The Dawg Post Mailbag

ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's news, notes and somewhat relavant rambling.

It seems like my Dad's Saturday morning trek has been the same for nearly 25 years. And that's just in the time that I've been around.

He'd go to the landfill, the hardware and the bank. Every so often, when I could drag my sorry ass out of bed in time, I'd go with him.

He still runs on this Saturday schedule, and if he's asked where he's been on his return he answers as if it's the first time he ever taken the trip.

"Well, I went to the dump. Then the hardware. The bank," he'd say, listing them off as if I don't already know.

I always appreciated that consistency. He'd get done what needed to get done and be working ahead at the same time. Take out the trash. Get supplies for his tinkering around the house. Handle his finances for the future. Every Saturday morning.

To me, it's my Dad's Saturday morning trip. To him, it's just living, just what he does and the way he is. I doubt this routine will ever change. And if it did, I would feel strange about it.

And coach Mark Richt is eerily as consistent on a daily basis -- at least his public persona is. And I think that either creates admiration or frustration within the Georgia fan base, depending on how you view RIcht and how much you value him outside the lines of a football field.

After practices, he meets with the media, makes a brief statement about the weather or the day's work (a throwaway--trash). He then answers questions about the depth chart and injuries (supplies for the weekend). And at the end, he'll usually bring something up he wants highlighted – usually a player that's been impressive or one side of the ball or the other that's improved (taking care of the future).

Post-game losses provide Richt's most steady and predictable moments. He always says something like this: "First of all I want to give credit to coach (so-and-so) and (insert team that just won). They played a heck of a game. They beat us. We couldn't execute (taking out the trash). We need to get better at (such and such) if we want to achieve our goals (picking up supplies). We'll get back to practice and work on correcting those things because we've got a big game coming up against (Next Opponent University). We've got to get better (taking care of the future).

Every now and then my dad would show up on Saturday with a haircut… or a bag of groceries… or he'd go play golf. For some reason, that always stood out to me. It deviated from the routine. But it wasn't anything alarming. It was just something different. People notice when something different happens – even if the reason is as inconsequential as your hair being shorter than it was a day ago.

That's why this week with Richt has been so strange. It's been different. Understandable, yes. But different nonetheless.

Richt entered the room full of media members Wednesday and said, "I can only guess what we're going to be asked today, but I'll talk a little bit about practice."

This week, he's also said things like this:

"Does everybody want me to snap? Is that what they want? Do you all want to see me snap, is that what it is? We don't discuss what happens in the locker room, but if you guys want me to throw a table or something I'll do that or smash a camera if that makes everybody feel better. … No, not your camera."

"I don't know what's swirling around. I'm not interested. I usually find out about things like that if my mom calls, or when I go to church, everyone says they're praying for me."

"It's important, no doubt about that. We look at all our games as must-win games. How you want to spin that, you can spin it. That's what you (in the media) do, so do with it what you want."

"We're just coaching ball, OK." Richt said. "You guys want to make things bigger than they are."

At this point Richt is so far off his normal path, it's almost hard to believe. But given the state of the program in the aftermath of the Boise State loss, the reaction is understandable. The questions have been repetitive. This weekend's game is even more important. Answers aren't as cheerful or spirited.

It's as if my Dad's Saturday morning errands have been upended. Like his truck won't crank or something. The hardware is closed.

And as an anthropology professor once said to me in a lecture: Maybe there is no right or wrong. It's just different.

RenegadeDawg asks: How's the real estate market in Athens? For sellers looking to relocate and buyer's looking for a new start?

Oh boy… I can already see the tone of this Mailbag could be spicy (understandably)…

This is currently a buyers market… So, I wish whomever you're speaking about good luck…

huntindawg asks: Are bobo and Grantham "fishin' buddies"?

I'm not sure – Grantham is always bringing three tackle boxes. Bobo always wants to go the same old, boring lake.

Grantham is always scheming a way to flush out fish in any situation. Bobo uses the fastest boat or best lures to catch fish out in the middle of the lake.

