prefer whiskey when I do, but there's a chance I could either end up playing in traffic, lighting my hair on fire or chasing imaginary enemies. Or all three. A good solid chance I'd do all three.

2. Have you had the chance to speak to Grantham directly this fall? If so, what is your read on him? Can you feel any extra excitement he may have, as in do you sense that he knows he has something special with this team. Or on the other hand are there things he is nervous about with the Defense? (C wash, inexperienced safeties etc.)

Grantham came to Georgia from the pros… And he's a true pro in speaking to the media. He's like a good poker player. He always has the same disposition. He never gets too specific. Always finds a positive, but doesn't shower compliments. He answers questions with great length. But never really gets down to the bottom of it.

Grantham may be holding an Ace-King suited. But you'd never know it. He could actually have Eight-Two. That's the most honest answer I can give you.

3. In your opinion is there a better chance of Georgia playing lights out and beating boise by 25 points, or are chances better of Boise playing lights out and dominating Georgia in a similar fashion?

I think there is a much better chance of Georgia blowing out Boise. I think the Bulldogs should be more physical and have more talent from top to bottom.

My prediciton Georgia 31 BSU 20

That's about right.

drgrouper asks: Hey Fletch, any chance we can get PWT (posting while trashed) touchalyzers installed on the members keyboards prior to Kick-Off on Saturday. I can take all the rational criticism that gets thrown around on here when warranted, but the drunken rants that are apologized for 3 days later are just too over the top at times. And it's an 8:00 PM start time. OH BOY!

Quick story… A friend of mine had a buddy (I know, we're going down the chain on this one) that had gotten about two too many DUIs. He went through quite a bit of litigation and after a few years without a driver's license, he was permitted to drive again with a breathalyzer rigged to his ignition.

The only way his car would crank was if he blew 0.0 into that breathalyzer. Anything over zeros meant his car would shut down for a certain period of time.

You know where this is going… We were at a low key gathering one night in high school and this guy showed up. He was kind of a creep and nobody liked him (just for the record). Late in the night he said his goodbyes and left, only to return a few minutes later. He needed somebody to "help him crank his car."

Funny at the time? Sadly, yes. Irresponsible? Of course. Dangerous? No doubt. The point? People are going to do what they want to do.

Luckily you can't kill anybody with keyboard strokes… I think.

For the record, I don't condone drinking and driving… Nor do I condone blowing into breathalyzers attached to the steering column of drunken driver's cars so they can leave (regardless of how creepy they are).

TNLogDog asks: I know you will be busy before the game but where is a good place (and close to the dome) to have a few drinks before the game Saturday? Any suggestions from the board are welcome.

Ted's Montana Grill is close and has good food. I'll warn you though, it gets crowded.

Honestly, there isn't much within walking distance of the Georgia Dome. I suggest if you find a place, go there and stay there until you're ready to go in.

Also: you will be able to buy beer in the Dome until the start of the third quarter (for the always reasonable price of $11 a beer. Or something fair like that. You know, because sporting events have become increasingly fan friendly and economically feasible the past few years).

nayah asks: Which true freshmen will see the field come Saturday?

I'm going to do this off the top of my head, and then come back later and double check it…

Isaiah Crowell.
Malcolm Mitchell.
Damian Swann.
Ray Drew.
Corey Moore.
Amarlo Herrera.
Chris Sanders.
Ramik Wilson.
Jay Rome.
And Watts Dantzler and David Andrews will be at the ready if needed.

I think that does it… And I didn't have to double check. Victory!

Do you think Marlon Brown has arrived?

In terms of logging significant snaps and actually being noticed… Yes. I think Marlon's production will go up at least 200 percent this season.

Will Bean be the starting right tackle come season's end?

