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Every time I see The Shawshank Redemption on cable my remote control might as well lose its batteries.

Never fails – I'll watch through the commercials and editing of the bad language. That stuff doesn't matter to me. The movie – centering on the prison life relationship of falsely convicted Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) and Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding (Morgan Freeman) – is probably my most favorite movie that I talk the least amount about.

For me, the film touches on three emotions: A) fear of being falsely accused of a crime that one could legitimately commit (Dufresne's wife and lover are slain). B) Being able to relate or almost seduced by the bond of friendship day-to-day prison life produces (aside from the rape scenes). C) The craving of freedom and living exactly the way you want.

And for some reason, this movie reminds me of Bacarri Rambo. Now I know what you're thinking – if any film is going to remind me of the junior safety, it should be Sylvester Stallone's Rambo. I could probably make that comparison, too. But not today.

I feel as if Rambo was convicted of a crime he did not commit last season. Many people blasted him for loafing, for not knowing what he was doing, for playing badly, for looking lost, for playing tentative.

I'm not saying Rambo was perfect. Just like Dufresne's conviction in Shawshank, accusing Rambo of his crime appeared legitimate. There were plays he got burned (most notably in the season opener for a long touchdown pass).

But he publicly took the blame for those mistakes each time. Here's Rambo's statline for 2010: 82 tackles (second-best on the team), three interceptions (tied for team high), three forced fumbles (team high), three pass breakups, three QB hurries and five tackles for loss.

He started every game while three players took turns looking lost in pass coverage beside him at the other safety position.

All offseason, quite a few people took turns bashing Rambo. Some were nice about it – claiming a hit Rambo suffered in the 2009 Auburn game (where he was carted off the field) changed him, made him timid. Others weren't as nice about their disdain for Rambo, essentially saying he was terrible and should be replaced.

While Rambo was in the limbo in the lead-up to the Boise State season opener, some fans wished aloud that he was suspended because they'd rather him be on the sideline instead of playing.

"I'd pick someone besides Rambo to confuse Boise State," one poster said. "What part of Rambo's play last year makes you think he should start?," another person tweeted to me.

I was thinking… What part of Shawn Williams' play last year makes you think HE should start.

Apparently everybody on defense got a pass since it was the first season under Todd Grantham. Except Rambo. Never mind the fact that he was a sophomore acting as a full time starter for the first time.

"Like last year, I knew some of the plays, but I was still learning," he said. "Now I know the spots to defend and all the certain coverages. I understand how important leverage is and footwork and technique and all that. That's the type of stuff I focused on this offseason with Coach Grantham."

Also, Rambo was accused of loafing – while outside linebacker Justin Houston was praised while taking plays off all season.

So, what does Rambo do in his return against South Carolina? Six tackles. An interception. Two pass breakups. Catching an onsides kick that could have led to an even greater Georgia lead at the time… Only it was negated after a bang-bang call for offsides (and I thought a tie went to the runner).

What does Rambo say first about his stellar play? "I felt pretty good just being out there with the fellas again," he answers. "I really love playing with those guys."

Stuck in Shawshank, Andy makes the most of his time. He writes state reps for grant money to set up the best prison library in the nation. He does the whole prison staff's taxes. He aids other inmates in getting an education. And he keeps the books for Warden Norton – all while plotting his eventual escape.

I think Rambo is putting in productive work, too. And will continue to do so.

Andy crawled to freedom through 500 yards of foulness I can't even imagine. He made it to the other side. Rambo is still stuck in the mess, convicted in the questionable court of public opinion.

I hope one day his haters will come to their senses. But stuck on the inside of Shawshank for most of his life, Red reminds us:

"Let me tell you something my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane."

With all that said... Ladies and gentlemen, you already know what it is... Let's get it poppin'.

Aspendawg: Fletch, I may have missed it already, but any new updates on "The Rev"? Is his shoulder still bothering him too much, or are the coaches planning on shirting him this year? Thanks.

I'm still a believer in Ray Drew playing this year. And I think we'll see the prophecy fulfilled this weekend.

Drew says his shoulder is fine. I think he was held out of the last two games because playing those offenses ain't no joke. Drew is still learning. And the position – while not deep in Jarvis Jones-type talent, isn't as depleted as inside linebacker is.

Look for Drew to play against Coastal. Grantham isn't a big advocate in redshirting.

nayah: What's the pulse of the team right now?