I could do this all day. Let's move on…

jnc88 asks: Who's the better quarterback? Garcia or Moore?

Overall, I think I give the nod to Moore. He's the best quarterback for the system he's in that I've seen in a long time. He's smart, has command, etc. He's kind of like a David Greene type. Might not be the best professional, but is an elite college passer and leader.

Garcia is the better athlete though. He can run the football and at times make plays with his arm that show a glimmer of something great.

His downfall is the fact that if I'm picking a beer pong partner between the two, I'm taking Garcia every time. I'd trust Garcia's skills on the pong table even if he was throwing left handed.

Practice makes permanent.

BeastieDawg106 asks: Has there ever been a larger energy change in one game?

You know Beastie, I can't really think of one. I know the losses to Vandy and Kentucky in 2006 were pretty bad. Hell, even Old Yeller cried after the loss to Kentucky on senior night in 2009.

But after eight months of strength and conditioning hype, recruiting success and talk of an overall attitude adjustment—Yeah, I'd say this is about as bad a shift as there has been.

I was talking a photographer before the Boise State game – he told me he had seen the team the day before. Said they were focused. Had a calm air of confidence about them.

And then before the game, the team won the warm-up battle, according to Legge. Looked amped. Bigger and stronger. Had energy.

That ended.

But it wasn't a complete meltdown. I believe most are holding out for this weekend to see what this team is really about. If Georgia falls to the Gamecocks, there won't be many fans left on the energy bus. I don't care what kind of way you try to manufacture energy-- chemical, gravitational, mechanical, and nuclear—it will be tough to turn the lights back on within the fan base for a while.

It's doable. But Willie Nelson will be well past sound check by that point.

UGA4President asks: 1. What would you say is the over/under on visor throws for Saturday?

Damn it… I wish I had thought about this sooner. We could have fired up a pool about the visor tosses… We could have done which quarter the first one occurs. How many total. What type of malfunction brought on the first one/most total… The subtle details here are endless.

I'll guess Spurrier's first hurl will come after a special teams snafu. Either that or if Garcia has to burn a timeout with the play clock winding down.

I'll set the over/under at 3.5… Since I picked the Gamecocks to win, I'll take the under.

2. Is there any chance Richt takes over more of the play calling duties going forward?

I get this one a lot… I don't see that happening. I mean, I would imagine if Richt weren't happy with the playcalling, he would just take it over mid-game. Maybe he has done that in the past and we don't know about it.

Richt hears every single play call that goes out to the field… I'm sure he provides his opinion occasionally, too. Bobo isn't throwing a dozen plays in a Crown Royal pouch and pulling them out randomly. Or at least, I don't think that's how he does it.

TNLogDog asks: What are the chances Samuel moves back to ILB with Tree going down? We are starting a walk-on now.

This is a good thought—I actually find it ironic that Samuel is mostly considered not good enough play either running back or linebacker on a consistent basis at this level. Either ironic or sad. Both.

Personally, I think if Samuel would be a beast by now had he started his career as a linebacker and redshirted his first year on campus.

But I do understand why the coaches put him at running back and played him that first season. Everybody knew Knowshon was leaving. And Caleb King was always a liability.

Samuel will not be moved back to linebacker, but coach Mark Richt admitted the idea ran through his head.

"There wasn't any discussion," Richt said. "I thought about it kind of just laying on the pillow at night, but by the time Richard got back and trained up and really ready to play (Alec) Ogletree would probably be back ready to play. We've had 29 practices plus last week, so you've got over 30 practices with these other kids, and I don't know if it would have been wise for us to do that."

Look for Mike Gilliard and Amarlo Herrera to get most of the snaps Saturday. I'm told Amarlo has had a good week of practice. Expect growing pains, but I think Herrera is the longterm option here.

BigBandMan says: Fletch --- Your Pop was right --- Always invest with your brain-not your heart

My dad's been right for going on 25 years. It use to burn me up, but I've grown to appreciate his wisdom.

