Recruits React: Dawgs beat Gators

Georgia beat Florida 24-20 on Saturday and it was a big win for many different reasons. Some of UGA's commitments shared their reaction with the win with Dawg Post here.

  • John Atkins: "Georgia is playing very well and we have a chance to win the SEC East. The fourth down play-calling worked in their favor against Florida and it was a big win. I feel Coach Richt could have saved his job with this win. I am a solid commitment to Georgia."

  • Chester Brown: "The win against Florida was huge because this takes us one step closer to the SEC Championship game. Georgia is playing well and only Auburn is in our way."

  • James Deloach: "The win over Florida was a big win for us. All we have to do is win out and we will be in the SEC Championship game. We are playing great and I felt like I was out there with the team for this game."

  • Quayvon Hicks: "I love seeing the guys keep their focus and finish the drill. I am so ready to get the opportunity to be in that atmosphere as a Georgia Bulldog."

  • Tray Matthews: (2013) "This was a big win over Florida. I think both teams played hard and it was a tough game. I liked the way UGA's defense stepped up and caused some crucial turnovers. I also like how the wideouts made some great catches. Georgia is playing great right now and they have a lot of momentum."

  • Marshall Morgan: "I think that the win over Florida is huge and it feels good to be committed to an amazing team. I can't wait to be kicking for the University of Georgia next year. All of my friends from Florida were talking smack and saying that Georgia was going to get whooped , but that was not the case. I have been preparing for Georgia for when I get there in around seven months. They are playing great and I hope they keep it up."

  • Greg Pyke: "The win [over Florida] was great and we needed it. UGA is playing how they are capable of playing."

  • Brice Ramsey: (2013) "It was a great game and Georgia showed a lot of heart coming back after being down at the beginning of the game. It was a huge win for them considering it is the first time in a few years. They are playing really good football now, they just have to keep progressing. I told Coach Bobo after the game that I can't wait to be a Dawg."

  • Jonathan Taylor: "The win was great and I think they played a real good game. The defense was great and they made a lot of big plays."

  • John Theus: "The win was huge and a lot of fun. I was at the game and it was crazy. I am safely celebrating with my family about the win."

  • Blake Tibbs: "UGA is playing excellent football and they should not have lost to South Carolina. Since then, Georgia has been on a war path and I am very proud to be a Georgia commitment."

  • Stanley Williams: (2014) "This was a big win for us today and I cannot wait to go home this weekend to Athens for the New Mexico State game."

    As other commitments react to the win, Dawg Post will add their comments.

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