Depends… I'd say during 11-on-11 at practice, about 175 beats per minute.

I apologize. Sarcasm, or #sarcasm, isn't usually my gig. The team seems fine. The quotes are somewhere between ‘We're just getting better every day,' and ‘We're circling the wagons.'

There's not any panic. I think the players realize they got beat by two really good teams and nearly beat the favorite for the SEC East. 10 games left to go and a lot football to be played.

Wait… Is that… Why yes, it's Mark Richt entering the Mailbag!

"There's not a cloud hanging over us. There might be perceptively, but as far as what I'm seeing in our staff meetings, what I'm seeing as we prepared throughout the day and night, what I'm seeing with these guys and their belief in each other and what we're doing, they know. If the game went the other way, then Georgia is the frontrunner in the East. Everybody would start thinking about all the positive possibilities. Is the difference between winning and losing that big of a difference between where we are? I don't think there is. We're going to keep improve, and after this week we got a four-game stretch before an open date with some Southeastern Conference foes and we'll just battle them one at a time and see where we are at."

Boy, that sure was a mouthful. Thanks Coach… See you next time.

What has CMR's demeanor been this week in practice?

Only Jimmy Hoffa's body language is more consistent than Richt's (wherever Hoffa may be).

Richt has been status quo. He gets after players during practice, and answers our somewhat decent questions afterwards. Last week he was a little perturbed by repeatedly fielding the same question – I noted that break from the usual in my intro last week. Richt's been Richt this week.

How are Crowell's ribs, and could they possibly hold him out of the Coastal Carolina game???

I don't know much about his cooking, but Crowell says he's playing this weekend.

Is it time to put Aron White on the back of a milk carton because he's been M.I.A in each of the 1st two games?

He's struggling with a sprained MCL right now… That and Orson Charles is really good.

Is Rome likely to redshirt?

At this point, he's either going to play this weekend or be redshirted.

"Let's face it, he is sitting behind a pretty strong corps of tight ends right now," Richt said.

While Richt is currently 0-2… Nayah, you my friend are 2-0 here in the Mailbag at eliciting Richt responses.

Do you see our receivers becoming a strength as the season goes on?

I have no issue with the receivers. The group is fairly deep and extremely diverse. There's a white kid (Bennett). A Florida kid (Wooten). A Georgia kid (King) A little bit of both kid. ("Tampa" Mitchell). A Tennessee kid (Brown). And a ‘should've played baseball' kid (Troupe).

In all seriousness, the receivers are fine. I thought they played excellent in the second half against South Carolina. The line has to do its job to help this unit out to some degree (as witnessed in the Boise State game). Don't expect one person to carry the unit, as I see five guys remaining in the rotation all year long.

TNLogDog asks: Will we see Tree by the time we head to Knoxville?

Interesting thought – if ‘Tree and Robinson can heal up a little quicker than expected; both could be playing in that game. I could see Robinson making it back for Tennessee or maybe even State. I think the safe bet is for 'Tree to return for Vandy, but I'm not ruling either out at this point. Depending on what happens when Mississippi State comes to town, that Tennessee game could be huge.

Really though, they're all huge at this point (that's what she said).

If Dean gets taken out on the side lines by Crowell or any other players again this week, what is the chance you get the call to take pictures?

I had a few chuckles over this one… In case any of you missed it, check 1:23 into this clip of Crowell's second touchdown against South Carolina.

Watch carefully. And of course, enjoy. Yeah… That's Dean that Crowell barrels into after the score.

Speaking of pictures – You guys get on my case from time to time when the Mail Sack isn't delivered promptly on time. I understand your frustration in these instances and am always working to improve your experience.

But where have the photo galleries following games gone? And more importantly, why does nobody complain when Dean doesn't post them? Hmmmm…. Help me out here people – Don't let the man get away with this…

CaDawgFan asks: Do you think Ken Malcome will ever see anything meaningful on the field, or will he be another D-Jax?

Boo's in a tough spot here ( Damn, he's in a tight spot).

Isaiah Crowell is in the same class as Malcome, but it appears only in terms of eligiibility (that was a lame attempt at play on words. Or a word).

And if Malcome does have a niche, it's a bruising ‘take on all punishment' style. Well, Richard Samuel has that market covered. While both are about as fragile as a row full of porcelain at a Franklin County, Tenn., flea market, I think Samuel will be the guy the coaches use five to 10 times a game to give Crowell a breather.

