What I Learned Watching James Deloach

ALAMO – What I learned watching James Deloach play.

A lot of people wondered why Georgia offered James Deloach a scholarship earlier this year. The line of thinking was that it was just to get his good friend Jonathan Taylor to commit to the Bulldogs. That may, in fact, be true. Still, that doesn't mean Deloach is a slouch as a prospect.

In fact, the time I saw Jenkins County play I was a bit more impressed with Deloach's overall high school game compared to Taylor's. I can understand and fully comprehend Taylor's status as the higher-ranked prospect of the two. But it was Deloach who lined up at tailback to run the ball in the game. It as Deloach who seemed to make more tackled when I was at the game. It was Deloach (perhaps because the bar has been set lower for him) that was the more impressive of the two that night in my eyes.

In terms of being a prospect, yes, Taylor is a better prospect than Deloach. But that doesn't mean Deloach won't be a solid contributor in Athens by the time things are all said and done.

Who will be the better player in college? Probably Taylor… probably.

But comparisons are predictable, unavoidable and yet unfair for college-level players on the same high school team. Deloach won't start in his first two years at Georgia… there's nothing wrong with that.

Jenkins County DL James Deloach in a game against Wheeler Coutny. (Dean Legge/Dawg Post)

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