The Dawg Post Mailbag

ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's news, notes and somewhat relavant rambling.

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: I was beginning to wonder if the sack would return this week, it has been what, 4, 5 weeks?

Hey, even the Mailbag needs a nap every now and then. We're back and recharged, just in time for the biggest game of the year.

With that said… Ladies and gentlemen, you already know what it is… Let's get it poppin'.

does Dean have a diet coke machine at the Dawgpost HQ and his house?

Of course he does… But being the shrewd businessman that he is, you still have to put in change to get a drink!

It's sad really… By the afternoon, Dean has that glazed-over look in his eye, walking around the office like he's Christopher Moltisanti after another relapse.

How do you think CMR truly feels about Grantham's fire and standing up for his players?

I can't speak for Mark Richt on this… But I'd say he either supports Grantham or sees it as a non-issue. Coach Richt is the public face of the Georgia franchise. He has to say all the right things and dispel negative situations.

What Coach Richt says to the public is probably very different than what he says behind closed doors. Grantham can do whatever he wants (short of pulling a Woody Hayes on the sideline) in my opinion. But Richt has to speak to the media on a daily basis, he has to go to all those Bulldog Club meetings, he's the highest paid state employee, blah blah blah. Those two can play good cop/bad cop all they want. It's part of the game.

And yes, I have heard the man say a cuss word before.

Some have said, Richt will get the boot if he loses to the gators. What say you about this?

Tough to say… But a loss to Florida will mean that this year's team has lost to every legitimate opponent on the schedule. You can't pad your win total with victories over losers and drop every game to genuine foes.

I think this team is built for a great run over the next two or three years – with the potential for next season being great. Only losing two defensive starters. Every playmaker returning on offense. The only question mark entering next season is (you guessed it) the offensive line.

So… I'm not sure if Richt will get axed if he drops another one to the Gators. But the discussion for removal will flare back up if a loss occurs.

Have the players seemed fired up for the game in JAX? Do the freshmen add some fire and confidence to the mix?

Honestly… This week has been just like every other game week, in terms of how the players are dealing with the media and responding to questions. Of course the players are fired up – it's the biggest game of the year and a chance to lay claim to the SEC East. But given all the struggles in this series, I think everybody involved – players, coaches and staff – have tried to treat this as just another business trip.

Can we win if Isaiah only gets 10 or so carries?

Can Friday Night Lights win if Tim Riggins is only in 10 or so episodes?

Can the Hart Foundation win if Brett Hart is only in 10 or so matches?

Can Boy Meets World win if Topanga is only in 10 or so episodes?

Can the Heat win if Lebron only gets 10 or so shots (well probably. Bad example).

The answer is no. No, no, no. But yes on the Lebron example. Georgia needs its best offensive player to get the ball often in this one.

My least favorite memory was in 2002 when we went in the game undefeated and 3 or 4 other undefeated teams lost earlier in the day. Late in the fourth and Terrence Edwards was wide open for the game winning score and he dropped it. Worst drive home ever. My favorite has to be Lindsay Scott as for most, but also the touchdown run by Robert Edwards in 1997.

Good stuff. Thanks for the post.

ralphes asks: On side kick question. When the kicker kicks the ball into the ground, so it bounces high into the air; can the receiver call a fair catch or is the fair catch off since the ball has already hit the ground?

As I understand this rule, a called fair catch is negated once the ball hits the ground. If the ball doesn't hit the ground first, the receiver must not be interfered with (even if no fair catch is called). That's why kickers usually drill it into the ground first – to make both these problems disappear from the jump. It removes any chance for a fair catch or interference call.

Good question… I'll award this the question of the week because of the creative and interesting angle. Your oversized can of Stick ‘Um will be in the mail.

jmandawg asks: Great piece on the dawgpost and what goes on behind the scenes. In the midst of all the business could you fit in a weekly chat in the chat room? My suggestion is every Tues @12:00 to 12:30pm. The chat would be based on the Sat. game, the upcoming game, and inside chatter for only subscribers. Plus you can market it and try and get more subscribers.

I like this idea… So much so, that I actually had this very same thought back in the summer. We did some Tuesday chats in fall camp, but once games begin, Coach Richt has his weekly press conference at noon every Tuesday.

