About the Noise at Sanford

ATHENS – Mark Richt's comments Tuesday about crowd noise were dead on.

"I want to talk to our crowd and our fans and want to educate our fans just a little bit," Richt said Tuesday. "We need a lot of crowd noise."

The problem for Richt and Georgia is that, for one reason or another, Sanford Stadium is not very loud.

Perhaps that's the reason Richt lead with crowd noise during his press conference Tuesday. He wants a home field advantage, and he should. I've been on field level during games at every SEC school and several other schools around the southeast, and I can say that Georgia just isn't very loud – particularly when you take into account that 93,000 people are at the games.


I think, and it is impossible to prove this, that Georgia fans who go to the games in Athens are reactive. What I mean is that they wait for something to happen before getting loud. They aren't loud to start with – they need something. That's their right – its their ticket.

But that's not the case at many places I've been to.

Richt, like the rest of us, has seen just how loud Sanford Stadium can get – the Auburn game in 2007 was a great example of what Sanford Stadium should be like every weekend, or at least every weekend of a big game.

But if I can point out the one time I know it's been very loud that sort of makes the argument that its not that way very often. Maybe the Blackout in 2007 was special (I think it was). Maybe that game was Georgia hitting on all cylinders (But they've done that several times at home in the last ten years and its never been that loud). Maybe there was just something in the air that night.

Still, the noise of that night has not been repeated in the last few seasons since.

Mark Richt is correct to coach up the fans, and they should take to the coaching.

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