Until Samuel suffers a serious injury, Malcome will be on the sideline.

trooperdawg980 asks: Whose the starting L/B's for Coastal? Isn't it ironic that the one position we could afford attrition the least is where we lose both starters? Does it make you wonder if someone has put a curse on the team? That's a joke, but it does appear that anything negative possible seems to find this team at the worst time.

There is no curse (yet), but there is a pattern here. Two inside linebackers go down in the first two weeks of the season, each with a foot injury. Hmmm… Didn't Nike introduce a new pair of Pro Combat cleats for the opener. Two series in, Ogletree goes down. Aha! A week later, still adjusting back to the old style of shoes, Robinson's succumbs to shoe confusion. Aha!

Blame Nike – As far as the starting linebackers, I don't think it really matters this week. I could see Mike Gilliard at, of all places, the ‘Mike' (which is mildly entertaining to me). And me personally, I'd run Amarlo Herrera out there at the ‘Moe' so he can gain experience in a game that is nowhere close to lose-able.

I know Shawn Williams has been working there this week, but he's not a long-term option, and he's been playing solid at safety.

I expect to see a lot of our third running back this week, I just don't have a clue who it will be. Any ideas on who gets the third most carries this week and is there any chance Crowell or Samuel are held out this week to heal?

I agree with you – just about everybody will get involved this week. I think Samuel could sit if needed. He doesn't need any experience. His weaknesses won't be cured by getting extra reps in a meaningless game.

But I think Isaiah stands to gain by playing quite a bit Saturday. He needs to continue growing as a pass blocker. Live reps will help his weaknesses.

As for the third back, I think Carlton Thomas will be the guy. Harton and Malcome will probably see ‘Kalvin Daniels' type carries.

Sitting here thinking what a p--- poor weekend it was for Georgia sports. Braves get swept and the Falcons get embarrassed. Braves seem to be spiraling downwards and the Falcons can't seem to get off the deck. Who would you be more concerned with, the Falcons who lost all 4 pre-season games and the opener (with the Eagles up next) or the Braves who just got swept by the Cardinals and have lost their wild card lead down to 41/2 games? Notice no mention of GT who really isn't relevant in the world of sports. I think I better go to sleep now before I think of something else.

Anyway, I'd be more concerned with the Braves. I still think they're going to make the playoffs, but the Phillies are clearly a better team. I think if all things were equal, the Braves would be a strong contender to be the second-best team in the NL.

But injuries to the pitching staff and a lack of a consistent offense due to so many different lineups has me thinking the NL playoffs is the ceiling for this team.

On the other hand, the Falcons still have 15 games to get going. They've got too many offensive weapons not to contend for the NFC South. Their defense concerns me most – which has been the case for some time now.

You and Dean keep up the good work. Still the best site around IMO.

We'll drink to that!

14dawgs47 asks: What is the feel at practice.

Business as usual… I think with 10 games left in the season and certain goals still attainable, the attitude is where it needs to be.

Speaking of the o-line are pushing some of the younger guys to be ready, this could be a valuable game to get them some time.

I agree. I could see David Andrews (unless they're absolutely trying to redshirt him) and/or Watts Dantzler getting in there.

Our rec did a lot better last game but M Brown still is not getting the targets I would like to see what is you perspective on his play.

Right on about the receivers… Marlon's ankle is bothering him… Quite a bit actually. That could be what is holding him back.

who all do you see the coaches getting in to this game.

Of the freshman, I bet Dantzler, Drew, Moore, Wilson and Swann are safe bets. The more the merrier, in my opinion.

What do you think of Andrew Jelks, is he somebody we may still offer.

If he's not, he should be. He is a little undersized at 260 pounds, but with a 6-6 frame he should be able to fill out. He has offers from Alabama, Mississippi State and Tennessee. That's good enough for me. Georgia needs to sign as many linemen as it can in this class (and every class for that matter).

BlackDeathD asks: Is Crowell our best OLmen? It seems like everything he takes the field out OL run blocks better.

It's funny how a great running back can make an average line look better…

Crowell is kind of like big lens sunglasses for average looking people (I'm looking at you eighth-best looking sorority chick and Kid Rock). They mask weakness. They enhance what you're really working with. They turn ugly into something that looks superlative. Too much? Let's move on.

Do you feel Crowell's performance maybe overshadowed Micheal Bennett's performance? He did make some key catches.