I do like the idea of holding a weekly chat. Tuesday makes the most sense… Perhaps 1:30 P.M. would work…? I'll run this by Lord Legge and see what my liege says.

hpdog asks: Fletch; is Austin Long practicing? If so, why is he not a factor at all on the OL?

He's currently not practicing because of a sprained ankle. He hasn't been a factor because he simply can't catch a break. Since August he's had mono and a staph infection. And his injury woes before that have been well documented.

He had made a nice run in practice as of late, but he got rolled up on in a recent practice and is out for the near future.

Also, is Houston practicing and/or is he with the time during this "investigation"?

The answer is yes and no. He is at practice and out there getting work in fundamental drills. But since he's not eligible to play, he's not getting any significant reps with the first or second unit in the game plan specific portion of practice.

Do you hear anything positive about any of the BB Freshman "Bigs"?

I haven't heard much about any of the newcomers. I have seen them in person a couple of times… Once in the gym. They have that long, athletic look of a basketball player – maybe a little raw, too. I'm not really sure what Fox has in any of those guys. Will be fun to see how it shakes out.

One sleeper I like is Nemanja Djurisic. Kid has a good head on his shoulders and has upside.

Of those returning, Donte Williams has added over a dozen pounds. He's a good bet to be in the starting lineup.

tdperk asks: Fletcher, the Dawgpost behind the scenes post was great. I also have a diet coke issue....I don't drink it cause its less filling but because it tastes great.

Diet Coke isn't for me. I've seen it destroy post-game interviews too many times… Thanks for the love. Dijana did a great job putting that together. I wish you guys could see some of the outtakes and deleted footage.

I will admit, it was a little strange being on camera like that, but I enjoyed showing you guys (part of) what we do on Saturdays and keeping it humorous… And also exposing Dean's addiction. That'd make a great name for an eclectic music album – Exposing Dean's Addiction.

Now I would like the full, behind the scenes story on the whole Vandy gate ordeal as it pertains to Coach Grantham. Was this a big deal between Coach Richt, Greg McGarity and Coach Grantham? Has this hurt Coach Granthams standing with the program....ect, ect, ect.

I could give you the long version… But the answer is no… Actually, it's an emphatic NO.

From what I've gathered, Georgia's coaches and administration are not happy with Franklin and Vanderbilt. Grantham may not have handled the post-game in the most pristine fashion, but I don't think it hurts his standing or anything like that.

BigBandMan asks: Fletch --- How do you rank the SEC football uniforms in regard to strictly looks and with no regard or bias to the school? --- My list --- 1.) Ga., 2.) Ole Miss, 3.) Aub., 4.) LSU, 5.) Fla., 6) Bama, 7.) Vandy, 8.) Tenn., 9) S. Car., 10.) Miss. St., 11.) Ark. 12.) Ky.

12. Mississippi State – Poor colors to work with.
11. South Carolina – See above.
10. Kentucky – Boring. But I will say, they look fine on the hardwood. Winning has a lot to do with changing the opinion on aesthetics.
9. Auburn – Have always thought there was too much going on here. Tigers and War Eagle… Too much navy and… Is that orange?
8. Arkansas – Eh… Whatever.
7. Tennessee – This shade of orange has never appealed to me. It's as if the jerseys have been in the washing machine three too many times.
6. Vanderbilt – Call me crazy, but I kinda like the black and gold combo.
5. Alabama – Plain crimson and white. No flash needed.
4. Ole Miss – Smooth, crisp, traditional feel. Clearly, these jerseys are the Budweiser of the SEC.
3. Georgia – Love the black acting as an accent color on the home and away jerseys. Would like to see red pants/black jersey used every so often.
2. Florida – Great number of good-looking combinations. The helmet works well with everything.
1. LSU – Love the purple and yellow. Those two colors pop with white.

Now... Don't kill me for ranking Florida ahead of Georgia... Hey, take it easy. It's an unbiased answer. Hey... Where are you guys going?

