Recruits respond to UGA presence

UGA coaches were spotted by some of their top targets and some feel they impressed.

"I feel I had a very good game in front of Coach Lilly. I had 10 catches for over 100 yards and I scored two touchdowns. I wanted to impress him since he came out to see me and I think I did. I talked to him on the phone and then on Facebook after the game and he told me he really liked my versatility. He told me that I could play outside at Georgia," said Blake Jackson.

Jackson is a 6-foot-4, 232 pound tight end out of Scottsdale, Ari. He is down to Arkansas, Georgia, and Oklahoma State.

Coach McClendon was up in North Carolina last Friday to check out the top running back in America.

"I did not have a great game numbers (17/79) wise because their defensive line really played well, but I had a couple of touchdowns, and I ran hard," said Keith Marshall. "I called up Coach McClendon after the game and we talked for a while. He told he was proud of how I played, how I fought for all my yards, and what I did against eight and nine guys in the box. I have a great relationship with Coach McClendon and he is someone I like talking to because of the way I relate with him."

Clemson is a new school in the game for Marshall and they are up against Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Notre Dame, and South Carolina.

Shamire DeVine saw UGA standing on the sideline Friday night and he did not really pay them much attention, but he knew they were watching.

"I think I had a good game in front Georgia, but I just play my game no matter who is out there. I had some nice blocks, I know UGA likes me, and I like them too. I am hearing from them a lot," Devine said.

One of the top offensive targets for the Dawgs is Cordarrelle Patterson. The wide receiver out of Hutchinson Community College in Kansas plans to visit Athens in December. He saw Coach Ball at his game.

"I do not know what my stats were, but I think I played well. I know Coach Ball likes how I play, he tells me that, and I think I made some nice catches in front of him Saturday," said Patterson. "Georgia had A.J. Green, so they just had one of the best in the country there, so that is attractive to me. I know UGA will get the ball to their play-makers, so I like that too."

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