This is a tough question. Everything this preseason Bean-related has been positive, but hasn't it always? Anderson is so big—he's like a Beanbag. But he's kind a lively personality—like a Jelly Bean. He's tall too—like a Beanstalk. OK, that's enough…

The only way I think Bean is out of the starting lineup is if Austin Long has overtaken him. That's about the only two options at this point.

Two games IMO isn't enough time for any D to gel, and if you take into account the fact that some guys that played a lot at different positions last year are playing elsewhere this season (Cummings, Ogletree, Tyson) we're breaking in (by my count) 8 new starters. I believe this D has the potential to be awesome but I don't think it will be awesome by the time USCe comes callin'. Do you think we will have enough D to beat the Cocks, or will we have to out-score them?

I see the South Carolina game playing more like the 2009 version than the 2010 game. A shootout under the lights! Unless Conner Shaw is quarterback. If that's the case, forget anything I've said. That would blow my mind.

14dawgs47 asks: Its time I don't have any football questions. I'm ready just to watch it happen now. thanks for getting us this for, now its time for my prep.?1)Looking for some new tailgate food and drink ideas what are your favorites, minus the condiments.

Turkey legs… I freaking love TURKEY LEGS.

Seriously…here's a quick rundown of things that spark my interest:

Non-alcoholic beverage: Sunkist, Mountain Dew or root beer.
Cocktail: Seven & Seven – Seagram's whiskey and 7-Up.
Backup Cocktail: #hashstag – A drink my friends and I made popular (meaning, the five of us drink it and tweet about it): Red Stag and Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry.
Chips: Spicy nacho Doritos.
Food: Anything I need to accomplish in terms of tailgate food can be produced by a trip to KFC: fried chicken, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, baked beans. I think hot dogs are a gift to mankind. And I've eaten 10 tacos from Taco Bell in one sitting. Twice.
Cheap beer of choice: Natty.
Beer of choice: Bud.
Premium beer of choice: Anything Sierra Nevada.
Dessert: Anything with Oreos mixed in… But not Oreos by themselves… Unless the Oreos are a little bit stale.
When all else fails: Go to my dad's house. The old man always has something coming off the smoker or grill on Saturday's. He makes a mean Boston Butt…

Hope this helps… I doubt it did. Go with turkey legs. For serious.

HunkerDownDawgs asks: Saban vs CMR: There has been some recent debate surrounding whether Saban is a better recruiter and coach than CMR? Some point to Saban's success winning national championships at both LSU and Bama and his regular position at or near the top of the recruiting rankings as proof. Others rightfully point to their distaste for Saban's oversigning tactics and the manner in which he cuts kids that don't pan out the way he had hoped in order to free up scholarships for more incoming recruits that might make a bigger impact (thereby punishing the players he cuts for his evaluation mistakes while at the same time rewarding himself with more scholarships to make his recruiting classes look better and his teams ultimately more competitive by adding depth and cutting the dead wood). Conversely, there is a near consensus that CMR is a great man that plays by the rules and has put a ton of guys in the NFL, even if he didn't raise any crystal footballs when they played for him. So with all of that as a backdrop, who do you think is a better recruiter and coach (and why): Saban or CMR? Since I have my own opinion on this (SURPRISE!), I will also ask who you would rather have as the coach at UGA since it may not be the same as your first answer (and it might help you recover some points with the masses in case you agree with me on these two questions).

I spent a long time thinking about this answer... And I spent a long time writing out an answer trying to make a business comparison to show how I felt.

I didn't like the way my answer came out, so I scrapped it. I'm just going to put it like this...

Nick Saban has won two National Titles with two different schools in the SEC... So, he's probably the best coach in the conference.

Richt has won two SEC titles and been close to playing for the national crown on three occasions. He's proven to be a successful head coach too.

I don't always agree with the way Saban runs his program, but the results are undeniable.

Richt is a great man and a great example that nice guys don't always finish last.

I don't think it's fair to use Mark's "nice guy" personality against him... So I also don't think it's something that should be argued on his behalf as a coach all the time either.