--- If you are going to football battle with your best girl's affections on the line, who are your top 4 SEC coaches to win this all important game? --- My list --- 1.) Saban, 2.) Petrino, 3.) Chizik, 4.) Mullen

I'm not as sold on Mullen, but here goes…

4. Bobby Petrino – His offense can keep you in a game.
3. Mark Richt – You don't stay at an SEC school for over a decade for no reason. Has shown he can win some big games, too.
2. Les Miles – Crazy as it is, there seems to be some method to his madness.
1. Nick Saban – Duh

--- If Richt loses to Fla. but wins out for a 9-3 record without an East Division Title; do you see him possibly coming back next year without an extension and having only 2 years remaining on his contract?

Good question. I was just talking to Dean about this. I think that would be a bad scenario… I think Richt needs to either be given a contract extension or Georgia needs to move on. I feel this way mainly because I can't take all this back-and-forth about Richt much longer.

As stated before, I think Georgia has the chance to be special next season… But a loss to Florida this year will leave fans wondering when exactly it's going to happen. Wishing and hoping on next year's potential is dangerous.

In your 9-3 scenario, Georgia will have won at Tennessee and Tech and beaten defending national champion Auburn. Not a bad run in most other seasons. But not making the SEC title game in such a down year in the division will be tough to accept.

As usual in this well-played-out debate… There would be a case for both sides. And good reason for me wander out into traffic during most of the discussion.

--- Have a Happy Mail Sack.

Thanks for the back and forth.

aname asks: heard some good things on the bball recruiting front regarding(not confident enough to share though), so i think this year is in the bag.

Oh, you tease. I assume you're either talking about Goodwin or Carter. If so, then Georgia will be in good shape with the 2012 class.

who is big next year in bball for uga to land.

A few names: Desmond Ringer, Jabari McGhee, Jordan Neff, Jarquez Smith, Sean Brennan, A.J. Davis, Harold Givens, Tony Bagtas, Reed Dugan, Aubry Overby.

I've been told the 2014 class will be stronger than '13. Something to keep an eye on over the next two years.

what happened to the last mailbag. i never saw it?

There wasn't one during the bye week. My apologies.And I also took the Vandy week off to recharge after spending a ton of time on the Rajaan Bennett story.

what would you do if mark richt called you up singing happy birthday?

I'd tell Dean to knock it off and quit prank calling me.

nayah asks: Are Crowell's wrist and Tampa's hammy gonna be issues on Saturday?

Malcolm's not going to be anywhere near 100 percent. Crowell should be fine. I know news of Mitchell is tough, but if you had to have one or the other, Crowell is the pick.

?? Does Crowell have a bad attitude or is he just misunderstood??

I don't think IC has a bad attitude. I think he's young and trying to come to grips with being the best player on a successful SEC football team.

He just wants the football and wants to score touchdowns. He's 18 years old, too.

I don't think he fully understands how much he means to the team (in turn, how much he means to the fan base). He's learning all these things and trying to be a college student at the same time.

"It's like, so much pressure and stuff on you," Crowell said. "I didn't know that, but I expected everything else. I knew it was going to be hard. Outside of football, that's what I have to get used to."

Is Marlon Brown ready to be the #1guy in our receiving corps? It's obvious that TK will never be that guy?

I think Marlon's game against Vanderbilt wasn't surprising. He was ready to breakout before that ankle injury. Go back and look at those touchdowns though. Vanderbilt was so consumed with stopping Orson Charles that it didn't matter which receiver was running the route… When the safety stays inside the hash, it's hard for Marlon not to be able to make a catch against smaller corners.

gadawgluver asks: How many yards will IC get against FL?

OK… I've devised an extremely technical formula to come up with this prediction.

Trent Richard (or TR) rushed 29 times for 181 yards against Florida. The combination of LSU's Spencer Ware and Alfred Blue (WB) combined for 38 carries for 179 yards. The Auburn tandem of Michael Dyer and Onterio McCaleb (DM) had 22 carries for 116 yards. TR + WB + DM divided by 3 = 29.66 carries for 158.66 yards.

That's 5.3 yards per carry.

Now… Isaiah's wrist plus potential for ankle and ribs injuries (WAR) = -3. Carlton Thomas and Richard Samuel (TS) = -6. WAR + TS = -9. So… 20.66 carries. The loss of nine carries multiplied by the 5.3 average per = 47.7 yards lost.