Bennett only had three catches – but two of them were crucial. That grab on third down in the second half was—

"I thought that was one of the best catches I've ever seen," Richt interrupts to say. "And especially how important it was at that moment."

Yep. That is correct. As you can see, Bennett was not overshadowed in the eyes of those who count most.

IMO do you feel Crowell on the field helps Murray's do his thing more than Samuel? I mean sure Crowell is young and learning to pass block but in the future when Crowell is out there DC will be taking some pressure off of Murray to keep an eye on what Crowell is doing. He could grow into someone that must be accounted for.

I fully endorse that product.

theburnem asks: 1. It is obviously a big hit losing Christian Robinson when he is proving to be a true anchor that we haven't given him credit for. Can we hold on until him and Tree get back without a loss?

I don't see Georgia losing to Coastal Carolina or Ole Miss. I think Robinson has an outside chance of making it back for the State game. And ‘Tree could be back for the Tennessee game the following week.

Even with Robinson back, State is going to be tough. I know LSU just shellacked them, but the Bulldogs are physical. That's a game Georgia needs to win to show they can win SEC brawls.

2. Will Crowell rush for 200 yards against Costal Carolina? Will he break the 1k mark this year?

I'll take the under on the 200-yard mark for Saturday. But I think Isaiah hits the 1K plateau rather easily by season's end.

3. Is Washington going to step up or will Drew take over before the season ends?

Two things here… A) I don't ever see Washington developing into a complete, consistent game-changer. His hips are too stiff. He can't move well enough. He's a decent college football player and there's nothing wrong with that. He'll make a play or two here and there, but then he'll disappear for a while. That's my take.

B) I don't think Ray Drew will become a starter – at least not on an every down basis – this season. He has a lot to learn, and he's never played without his hand in the ground. Will take some time.

4. Are we going to have to go a Juco route this year to fill depth badly needed at inside backer?

I don't know if they will or not… The unit will lose only Sulek at the end of the year. Perhaps Samuel moves back once Marshall signs in February – I'm kidding. Sorta.

I could see Georgia going the junior college route, but if they don't I think Amarlo Herrera and Ramik Wilson getting older will help ease the lack of ‘proven' depth.

5. Who will get the majority of snaps at the two insider linebacker positions with Christian and Tree out?

I would say Gilliard at the ‘Mike' and Herrera at the ‘Moe' is a reasonable look. I bet Williams, Sulek and Wilson will get some looks, too.

6. What is your personal take on the recent commitments of the basketball team and are we going to be able to pull a big name out of the hat?

I think the best chance Georgia has of landing a big name lies with Shaq Goodwin. It appears Fox and staff have done a good job recruiting the skilled forward, and there is even a rumor going around that he is either a silent commit or he wanted to verbal to Georgia not long ago.

Either way, he's the best shot.

Of the current commitments, there is a lot to work with there – a lot of raw talent and potential. None of the three, Mann, Gaines or Morris, have hit their full potential and all are supremely athletic. They're not good shooters at the moment, but they're explosive athletes.

7. When will Murray settle down? He was lethal after his pick 6.

I think inconsistent line play has hurt Murray – literally. He's taken quite a few shots this year. The 8-for-8 drive after the interception took place after the offensive staff got away from play action and went to a shorter and quicker passing game with wide receivers running underneath routes.

Murray torched South Carolina in the second half. He was 16 of 21 in the final two quarters. Had it not been for those three disastrous plays that led to South Carolina points, Murray's day would have been record setting (hell, it already was. His four touchdowns was a personal best).

But one mistake tends to take away 99 good plays in the realm of perception.

Murray needs to keep doing what he's doing – and he needs to stop trying to do too much. If that makes any sense.

Thanks, great job on the sack. The bigger the better, lots of good reading and laughs during a long midnight shift.

That's what I'm here for. Thanks for joining in on the fun.

UGA53MAIN asks: When is Samuel going to be replaced by Malcome? How bad did UGA waste this kids talent? IC is head and shoulder better than him.

Excuse me for that not fully understanding this one – I don't see Malcome ever replacing anybody. He can't stay healthy. If you're referring to Samuel being wasted, I agree in part. He should be a linebacker and should have been from the start.

But I understand why the coaches started him at running back in 2008 (everybody knew Knowshon was going to bolt and Caleb King was always a liability).

And I understand why they moved him back to running back this year (the depth at inside linebacker, while still slim, is better in terms of talent than what is behind Crowell at tailback).