Is oversigning bad? Yes. Is Richt "nicer" to his borderline players? Probably so.

In the end, if you're not cheating (or at least not getting caught) and you're winning, then the rest doesn't matter.

I mean, do you guys care what type of person I am? Or Dean? Or Chad?

Maybe. But I'd assume you just want your Georgia coverage. You just want us to do our jobs and give you what you want/need to know about the program/recruiting.

All the personal stuff shouldn't really matter (unless it's for a Mailbag intro).

Hope that made sense... And for a pure selfish reason, I think Richt should be the coach at Georgia because he's more friendly with the media.

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: Finally, time for a game week sack! I can't wait to get to the Dome to beat down some Smurfs.

Is Kellen Moore Brainy Smurf or Handy Smurf? He could be both.

1. Give us your predicted leaders in the following categories for the Boise game:

Total Receptions: Orson Charles.
Receiving Yards: Tavarres King.
Rushing Yards: Isaiah Crowell.
Tackles: Alec Ogletree
Sacks/Tackles for Loss: Abry Jones

2. How will Murray perform in this game? Will he blow up the Broncos young secondary or struggle without AJ and Durham?

I think Aaron Murray should be the least of your worries in this game. Aaron should do fine.

3. If we beat Boise, do you think we have a stronger, lesser, or no change in chance of beating the cocks?

It certainly can't hurt, but I don't think it changes the chances much. If Conner Shaw is the Gamecocks' quarterback, then I think it doesn't matter what happens in the Boise game. But that's just me.

4. What do you make of Richard Samuel's quote about changes to the offense? "I'd just say the signals mainly; actually the whole play-calling situation. We're doing a lot of no-huddle and a lot of high-tempo stuff, and that's new to us. There are a lot of sight adjustments, so you have to be paying attention and focused and listening and hurrying up."

Sounds like the offense may be doing some no-huddle and high-tempo stuff. … Richt and Bobo have flirted with this in season's past. Perhaps they're planning to move swiftly for a couple drives in this game.

5. We all expect trick plays from Boise and almost never expect a trick play from our Dawgs. Do we get shocked on a trick play in the Dome?

Georgia's run some trick plays to success in the past (Thomas Brown to JoeTIII against Florida in '05, Branden Smith TD run in '09)

But yes, the team has been working on trick plays and has watched film on every trick play the Broncos have run in the past half-decade. Here's a good read from Marc Weiszer about this topic.

GATA Dawgs and GATA Fletcher!

For sure!

UGA53MAIN asks: What are the chances UGA runs some 3 TE sets? If not, do you see UGA doing anything different on offense?

The Mark Richt offense is kind of like a one-color Polo shirt. It's classy, balanced (wear it to work or a party), never goes out of style… But there are no stripes on the shirt. It's the same color all the time, but the person wearing it can change. There can be a wrinkle or two (Branden Smith, tailback pass, A.J. reverse), and sometimes a stain (Washaun Ealey not blocking anybody for two years).

It's the shirt you pull out of the closet and recognize immediately. It feels right, even if it lost the "bang in your stomach" feeling four years ago. It works, but sometimes gets on your nerves.

All fabric aside, I understand why you want three tight ends on the field—Georgia has four good ones.

I could see using some three tight end sets, but mostly in the red zone or on running downs. I don't think Georgia is going to get too crazy with it.

BernieDawg asks: How much do you feel Rambo's (alleged...likely) suspension has affected decisions regarding the depth at safety? I'm assuming Commings would've still cross-trained, but do you think he starts ahead of Rambo if all things were equal?

Yes, Commings still would have crosstrained… But no, I have no idea what's really going on over there. My brain could burst into flames if I put much more thought into this whole ordeal.

I think the best look for the secondary is to have Rambo and Shawn Williams at safety, Boykin and Commings at corner and Smith as the nickel.