Putting it all together: TR + WB + DM divided by 3 subtracted by WAR + TS = 20.66 carries for 110.96 yards.

Or somewhere in that range.

How many interceptions will Rambo have?

OK… I've devised a technical—I'm kidding. I'll set the over/under on Rambo having an INT at 0.5. I'll take the over – a late fourth quarter pick.

Can JJenkins hold the offensive line until KG returns the second half?

Yeah, I think Jenkins has steadily improved each week this season and he's already started one game. The defense plays enough in the nickel to keep him rested… And DeAngelo Tyson can shift over if needed.

Who will make a big play for UGA? BB, MM, or who?

Well… It might not be Malcolm Mitchell because the hamstring may limit or even hold him out of the game.

I'll take Boykin because of how many opportunities he'll get to make the big play. He'll be out there on kickoffs and punts and on defense and maybe even a half-dozen plays on offense.

I like all the chances he'll have.

Can our speed excel against FL or will we be able to run deep on them in the passing game is what I am trying to ask?

I think Georgia's offense always provides the chance to get vertical in the passing game at some point or another.

Between the running game and Orson Charles, there is a lot for opposing safeties to think about. You saw it against Tennessee especially, but Murray wasn't able to connect on some of the deep throws.

Will their punter eliminate any return for us, I think he kicks it high?

Florida's punter isn't in the top 10 in the SEC in average per punt (Drew Butler actually leads the conference). But part of that is because the kicks are placed so that returns are limited. Teams are averaging 1.4 yards per return… Contrast that to the 8.4 yards per return Georgia is giving up.

I don't want to say Georgia won't have a chance for a big return, but I wouldn't count on it.

Who are you picking?

I hate to do this to you… But I'm taking the Gators. The game's history makes me feel uneasy picking Georgia.

Have you ever tried to keep Dean from having his first diet coke and going cold turkey?

I've made comments here or there… But I don't feel like it's my place to intervene. He's talented – but so too were Doc Gooden and Robert Downey Jr.

Truthfully, you don't come between a Grizzly and his fish. You just don't win that battle.

If it comes down to a field goal, do we have the advantage?

I still think Blair Walsh is the best kicker in the conference. I know he's had his struggles, but I think he'll get things corrected. I give Georgia the edge in field goal kicking, especially if Walsh's first kick Saturday is less than 40 yards. I'd like to see him get an easy one to help build his confidence.

blackbulldawg asks: It's been awhile after the first two losses I just couldn't find the strength to post on the mailbag but i'm back and ready to kick some gator arse.

Glad to have you back. I was getting worried.

1. We seem to always get UF best shot do you think our team lacks the mental edge still against the GAYTURDS?

If there were such a thing as a mental edge (and there is), then I'd give the Gators the checkmark. The numbers say there is.

I think the mental "edge" or "block" is mainly a thing the fans share. But the players have to feel some of it too.

2. If we pull in Marshal i'm pretty sure once he gets going Malcolm will never see the field again do you see him tranferring?

I'm not sure what Ken would do in that situation. I get a lot of questions about him… Sometimes things don't work out for certain players. He still has time to improve and get healthy (which is most important in his case), but all of the people ahead of him on the depth chart will be back next year. And potential additions would create an even younger competition.

3. I see us being a very good team this year and even better team next year but if you had to pick one thing that could make us great what would that be?

Offensive line play is the only question mark I see at this time. Everything else is covered (barring some defensive attrition due to the NFL).

4. Is it me or does it seem Jordan Love always gets a PI when seem to get a stop?

I like Jordan Love's game. He's kind of like a younger, less experienced Sanders Commings (in terms of body type). I don't know why Love isn't getting more love from the coaches… But I think he's a solid player.

5. Since we are losing 3 lineman this year I think our starting line for next year will be LT Theus, Guard Lee,Burnette, RT Gates, C Andrews what you do you think?

I think that's about right. I like that lineup. I know there is probably some hesitation created by starting a true freshman at the all important left tackle spot (completely understandable), but I think Theus is more SEC ready than Trinton Sturdivant was in 2007.

I like sliding Gates out to tackle. Still, the problem is depth. Watts Dantzler would be the only backup with any experience. Hunter Long would be the chief backup at the guard spots (or perhaps Gates would be, with Dantzler inserted at tackle if Gates had to move down).

