2000 NFL Salaries

Editor's Note: BetweenTheHedges.com has compiled this list of former UGA player salaries from USA Today's master list of NFL players.

AFC and NFC pay for the 2000 season was calculated using standard NFL procedures for complying with the salary cap. This method might not reflect the actual amount paid that year. Example: While a player generally receives all of his signing bonus in the first year of a mulityear contract, the team, for salary cap purposes, accounts for that in equal portions over the life of the deal. A player who received a $5 million signing bonus on a 5-year contract in 1999 would be represented here with $1 million in bonus. Team averages and medians also reflect cap-based numbers. (Practice squad players are not included.) USA TODAY's Larry Weisman, Cheryl Phillips and Scott Boeck compiled and analyzed the salaries. 
Team-by-Team List


Name, position Salary Bonus Total
Mo Lewis, LB 2,187,000 3,286,600 5,473,600
Phillip Daniels, DE 1,000,000 1,852,800 2,852,800
Terrell Davis, RB 440,000 2,016,000 2,456,000
Garrison Hearst, RB 288,200 1,840,000 2,128,200
Champ Bailey, CB 275,000 1,246,500 1,521,500
Randall Godfrey, LB 500,000 1,004,000 1,504,000
Adam Meadows, OL 500,000 1,002,200 1,502,200
Matt Stinchcomb, OL 337,500 754,500 1,092,000
Jason Ferguson, DT 1,027,000 3,400 1,030,400
Charlie Clemons, LB 450,000 503,100 953,100
Eric Zeier, QB 600,000 169,900 769,900
Robert Edwards, RB 0 620,000 620,000
Chris Terry, OL 275,000

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