Boykin and Commings are good in coverage and the run game… Rambo is the most experienced and Williams is the wow, where did this guy come from, dude. Smith is like watching any season of the Real World from the past half-decade—good in small doses and on your terms.

Swann is the Taylor Lautner—has all the tools, but isn't ready to for stand-alone status just yet.

Love is T-Mobile—serviceable, but not in widespread use.

In case you're wondering… Yes, I was dropped on my head as a baby. Repeatedly.

DickVanDawg asks: Why is Dean so intimidated by Fletch?

I think Dean understands that I understand that he doesn't really understand… Understand?

Patches33 asks: I know on the recruiting trail there was talk of using Marshal in the wild dog but if he is red shirting I assume that means they didn't/won't this year. I guess what I am asking is do you see them having a package in place for him or have you heard anything about it?

I think Nick has had his hands full on the defensive side of the ball. I don't believe they wanted to throw too much at him—after all, he is learning a position that was secondary (get it!) to him in high school. Maybe down the road Nick could do more, but I'm not sure it's happening this season.

Who are the other OL recruits that UGA is going after and have a shot with?

Avery Young
Brandon Hill
… And some long shots…

Vadal Alexander
Jordan Simmons

That's about it for now… Perhaps there are some JUCO kids or players yet to emerge that I haven't heard about. We'll see.

Who are some WR/DB recruits that UGA is going after and have a shot with? We lost Curry and now we offer this new guy but who else is there?

At receiver:

Nelson Agholor
Stefon Diggs
Blake Tibbs
D'Vario Montgomery
Amari Cooper
Joel Caleb
Dwayne Stanford

Outside of Tibbs, I don't know if UGA has a legit shot with any of these…

At defensive back:

Chaz Elder
Trae Elston
Elijah Shumate
Tracy Howard

Again, I'm not sure about the chances here.

What kind of impact do see tyson making as a pass rusher?

I like DeAngelo Tyson this year. I think he'll have good stats, and I think he'll be fine against both the pass and the rush. He can move, has good technique and is strong. Good blend to have off the edge.

Who will be the biggest pass rushing threat this year?

I'm taking the dark horse in this race—I've been repping Abry Jones this entire Mailbag. I'm not bailing out now.

Thank you once again.

Always a pleasure.

gadawgluver asks: Since joining Scout what have you taught Dean that helps him in his job?

I'd say Dean and I spend a great deal of time arguing over if the things I do actually work or not.

What have I taught Dean? Nothing. What does Dean admire about my work? I'm not sure. Probably nothing.

I think the biggest thing Dean has learned through me is that a human being can sleep on the floor of a hotel room for two nights in Jacksonville and be compensated with only two Miller Lights.

Underrated quality, I know.

Boise State's board is talking about all the things that are in the dogs favor, do you think we have the edge and is it enough to win?

By this point, I may have already touched on these things…but I think Georgia has the advantage in crowd, size and talent. I think Georgia has a good shot to win, and I've predicted as much.

How does UGA match up against Boise St on offense and defense? Which battles will we win based on size, strength, quickness, speed, and experience?

Again, I've touched on this. I like Georgia to take advantage of Boise at center and right tackle. And I think if the Bulldogs can run the ball, it should open up the entire offense (which is true for any game).

trooperdawg980 asks: Do you feel the new energy that has seemed to engulf the program will translate to the field? How much will the fact that CMR's job is seemingly on the line weigh on the team; positively or negatively? IMO Richt to this point has done and said all the right things to turn this train around. The groundwork has been layed. Now is the time to prove it between the lines.

I think the new attitude was much needed. Last year's team is definitely not this year's team. I don't want to overstate anything—there was some entitlement going on and some accountability issues, especially in the weight room.

But I think a lot of good things are lining up. McGarity, S&C (while not perfect, at least has established hard work and accountability), recruiting full classes, nutrition, young talent that is already on the field and playing, etc.

Hey Fletch, just one more.