Anyway, I already spend enough time trying to figure out the team's depth on this team to even look at next season's. I like your lineup though.

6. If Grantham and Muschamp had an all out brawl to the end no rules who do you got your money? If it's not Grantham I will make sure I show him this so he can do you like he did Franklin lmbo

I actually wrote this Mailbag upside down… I answered the bottom questions first and worked my way up. There's a question about a Grantham-Muschamp boxing match later on (to which I couldn't really pick a winner).

I'll be honest… It would be hard for me to pick against either one. I know people loathed the fact that I wrote a story about Muschamp earlier in the week.

But in doing the reporting for that story, I learned that he was an incredible athlete in football, basketball and baseball. Southern Cal recruited him, so he was elite. And he still looks to be in pretty good shape.

His wrestling name: Coach Boom!

Grantham played at Virginia Tech, so I'm sure he was athletic enough too. He has the size advantage, and he also carries himself with that ‘Do something!' mentality a wrestler needs.

His wrestling name: Whatever the hell he wants it to be.

I can't pick a winner – I value limb and life too much. But it would be an epic showdown – It would be on the level of Ric Flair-Ricky Steamboat, circa late 1980s.

As always thanks for what you do your response as usual is thanks for playing along lol

Hey, don't be such a stranger. Thanks

gawgaboy asks: Two different coaches with two different schemes but similar results in regards to the o-line. Do you think its a case of Friend having things humming in year two or are our issues talent relate?

I think CWF is going to need more time. He's only been on the job for about eight months – only been able to directly coach his players for about three or four of them.

I don't necessarily see an issue with talent. Georgia has NFL caliber players on the line this year. My issue is with depth – the number of talented players this team has on the line. There is no margin for error when you only have six upperclassmen that can actually step on the field and play.

MrBigDAWG asks: Fletch, Great behind the scenes piece.?However, how can you stand to ride with Dean and his windshield so dirty??If you were a good minion, you would keep it clean for THE MAN!?After all, he does write the checks.

I'll add it to my list of duties. Funny you mention it… My dad has spent an outrageous amount of time in the past reminding me to wash my windows in my vehicle. It must be a Dawg Post problem.

We spend so much time on the road that I don't think it would matter.

willbeezy asks: Fletch my worst memory was last year. Cant stand that we lost to Urban Meyer when we had more talent. Best memory was hershel walker years, loved watching him run the ball on florida.?

The man was dominant in his three games against Florida… And against everybody else, too.

my question is, do you think coach richt is actually involved more than we know in the play calling since he does have on the headphones, or does he just give cmb complete freedom? just curious if cmb is taking heat from the fans when maybe he should not be getting all of it.

I've been close enough to Bobo in the box to hear him on the headset. He makes most of the play calls (if not all of them). And don't forget that Aaron Murray has some freedom to make changes at the LOS.

Now, Richt hears every single call made and is standing right next to the guys who relay the call to the players on the field. I'm sure Richt and Bobo discuss plays (before, during and after each game). I'm sure Richt has suggestions and his own ideas. Richt has mentioned in the past that he and Bobo bounce ideas off each other from time to time during games.

At this point, after a decade together, Bobo and Richt are kind of a single entity on offense. Let's face it; the offense has looked the same for quite some time – whether it was Richt or Bobo calling plays. And if there are any wrinkles, Richt and Bobo work on them together during the offseason and implement them together during practice.

Richt sits in on the quarterback meetings from time to time. He has a strong hand on this offense. He is involved. And he's the one who taught Bobo.

Anybody wanting to see a new offensive coordinator is going to be disappointed. This is Richt's offense. Bobo is an extension of Richt. If Bobo fails, it means Richt failed, too. I see the two as a package deal at this point, at least at Georgia.

BlueCat92 asks: In your opinion is this a must win game for Richt and why do you think it is or isnt? Thanks!

I've kind of covered this already, but I'm just going to say it is a must-win game. I'm not sure that Richt necessarily needed to get to a certain number of wins this season, but if he loses to Florida it's going to be hard to continue arguing on his behalf.