My concern about our coaching disadvantage last week proved valid also unfortunately --- Which brings me to some U G A football coaching questions before our big game with the Cocks this week. 1.) How many head coaches have we had in our history?

You're currently sitting with No. 25…

2.) How many of those were former Quarterbacks in college?

I only went back to George "Kid" Woodruff (coached from 1923-27). Including Woodruff five of the last nine Georgia coaches were quarterbacks in college, including the last four (Dooley, Goff, Donnan, Richt).

3.) How many of those ended their head coaching careers in Athens?

Of the previous nine coaches (1923-2011), six ended their career in Athens: Woodruff, Butts, Griffith, Dooley, Goff, Donnan.

Those who went on to coach elsewhere: Mehre, Hunt

4.) How many of those were fired, departed for other coaching positions, retired, etc.

Four were replaced/fired (Donnan, Goff, Griffith, Hunt). Two retired (Dooley, Butts). Two left or stepped down (Mehre, Woodruff).

Any guesses why "Kid" Woodruff stepped down in 1927? That's right, he wanted to focus on his insurance business. Ah, those were the days.

5.) Has anyone ever seen Ray Goff and Mark Richt at the same time?

I'm not sure, but I'm told Mark Richt has eaten at a Zaxby's. So technically, yes.

6.) Is it true that CMR is seeking to legally change his name from Richt to Recked?

Ouch… I have a feeling you guys are just getting started...

7.) Should the D A W G fan base keep a sense of humor until the next Head Coach arrives?

I'm a huge proponent of keeping a sense of humor—there's not many scenarios where I'll hold a joke back. But there is always a time and a place. And this is serious business.

In saying that, no matter which way this shakes out, there's always next year.

UGA53MAIN asks: Why are we so soft?

I would ask the proper people for that answer, but Joe Tereshinski has mandated that all members of the strength staff not be allowed for interviews during the season.

I will say this: If the SEC starts deciding games that go past five overtimes by conducting an arm wrestling tournament with only punters—I think Georgia's in good hands (literally). Have you seen Drew Butler? Dude is huge for a punter in college.

Why can't we play as a unit?

That's one of those ‘chicken or the egg' kind of subjects… I don't think the team looks like the mess hall at Rickers Island or anything. But it would be nice to see the offense and defense put together a good game against South Carolina this weekend to help ease your mind.

Is ADGM willing to open the check book in your opinion?

I don't see why not. Georgia's AA isn't hurting for money. I could see the $3-$5 million mark breached. Easily. Although, I personally would have paid half a million or more for a real strength and conditioning coach. But what do I know?

I mean if you're having trouble starting your car, you don't take it to Home Depot. You feel me?

gadawgs98021 asks: Do you think we scrap the no huddle for this game?

From the sound of things this week, I think the no huddle will still be in effect.

Do you think that running that no huddle hurt our power football?

Yes. It's hard to say what exactly led to the infectiveness... Or ineffectiveness... Did the line hurt the running game and nearly get Aaron Murray killed? Yep. Did the no huddle confuse some of the linemen or younger skill players, thus leading to troubles in the run game and Aaron nearly getting killed? Probably. Is the no huddle a response to not having a traditional fullback? Hmmm… Is the no huddle a response to not trusting the line? Ummm… Does the no huddle wear defenses down? Yes. Your own defense when you go three and out on consecutive drives.

This, my friends, is called a conglomeration of suck. Painful to watch? You bet it was. Fixable? Sure. How? I dunno.

I know someone has asked this question but, i want to ask this a different way. If CMR came out and said he will be assisting in play calling, would it calm some of this uproar about BOBO. (Personally have never been a big fan I have always thought he was too predictable.)

This is just me – I think way too much is being made about the discrepancy between Richt and Bobo in terms of playcalling. The offense looks exactly like it did when Richt was calling plays. Richt hears every play that's called. If he didn't like the calls, he'd overrule it.