You know I never turn a question down…

When Dawg fans turn off their sets Saturday night and tune in to the radio to continue the post game celebration, whose coming out party will we most likely be rejoicing in? I know I.C. would be the obvious answer, but what about a few dark horses?

Abry Jones and Marlon Brown. Those are my two picks, as far as older players that having a coming out of sorts.

Also, I've found two advil, two vitamin c, and a couple of tums before bed sure helps the next morning to get over whatever indescretions may have occurred on game night. Keep up the good work! Go DAWGS!

Thanks for the advice.

blackbulldawg asks: Man thank God the season is about to start been waiting for football all summer long.

I think you speak for the rest of us…

1. Do you feel RS will be ready for the game on Saturday or will he be playing injured still?

Richard should be good to go… And I see him in the 8 to 12 carry range.

2. Since pretty much we all know the Rambo is suspended for the first game does he start against SCe?

Yes, he will. Commings will be needed at corner for his tackling ability in place of Branden Smith.

3. Do you predict another CHOKE sign from CTG during the game?

The man is intense… And probably was acting without even realizing it last year in Jacksonville. But I doubt you'll ever see that again.

4. How do you feel our o-line will hold up against their stud DT?

After having watched Ben Jones handle John Jenkins the way he did this week, I don't know if the "stud" DT is going to have much success without some kind of help.

The line will probably stunt some and try to cause confusion, but if Georgia gets out-physicaled (is that a word?) in this game it's going to be a long season.

5. Does Kwame dominate their D-line?

Boise has an elite player in left tackle Nate Potter. Other than that, I'm not that impressed with the rest of the line. I think there are weaknesses at center (Thomas Bird is 5-11!) and right tackle (Charles Leno is a 278 pound sophomore!).

Those two areas need to be exploited.

BigBandMan asks: Fletch --- A game of your thoughts on my thoughts?---

Here we go… I've been duped into playing before… Let's do it...

Thought #1.) We should be favored by 4 points against Boise because of Home Field (+ 2 1/2 pts ), More Practice Time (+ 1/2 pt ), Special Teams ( + 3 pts ), Defense ( + 4 pts ), Offense ( - 6 pts ) ---

I think Boise State's sustained run of success (since like 1997) mixed Georgia's last two seasons have the line of Bulldogs -2.5 about right. Boise is ranked No. 5 and Georgia is ranked No. 19—that stat alone should have Boise as a 3-point favorite, regardless of the circumstances.

We may disagree, but this should make it easier for you to put some money down on your favorite team.

Thought #2.) We should be favored by 4 points because of the above Home Field and More Practice Time ( +3 pts ), Better Talent ( +6 pts ), Coaching ( - 5 pts) ---

Ah, yes, now you're confusing me! It doesn't matter what the variables are—I do agree with most everything you've said. But the No. 5 team will almost always be favored over the No. 19 team.

Thought #3.) This game presents a sound investment opportunity if I have friends in Las Vegas ---

Of course! Every game presents a sound opportunity if you have friends in Vegas. Actually, if you have friends in Vegas, we should go stay a couple nights in Vegas. That'd be a sound investment.

Thought #4.) Can Peterson blow this logic up, thus causing a severe market down turn in my investment portfolio? ---

Petersen has shown the ability to forgo logic… But he doesn't have a strapping beard or pervasive tan. There's a chink in the armor somewhere.

Currently, the national perception of where the two programs stand is aiding in your betting ability. Georgia is getting 2.5… Put your house on it if you believe in Grantham's second year being the difference.

Thought #5.) Hell Yes ; But I always sink or swim with the D A W G S emotionally ; and sometimes financially.

Financially speaking, my parents did too. My dad always told me it's better to bet with your brain than your heart… But where's the fun in that?

With that, I'm hitting the back door and getting out of here…

Turn out the lights boys, the party's over… We outta' here baby… Thank y'all for coming.

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