WHY does Bobo want to pass in the red zone after we run the ball all the way down the field?

Only Bradley Cooper in Limitless could get to the bottom of the algorithm that is Bobo, his playcalling and the way fans feel about the whole damn thing.

That would take a whole batch of NZT to figure out. He'd be poppin' that stuff like candy and still struggling.

Who would Kirby Smart bring in to run the 3-4 IF he was out next HC?

Wow… I have no clue on this one, but props for finding a new button on an extremely worn out keyboard. I'd imagine it would be another disciple of Saban… But again, I'm not sure at all.

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: 1. I thought we played a good bit better on Saturday. Take out a few big plays and we win easily. What should be done to prepare us for these big plays?

I'm not sure the team wasn't prepared – I mean, the onsides kick was a bang-bang play. The fumbled exchange between Murray and Crowell came on the very next play after Murray came up limping. I don't think Murray got deep enough into the backfield when he was handing that ball off… The last Murray fumble happened because Murray was trying to salvage the play by throwing the ball away.

How do you prepare for these kinds of mistakes? I don't think you can. The interception might fall on the coaches – the play call was rather predictable. But Aaron didn't have to throw the ball to Orson there.

I'm not putting the whole loss on Murray or falling back on the hated "execution" term, but I thought the team was prepared.

2. What is causing Murray to play below his level? The weak OL, no AJ, shotgun?

It's not shotgun… Remember, it wasn't that long ago that people feared Murray would have a difficult time playing from under center. Now people say the shotgun is hurting him. I don't buy that.

I think it's a combination of poor line play and the fact that Georgia just played two really damn good defenses. Some times you don't play well. Some times you get your ass beat.

Murray had flashes of brilliance (the 8-for-8 drive following the pick). He just needs to be more consistent and take care of the football.

3. What do you make of Keith Marshall speaking with McGarity? Is it common for a recruit to speak with the AD?

I, too, found that meeting to be interesting. I'd never heard of something quite like that. I think it's pretty telling what is going on with Marshall's recruitment – If Richt is the coach then I think Marshall is going to sign with Georgia. I'll give the young man some credit, that's a pretty heady move.

But really though, what else is McGarity going to say in that position other than the company line?

4. How many more can Coach Fox sign in this class? How do you rate his first three commits?

The numbers says Georgia can only take four. They'll have nine returning on scholarship next season. That's if everybody comes back. I think the numbers could work out where Fox could take five if he needed to. If both Shaq Goodwin and Robert Carter want to commit, I think Fox could make it work.

You catch my drift?

Of the three players they have committed now, I see a lot of raw athletic ability. Not very good shooters, that's for sure. But I can see what Fox is doing. He's recruiting body types – he's recruiting basketball-looking players. You're seeing athletic, long and rangy guys flowing into Athens. They may not be as highly rated or as polished, but they have raw talent.

gadawgluver asks: If our defense holds the number 12 team in the country to 17 points (offense gives them 28), does that make our defense AVERAGE?

No, I don't think the defense has been the problem this season. Not even close.

If our offense has the number one running back in the country, the quarterback who got the most yardage as a freshman of any in the SEC ever, Figgens as a fullback who can definitely run a route and catch the ball, Mitchell who showed his BLAZING speed on a highlight film with ESPN and afterburners, O. Charles, and Ben Jones , Boykin at times, and more tools, does that make them AVERAGE?

In terms of talent, certainly not. The offensive line depth/competition leaves a lot to be desired though.

With the talent we have on special teams, two lights out kickers, Number 2, and more are they AVERAGE?

No, the special teams are something close to epic right now.

I think we are becoming a very, very good football team. If we have three bad plays instead of 4, this past Saturday we win. We will, due to youth and our coaches being able to hold them together, just like last year and the kid going for the 1000 bucks messed it up, will become a very good team. What reason to you or do you believe otherwise?

I don't see any reason (on paper) why Georgia should lose many of it's remaining 10 games. The schedule sets up nicely. I agree with you, this team has a lot of talent – and young talent at that.

How much demonstrated evidence or stats did you see Saturday against SC that this team is capable and getting better and can play with most anyone or did you?

I thought Georgia outplayed South Carolina and could have, or should have, won the game. If the onsides kick hadn't been negated or the Crowell/Murray exchange hadn't led to a fumble, Georgia probably would have taken control.

But the Bulldogs didn't take control. And now 18 of their last 30 losses have been decided by seven points or less.