I pitch story ideas to Dean every day. Sometimes he doesn't say anything and I write them. Sometimes he says it's good. Sometimes he says OK. Sometimes he says I'm bordering on stupid. Sometimes he says it's stupid.

It's Richt's offense. It's Dean's site. They have final say.

There was a post last week about the first series Saturday. Who called it correctly?

I'm assuming it was you… but like Orson Charles said this week:

"What happened last week can't define us. We have to move on. We still have goals to achieve. The past is the past. We're moving forward."

OK, so Orson didn't say that. I made it up. But I think I heard about 20 players say something along these lines about 250 times this week.

Last but not least: We beat South Carolina Saturday and run the table, whats the chances we play Boise for the National Title.. Thanks for what yall do and GO DAWGS

Exquisite scenario… And I'll throw one back at you: What if Oklahoma and Boise go undefeated. Georgia runs the table, winning the SEC Champ. Does the winner of the greatest conference in the land get in over Boise State's lame schedule?

Wait… Boise beat the SEC Champ? Hmmm… What's that you say? They didn't play anybody (else)? Would make for a good debate on both sides.

I think Boise stands a great chance of being there at the end of the year. I like Oklahoma a lot, but they've got a tougher schedule. In this fantasy world you've crafted, I think there's a very good chance Boise would be waiting for a rematch.

DawgFanInMo asks: 1) Is that sad attempt at a hurry up the staff's feeble stab at an offensive identity?

I believe the technical term is ‘ a conglomeration of suck…'

Offense in football is a game of strengths and weaknesses. This isn't golf – where you can be OK at a lot of different things (driving, iron-play, short game, hybrid clubs, putting, drinking beer) and be good.

If you're strong in the run game—you run the football. If you have speed on the perimeter and have numerous athletes, you can run the spread and pass the football. You can't just be OK at running the football and passing the football and using the I-formation and running out of the no huddle.

You HAVE to be great at what you're doing. Or you get exploited. And lose.

2) What is the effect of fans booing at games? Does it make the players feel like crap? Can booing bring about coaching changes?

Yes. Booing makes players feel bad. It's probably a mixed feeling, a concoction of pissed off-ness, embarrassment and ‘man, forget this.'

As for bringing about coaching changes – the booing is indicative of what is going on down on the field. So yeah… I think the play on the field is what leads to coaching changes. And boos.

Right now fans don't like Mike Bobo. When I say fans as a general term, I mean the majority feels one way or the other. The fans have strongly questioned Bobo's playcalling since at least 2007. Georgia finished No. 2 in the nation that year, you say. True, but I was in the stands at Neyland. People were questioning Bobo.

So… This is kind of like a sour marriage. Things used to be great. But let's say money troubles crept in. Your spouse can't manage funds and has strained the relationship. You still want the best and want the marriage to last. But every time your spouse goes to the Mall or hangs out with a friend that's also a bookie (I think it's easy to distinguish gender in these examples), you're going to get a little pissed off/worried/think about the worst possible circumstances.

That's where the fan base is with the offense right now.

Once you start doubting the certain attributes of a coach or spouse, it's hard to recover. It takes patience. And love. And those two things are more easily found in a household. Not the SEC.

3) After game 1, give us your prediction of UGA's season record

I still like 9-3… There's not a lot of games Georgia can lose on paper. But if the Bulldogs fall to South Carolina (and the heat picks up on Richt and the negativity peaks), any kind of (nasty) record is possible.

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: Ugh, I hate starting off a season with a loss whether it is the #5 team in the country or Oklahoma State or anyone.

Hey, there's always next year.

1. I asked myself this back in the summer, but never asked it on the sack. Why did we move Samuel to RB for depth when we have no depth at his former position of ILB? We got a total of 12 yards on 7 carries and had a walk-on take over for Ogletree. Smart move.

There are some things in this Sack I just can't answer. I'll try to convey this point, but it might not make sense (because the coaching staff didn't cross train Gilliard at both spots at ILB).

I think the coaching staff thought the trio of Gilliard, Herrera and Sulek was better than Thomas, Harton and Malcome.

