Fallout: What Has and Will Happen

ATHENS - Fletcher Page reviews the parties involved, what they did and what will happen as a result.

Person Involved: Mike Slive
Role: SEC Commissioner
What he should do: Give appropriate punishments to each party involved in the affair.
What he will do: Prove that he is still the person in control of the SEC. After an embarrassing run of NCAA inquiries at various conference schools, Slive, who said he would clean up the SEC earlier in his tenure will want to show that he's still in charge. But he's done poor job of cleaning things up in the conference. And while the NCAA's visits to Tennessee, Auburn, LSU and South Carolina of late have nothing to do with the Georgia-Vanderbilt game Slive may be poised to throw the hammer down when he can just to prove a point.

Person Involved: Todd Grantham
Role: Georgia defensive coordinator
What he should do: Release a statement (already done); and never explode in another post-game situation again
What he will do: He's already released a statement, and only time will tell if he will have another blowup.

Person Involved: James Franklin
Role: Vanderbilt head coach
What he should do: Admit that he didn't act properly on Saturday night, either; While Grantham's blowout was inappropriate too be sure, so was Franklin's language directed at Grantham. Two wrongs don't make a right. He should also avoid getting into alleged verbal back-and-forths with players on the opposing team – he's a head coach, not a 20-year old.
What he will do: Act like nothing happened – he did no wrong. He was the victim.

Person Involved: Shawn Williams
Role: Georgia safety
What he did: Allegedly got into a back-and-forth with Franklin the entire night. Was also flagged for two personal fouls. Franklin also told Mark Richt following the game: "36 comes up, after a tough game, talking (expletive) to me."
What should be the outcome of his actions: At a minimum Richt should not allow Williams to start against Florida if he got into a back-and-forth with Franklin. While Franklin is supposed to be the adult here that doesn't mean that Williams was in the right for allegedly acting the way he did. Richt may decide to sit Williams for the entire episode, but that seems a bit extreme.

Person Involved: Kwame Geathers
Role: Georgia nose
What he did: Punched Vanderbilt center Logan Stewart after Stewart tried to injure his left knee with a cheap shot at the start of the fourth quarter
What should be the outcome of his actions: Geathers may be suspended for the Florida game for throwing a punch. Two Auburn players, Mike Blanc and Michael Goggans, were forced to sit by the NCAA last year for throwing punches at the end of the Auburn-Georgia game last year. The expectation is that the SEC will make Geathers sit out at least one half of the game with Florida, but unlike Blanc and Goggans, Geathers was not ejected from the game.

Person Involved: Logan Stewart
Role: Vanderbilt center
What he did: Was flagged for a clip on Geathers in the fourth quarter. Stewart's late hit was aimed at the back of Geathers' left knee – what looked like a dangerous attempt to seriously injure Geathers.
What should be the outcome of his actions: At a minimum Franklin should suspend Stewart for at least a half of Vanderbilt's game with Army on Saturday. If not the SEC should do just that.

The Southeastern Conference Constitution, Article 4.4.3 (d) states that a student-athlete may be suspended if it is determined that the student-athlete has committed a flagrant or unsportsmanlike act. That's where both Stewart and Geathers could be in a bit of trouble for their next games.

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