Are you a disney dawg if evidence points to you can become very good or not?

I don't think so. You are entitled to your own thoughts and opinions. I imagine if you're deemed a ‘Disney Dawg' because of your optimistic views of the team, then you're probably a positive person in other realms of this life. There is nothing wrong with being Disney or Doomsday. You're family and friends may not like you as much at certain times – but then again, you may not like them at times either.

That's pretty much what our society is about – acknowledging other people's right to have a different opinion – and then talking about how stupid they are once they're far enough away that they can't hear you.

Fletch, in 1979 Dooley's team was 5-6. He was getting beat playing less than the number 3 or 12 team in the country, TN. Walker saved him and helped us get a national championship.


Should he have been fired after 1979 or if he had not won it all should he have been fired maybe curtailing his way to the Hall of Fame?

History says no.

How do Hall of Fame coaches have 5-6 years and why are they not terminated? Shouldn't more money have been spent of someone else at the end of 1979?

So, wait… Do you want Richt to remain coach or be fired? I can't tell… I hear what you're saying. I'm not sure there is as much patience in anything these days. Maybe Dooley wouldn't have survived in today's age. Maybe Joe Paterno wouldn't have either. Maybe…

ralphes asks: Who should make most of the tackles on a team, DL, LB or DB?

In this 3-4 scheme, the leading tackler will almost always be the inside linebacker. That's just the way it's designed. Last season, Akeem Dent led by far (126 tackles to Rambo's 82). I think without injuries, Christian Robinson or Ogletree would have led this year.

Jarvis Jones could end up winning this race if he stays healthy. He's been all over the place.

RedRaider78 asks: if we offered Hershel enough money, do you think he would take any position in uga program? a mentor, running backs coach, strength and condit, offensive coordinator lol? and do you think he would be a good fit? me for 1 would like to see him even more involved with the boys/team and program than what he is now. and as much as a legend is to the university of ga. i would also like to see a few . statues of hershel through out athens and around campus or lil bit more of anything to sell uga to the younger boys, i know alot of these boys was not born when hershel was toting the rock but i would be willing to bet they still no #34.

It's a nice thought, but— Wait… Is that?!? My God it's Herschel Walker in the Mailbag!!!!

Well, could you be a coach, Herschel?

"No. I'd probably kill someone if I get into coaching. My thing is, I don't have patience. I've worked with some people off and on. During the offseason I train people off and on, but I have no patience. I have a little boy. I've had to develop patience with him because he drives me crazy sometimes. My thing is when you perform, you perform to win. You're not going to win them all, but you go out to perform to win. When you work, you work to win. I work all the time. I love to work. I can tell someone to do this, and after about the third time, I'm going to start to get mad. I've got to develop some patience, so I don't know if I could coach. Probably be a general manager. They don't have a general manager in college do they? What do they have? AD. Well, tell Greg (McGarity) I'm not running for AD. I'm going to be the assistant AD. Who's the assistant AD? Well I want to be one of them. Put me down too. I was just joking Claude (Felton, Sports Information Director)."

Being present for that quote was pretty neat. Thanks for stopping by Herschel…

also i read the other day on the post but no one could answer it, so im not sure if there is anything to it. was hershel the last to wear the #34 for uga? if not who did? and when did uga retire the #34 jersey?

Walker's jersey number was retired in 1985… So that leaves a very short window for another player to have worn the heralded digits Herschel made famous.

This all happened about two years before I was born. Luckily, I was alive when Bill Elliott won the title in 1988. Anyway, the person to ask is Felton. And I will do so Saturday at the game and post it on the board for you.

for closing, i have read several post these last few months about one of cmr weakness may be in the recruiting field. i know he gets players like crowell, drew, stafford, moreno and on and on. were does he fall short if you even thinks he does? is it not oversigning or to many not working out or to many misses and does the rest of the teams in the sec have the same problem?

You're hitting on where I think the weakness is… Georgia has not had a problem getting top, elite talent. There is no shortage of what I call for-sure NFL guys. A program can only get so many of these types, and Georgia gets it's share.

Where I think Georgia has tailed off is in stocking the roster full of next tier talent… Think of this as the C.J. Byrd, Kris Durham-types. You know, guys who are multi-year starters but aren't always the star-studded kind of players. Guys like Shawn Williams, who were three-star kids, took some time to develop and ultimately become solid starters for two seasons.

I think that speaks to evaluation woes on the recruiting trail. A lack of ‘beating the bushes,' as they say.