You know what I'm saying? Like, the falloff from Crowell to any of the other backs is a greater decline compared to the drop to Mike G, Amarlo and Sulek.

Against Boise, in the heat of the moment the staff didn't trust Amarlo yet. And Gilliard couldn't play the Moe. So… Yeah…

2. Nine months to prepare for the game and then Bobo runs Samuel up the middle on a draw play....after an offsides penalty. He must have scouted some plays from the local Pop Warner teams.

Hey, there's always next year… At least for some of us.

3. I know a lot of UGA fans are against oversigning to the degree of Arkansas or Ole Miss or Bammer. However, oversigning by a couple each year would have us with approximately 8 more players. We sure could use some more OL and LB's. It is really start to hurt more and more.

It's not cheating… And done tactfully, it works in both the roster management side of things and the PR department. I'm just sayin'.

I don't agree with oversigning and running kids off from your program. That's not fair. But there is an art to conducting oversigning in a professional manner. You can be ready for some attrition if you do it right.

4. Overall I thought the defense did a pretty good job against one of the best offensive teams in the country. We held our own against the run and they didn't complete any long passes. However, on several occasions their receivers were wide open within 15 yards of the line of scrimmage. What happened?

The defense played a lot of Cover Two… And was on the field a long, long time. And ‘Tree was hurt on the second series… And Boise is epic in terms of exploiting a team's weakness.

5. Why couldn't our BIG boys get any pressure on the next triple crown winner, uh, I mean Moore?

Moore was taking three step drops… It's hard for a 350 pound man to get to anybody that's passing after only three steps. Again, I don't know what could have been done. I just know that Moore wasn't sacked all game, but when he was pressured (two or three times) he did make a bad throw or two. I try not to let facts get in the way, but sometimes they're right.

6. Strength and conditioning has really, uh, er, ummm, improved....don't cha know?

Well, at least the whole team is in the weight room during the offseason now, right?

7. Does Richt hate to lose as much as he did when he first arrived at UGA or is he numb to it now?

Richt's a competitive person. No doubt there. Nobody likes losing. So, I'd say the Boise loss hit him about as hard as the Florida loss in '02. It's how you respond to losses… That's the key.

14dawgs47 asks: Is it hard to here the count from the right side of line.

It must be…

Do you have knowledge of any quick running plays in our play book or do you think its better to start your tailback from a dead stop out of the shot gun, wait a second untill the d-line is through then hand it off.

You're winding up… Don't stop now.

What is your take of jeremy sulek> He actually didn't do to bad but what does that say about the ability of our other LB.

Sulek is knowledgeable. He's a bright guy, a finance major. But a walk-on should only be in a major position (like inside linebacker) only under extreme circumstances. That's all there is to say about it.

The Columbus boys did good (I thought), Bruce great block on BB's big run IC good job and Jarvis you are the man. also great job to Malcom. does he play more and earlier now.

All good points. Jarvis was all over the place. Isaiah made the most of what he could. And yes, Malcolm Mitchell needs early targets and throws his way.

willbeezy asks: I formation, I formation, I formation. Toss sweep, dive, counter, play action. Is it possible to never go to the shotgun again? What did Murray do to the offensive line before the game and has he apologized?

These are getting better as we go along…

SECDawg2828 asks: Name the # of wins that 1) Richt needs to get to stay the head coach.

I think eight is a minimum (and that could be a stretch). Nine wins would probably do the trick (but it really depends on which teams those three losses come against). The schedule this season is about as easy as it's going to ever be… Nine wins this season isn't nearly as impressive as in years past…

Tough times…

2) Bobo needs to be retained as the offensive coordinator?

As Richt goes, so does Bobo. If Richt is here, Bobo will be too.

AlltelDawg asks: Did OC just completely whiff on the DE on the 4th and 1 play?(all he had to do was chip him and its a first down).

Richt was asked about this play Wednesday night. He denied that was Orson's guy… I dunno. Looked like to me it would have been Orson's block. If it wasn't his guy, I'm not sure who was supposed to get him.