A loss to Florida put simply means this: Georgia will have beaten every team it was supposed to… And lost to every team that even had a chance to win. The three best teams on the schedule after this Saturday: Boise, Carolina and Florida. A loss to all three means the team can't beat good opponents.

Now, there is a chance to make up for a potential loss to Florida by beating Auburn and Tech and to continue competing for the Eastern crown with Carolina so shaky. But at what point do wins over average teams stop meaning as much? When does ‘wait ‘till next year' stop providing hope?

A win over Florida this Saturday opens the door for everything. Yes, next season offers the chance for something great. But the team will have already beaten Florida this year. Given itself a chance to play for the SEC title a year ahead of time (Alabama, 2008). Set up for the chance to beat Tenn, Fla, Aub and Tech in the same season.

That's the way to do it.

trooperdawg980 asks: Fletcher, I felt for many years that our problem in J-Ville was simply team speed. If you look at this series of losses the huge mitigating factor was Fl. just had an abundance of team speed that the Dawgs did not. I know everyone says it is in our heads, but I say it was hard to win if you couldn't keep up. What I am now happy to say is that the speed tables have turned. I know Fl. has the two burners at R/B, but if you look at the rosters and match them up, we now have the overall speed advantage. Our speed on D will be the reason we shut the Gators down. So what do you think? Could this string of losses really be the result of their speed advantage or is it truly just psychological?

No, I think you're right – Florida has had the advantage in speed and overall talent in most of the contests since Spurrier showed up.

Tennessee has struggled with Florida too, winning only six games in the series since 1990.

That means Florida is 33 of 42 against Georgia and Tennessee since '90.

Florida, on average, has been the best team in the conference since 1990. There's no shame in losing to a team that's better than you.

The problem is… Georgia has had years where it was better. There have been times when Georgia should have or could have won (1992, 1993, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2010).

I know the reasons for the losses vary, and that's part of the legend. But you have to cash in on wins when you have the chance. Even winning three of the six games I mentioned above would have spread out the losing enough to make the rivalry feel, well, more like a rivalry.

BravePhoton asks: -What is wrong with Blair Walsh? Is it only technique or his compensating for an injury? He may play a key role in these close games against UF, AU and GT.

His woes aren't due to injury. He has something off with his technique – he says it's something in his approach to the football (duh!).

I'm not sure if it's his footsteps to the ball or… Whatever else goes into a kicking a football through the uprights. I'm not even going to try to pretend to be fluent in kicker jargon.

You're right to say that he could be important in the next few games. Kickers always are.

Is Malcome progressing or is he relegated to practice squad duties?

Haven't heard much about Boo Malcome lately. That's probably a good thing – I'm not tracking any injuries or if he is looking at other schools.

I think Ken kinda is where he is right now. He's behind most of the backs on the roster.

-Does Larry Munson have a son? If so, can we get him in the booth as soon as possible? He has to carry some of that legendary voice gene.

I know he has at least one son. I picked that up somewhere along the way. Either way, I think you're going to have to stick it out with the current setup.

jca239 asks: Maybe this is something Chad can assist with, but I always here recruits say, "I am committed to CMR" or "CTG is the reason I am going to UGA." While I am not making a comment on my personal feelings about his coaching abilities, do any recruits ever say, "I am going to UGA because I want to play for CMB?"

Yeah, Bobo (in my opinion) is Georgia's best personality guy on the recruiting trail. Brice Ramsey is committed to CMB. Aaron Murray loved him, too.

The quarterback cult aside, Bobo was the lead man on the Valdosta pull in 2011 – he swayed Malcolm Mitchell from Alabama and hooked Jay Rome.

Just curious.

I've always thought curious people were the most interesting people. Or maybe it's the other way around.

Pedro6644 asks: Who would you say are the underclassman that might leave early for the NFL?

Let's fire up the 2011 UGA Underclassmen Pro Draft Power Rankings (first annual!). If you'll remind me, I'll update this as the season unwinds.

6. Cornelius Washington – Not a great body of work – But a great body.
5. Bacarri Rambo – I told you so.
4. Kwame Geathers – He's a Geathers – they go when the door is even slightly cracked.
3. Sanders Commings – Has the look and feel of an NFL defensive back.
2. Jarvis Jones – He's a producer, great leader and philosopher.
1. Orson Charles – Top three player at his position in the country.