It's easy to go out and offer Reshad Jones and Aaron Murray… But Georgia doesn't have many stories like Mark Ingram or Thomas Davis or Tim Jennings anymore.

I think the staff got the wake up call in 2010. That class, overall, was terrible. But really, if you go back and look at it, the 2006 class was top heavy. 2007 was mainly about recruits the coaches missed out on instead of the players they got. 2008 was the type of class that Georgia should recruit at all times, but this group suffered a lot of attrition. 2009 was fine, with guys still proving themselves. 2010 was a major setback. 2011 was the response to that.

That last paragraph is a model of inconsistency. And up and down years on the recruiting trail will ALWAYS come back to bite you down the road.

jca239 asks: In the past we have had a recruit or recruits take on the added responsibility of "encouraging" the best to come play with them at UGA. Ray Drew was probably most notable last year in this cause. Of the current commitments, is there a person who has championed this effort? Do you have any specific examples?

Yeah, there are a couple of gu—

Magic Man steps in to assist: FYI, Quayvon Hicks has been mentioned by writers as assuming the role Drew played last year. A recent article quoted Hicks as saying that he was focusing on his season currently, but he plans to get in the ear of Jenkins and a few others.

Magic is correct… And to his Shake, I'll add this Bake… John Theus has been instrumental in talking up Georgia. Derrick Henry, Chester Brown, Keith Marshall, Brice Ramsey, etc. have all mentioned "how awesome they think John Theus is."

And of those who seem to be UGA "leans" who looks like the type of recruit that would join in that effort to bring the best to UGA wiht him?

At this time, I think Marshall is the most vocal about Richt and the team.

BTW - you ever play any inside linebacker???

I played a little QB, RB, WR and CB back in the day – back when the games technically didn't count as much. I was more of a point guard in my glory days.

I've since put those guns in the ground… I can't shoot them anymore.

BigBandMan asks: Fletch --- Our record since the end of 2008 is 12 wins and 15 losses; not including 3 victories over teams below our weight class, Tenn Tech, Idaho State, and La. Lafayette --- That is hard to believe --- Even more difficult to accept when considering the resources of UGA and the fertile recruiting area of the State --- Not sure this coaching staff is giving a fair return on the generous financial and emotional investments of the the University, the Players, and the Fan Base --- Soooo 2 Questions --- 1.) When does Richt's contract expire?

The contract is in Richt's favor at the present moment – It runs through 2013.

--- 2.) What is the approximate buy out figure if he is released after the Ga Tech game?

I believe the buyout is between $5 and $7 million. I'm not positive on the exact figure, but it's somewhere in that ballpark.

MagicMan31 returns to ask: Do you expect Cordy Glenn to stay at LT all year? Imo, he doesn't look nearly as natural at LT as he did at OG. He was dominant at OG the past two years. Now, he is a servicable LT. I realize we have other guys we can play guard better than we have guys who can play LT, but I think it would make this whole line better to be able to move him back to one of the guard spots and have a guy like Austin Long step up. Admittedly, that is a long shot. But, we miss having that dominator anywhere on our line imo.

I completely agree with you that Glenn is better suited to play inside. Hell, Todd McShay has Cordy listed as the top senior prospect at guard for next year's draft.

At this time though, I think he's the best option at left tackle. Once Gates gets back in there, I think he and Burnette aren't a bad look at the guard spots.

If anything, I think Long should be pushing Justin Anderson at right tackle. That, in my opinion, would make the whole unit better. But I know Long is still trying to get where he needs to be.

After two games of observation...Marlon Brown...sheep or wolf?

I think Marlon's camp was total wolf. He was Ke$ha, circa Jan. of 2010 – ready to breakout in a big way. But the ankle has kept Brown huddled with the flock. The verdict is still out.

Obviously, it will benefit us greatly as far as depth goes to get Herrera and Gilliard experience at ILB the next two weeks when we should be able to win without Tree and Robinson. But, is there any way Robinson will be back for the Miss. St. game? They have an almost dominant run game that will need his consistency and tackling abilities to stop.

I think a return for the State game is a best-case scenario, and I'm told Robinson is already able to put pressure on the injured foot. He may be back. That would be huge because his play calling and recognition is such a boost for this defense.

That's all I've got for now… I'm hitting the back door and getting out of here.

Turn the lights out boys, the party's over… We outta here baby… Thank y'all for coming.

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