Thank God MM didn't get the 15yd penalty after what he did after his TD. luckily the Refs were on the other side of the field and weren't expecting us to score.

It's crazy to think Nike would create these amazing looking gloves – these trendy pair of cutting edge technological advancing gloves - without the player actually being able to show them off after a big play.

It would be like taking a kid Trick-or-Treating all night and then jerking the candy away.

Can we expect anything different this weekend?

Sound execution? The team has what it has. The players won't change. The scheme won't change. It will be a hell of lot more fun to watch if the team is prepared and executes. That's for sure.

hammerdawg1 asks: Why has CMR chosen to let Bobo be the anchor that will drag him to the unemployment line.

Still picking up steam…

What do you think Bobo's next career move will be?

If Bobo were to leave Georgia, he'd be hired fairly quickly at another SEC school as the QB coach. Bobo is a great recruiter, and he is a great QB coach. Would be an easy scoop for another SEC program.

trooperdawg980 asks: Were you as surprised as me to see our players starting to cramp up in the second quarter?

Defensively, no I wasn't. It was the first game of the season – but that works two ways. First game of the year means you should be fresh. True. But it also means you haven't played in a game yet (duh), which can take some getting used to. Even for guys in the pros.

All that double talk aside, the defense was on the field way too long.

The offense had four first downs in the first half… and when success was had, it came on a very quick blast. The defense was on the field too much… And was using the same players way too often.

TripleB asks: 1. Where's the new UGA dog? Aren't we still using Russ?

Yeah Russ is still hanging around. I feel bad for the guy. He's obviously not qualified for the job. He was thrust into the role with no warning or notice. And everybody keeps asking when he'll be replaced.

Some days you're the dog. Some days you're the hydrant. For Russ, some days you're both.

2. Can John Theus graduate today from HS and join our team please? What can YOU do to make this happen?

John would be the starter at right tackle right now. No doubt about it. Sadly, I can't help out here. And I don't think the old switcheroo jersey change will work with John and Bean. They couldn't be more opposite.

3. Why is Shaq's commitment silent at the moment?

Ah yes, the old silent commit trick. There was some scuttle a few weeks back that Shaq had committed to Georgia.

I was never involved in all that. Shaq could be a silent. That's a win-win for the recruit every time. You can have a spot reserved and still look around and be courted. That could be the case here… Or he could still be open. I know Memphis and UCLA have given him something to think about.

By the way, I saw him play football not long ago. He made one hell of a catch – leaping up and tapping a pass that was seemingly 10 feet over his head and catching it as he was falling down. Kid is smooth and athletic… Needs to pick basketball and stick with that though.

blackize asks: what's up with Ray Drew, why didn't he get to play?

I have no clue. Perhaps the coaches didn't feel comfortable playing him yet because of the shoulder injury he had. Or maybe he just got lost in the shuffle as the staff tried to use the best players possible to get back in the game.

I spoke to Ray Wednesday. He said he's been getting more reps in practice this week, especially in nickel situations. Sounds like the coaches are trying to bring Ray up to speed.

I think many expected Drew to take some time. He's going from playing defensive end at the high school level to manning outside linebacker in a complicated scheme.

With that said, I don't expect Drew to redshirt or not play. He's going to get in there sooner or later.

BlueCat92 asks: 1.Why does a coach that has been here so long have depth issues at so many different positions?

‘Tis perplexing. And I could go on a case-by-case here… But really, it shouldn't happen. It just shouldn't be this dire. I understand depth concerns at a position or two. But if you look at it, this team has trouble at RB, OL, OLB, ILB and S (Walk-on Conner Norman was the chief backup against Boise. When Shawn Williams got hurt, Norman was out there. Could you imagine if Williams had been out for long? Sulek and Norman leading the charge in an all-out walk-on movement!)

2.Dont seem to matter who our O-Line coach is we still have the same O-Line problems for several years running now, Why?