My favorite memory was when the team stormed after we scored a TD. It was my first ever UGA game!

That's like a person scaling Mt. Everest on their first ever climb. It's technically been downhill ever since.

drgrouper asks: Fletch, wondering if you know how many we can dress for the game in Jax as the visiting team. Can Ufag dress more players since they are the "home" team? Or, maybe we can take the whole team that dresses for home games.

Richt said earlier this week Georgia could take 70 players. This is usually the number of players teams can take for out-of-conference games, or those played in neutral sites… I'm assuming Florida can have 70 as well.

In regular instances, the home team can have as many as 95 (although I think only 80 can play). And the away team can travel with 70.

I ask because some of the freshmen (Rome I'm sure about) have played special teams at home, but did not travel because of restrictions on numbers and were not available for ST duty. I can't remember, but I thought Rome was on KO coverage team earlier in the year at home and was wondering if it makes a meaningful difference if those type guys are not available on the road?

It doesn't really make a difference. I know you're not talking about Rome specifically, but he is being redshirted.

Could that haunt us in Jax because I hope we really get to KO a bunch ot times on Saturday.

I think there are enough guys going on the trip to cover it…

BTW, wouldn't it be great if we only received 1 KO Saturday?

That would be an impressive showing. If that happens, I'll let you write the Mailbag next week.

UGA53MAIN asks: Why do most fans seem comfortable signing a decent class this year only because we signed a great one last year? A lot of top schools stockpile talent. Bama,LSU,AU,Bama etc etc...Is it because nobody knows CMR's future?

That's playing a role in it… I think Georgia has done a good job at certain areas in this class. OL and DL have been addressed nicely. I think Keith Marshall could become a Bulldog, giving another star at RB.

Other than those spots, where I think Georgia needed some help most was WR and DB. I don't count WR as a negative – that's always been a wash. We've discussed why countless times here in the Sack.

But now DB… That's a different story. There have been many misses at that position – particularly Geno Smith. You can't get them all, but the staff had to know Sanders Commings and Bacarri Rambo were potential candidates to go pro after this year. The defense is already losing Boykin. In two years, every DB that's playing significant time right now will be gone.

I know that's the nature of the business anyway, but that unit needed some numbers in this class. There's still time, but I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, I kind of went on a secondary (get it!) tangent. But you're right… Just because the 2012 class wasn't as talented as the 2011 and 2013 cycles doesn't mean missing on nine of the top 10 guys in the state is acceptable.

Make no mistake though, this class does address some key needs. And there's still time to add some high-level pieces (Marshall, Yuri Wright, Avery Young, Nelson Agholor naming the top targets, in my opinion).

gunter2011 asks: 1. Grantham vs. Muschamp...who wins in a boxing match?

I think both of those guys are way too emotional to be good boxers. If this is a post-game boxing match (which I don't condone), I think I would take the guy whose team had just won.

The coach from the losing team would be over the edge. I guess I'm essentially calling this a push, but both of those guys are so competitive and intense that it's hard to pick one or the other. Defensive coordinators are wired differently than the rest of us normals. They see the world through a different lens.

2. Ogletree/CRob vs. Demps/Rainey....who's gonna win this battle saturday?

Stopping Demps/Rainey will be crucial… Luckily for you, this is a no holds barred match. Your lineup will include Tree/Robinson/Gilliard/Herrera… And also Jenkins/Jones/Jones/Tyson/Rambo/Commings. And if halfway through the match, things aren't going well… You could hear this from the announcer.

My God… That's Kwame Geathers' music!!!! And here comes Shawn Williams with him!!!

It will be a battle, but I don't like any team's chances of establishing the run against Georgia's defense.

3. Prediction of IC's Performance Saturday

See my above formula… I think you'll be happy with the outcome.

4. Will Walsh stop messing around and make some FG's this week (if we need them)?

He's some insider info for you… Walsh came up for interviews in an Oakland Raiders snapback hat this week. Perhaps he was channeling his inner-Janikowski. That's all I've got…

Thanks man. keep it up, see ya next week

And with that, I think I'll hit the back door and get out of here.

Turn out the lights boys, the party's over… We outta here baby… Thank y'all for coming.

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