Recruiting. It's all in the recruiting. There aren't enough bodies at the position, which means there is no margin for error. If a player gets hurt, it's trouble. If a player isn't very good, it's trouble.

It's recruiting.

3.Why does coach Richt seem so unwilling to talk about the real issues? He alway's looks at the positives. I know you have to build on them. But, if you arent asking the hard questions and dealing with the real problems nothing will get fixed.

Richt has always put on a good front for the media and public. I'm not saying it's insincere… But he can get after players in practice. I've seen it. He can be fiery. I've heard him say a cuss word (gasp!).

But Richt has always been mild mannered and consistently pleasant when talking to the media. It's just the way he is. Always has been. As mentioned in my intro, Richt has been a little testy this week. But for the most part, he's not going to lose his cool. He's not going to give a negative soundbite. That frustrates some. And pleases others.

dawgfan1024 asks: Have you or Dean actually seen the blackmail pictures that Bobo has of Richt? Are they as bad as we think they are?

I think Bobo has the evidence that could finally unlock the case…Mark Richt is actually Helen Hunt! Seriously, Google it. Get with the theory...

Bobo can prove as much… And that's why he's set. This could explain the dips in recruiting – You know, I'm gonna cut this short before I get in trouble. But just so you know… I was ready to ramble on about this one for a good six or seven paragraphs.

graydog25 asks: Will Ray Drew and T.J. Stripling be ready to go, and if so, could we see JJones slide to ILB some and would that be our best move base on how we will match up against usce, we have to stop Lattimore number one and I like our chance better with this group rather than playing a walk on and moving Gilliard to a position it has now been said he has not practiced, this is assuming we truly cross trained JJones at ILB. Also do you think we could see RWilson some?

Yeah… Brace yourself… Apparently, Jones has NOT been cross training at inside linebacker. The staff wants to keep Jones at OLB because they like what he's doing there (indeed). Unless everybody lied to me this week and just said that to confuse South Carolina. After the Rambo fiasco, I'm not ruling anything out.

The only guys cross training are Vasser and Wilson (who needs more time to learn)… Wait, you're shaking your head no… But… Yeah… I know. You're right.

Your best hope is that Amarlo and Gilliard get ready. That's your best hope.

Grantham has plenty of players to rotate in so my last question is, when our Defense is put in bad positions and on the field a lot, why are we not rotating more players in especially at this time of year in the heat, this is the biggest problem I have with Grantham and for the life of me can not understand why he lets everyone get so tired which in result causes more injuries, and these back ups end up having to play anyways

Valid point – The only answer I can give here is that Grantham must not trust the players he isn't playing. And you're right, that has led to players like Jarvis Jones and Christian Robinson playing every snap. Last season, I don't think Justin Houston and Akeem Dent came off the field much. Maybe that's what led to Houston's rep taking a hit for not playing hard every down.

RedRaider78 asks: fletcher, do you honestly think cmr has lost his swagger with the players (of course 90% of the fans think so)? or do you think this is a normal stretch with a long term coach like bowden,peterno,dooley ect. ??i know cmr is not in their category but i'm more meaning earlier in there career

That could be the case. It's hard to win year in and year out in the SEC. All those coaches you mentioned had a down moment or three in their career. The difference now is I don't think there is nearly as much patience anymore. Fans want instant gratification. And there's too much money at stake for universities to mess around with a coach who can't win.

I know most of the players I talk to still respect coach Richt. And there are some that don't like him. That's how it works on every level—pee wee to middle school to high school to college to the pros. Winning solves a lot of these issues… And losing intensifies these feelings.

sixtydegree asks: Which will happen first, Bobo calling more than 5 plays in a game or our defense holding a team under 21 points?

This is a great one to end on… After all the questions and statements in this edition of the Sack, one would think you guys don't really care for this Mike Bobo fella.

I'm hitting the back door and heading out…

Turn out the lights boys, the party's over (this has nothing to do with Mark Richt's tenure)… We outta here baby… Thank y'all for coming.

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