Georgia signee Des Williams can't wait for Athens

Des Williams is preparing for his final high school days. Soon he will be in Athens trying to climb the depth chart.

Georgia signee Des Williams is preparing for his final high school days. "We graduate this Friday and I am excited. I take my last final (today)," he said.

"I can't wait to get up to Athens with the fellas," he added.

Williams said that he has seen a few of the current Georgia players recently. "I talked with David Pollack for a long time the other day. I also saw Fred Gibson last week in Athens," he said.

Gibson was one of several Georgia players ruled ineligible for selling his SEC Championship ring. But Williams says that sometimes when all of the attention is on a team bad things can happen.

"I guess that when a team is on top it seems that everyone is trying to pin something on them. A couple of things hit them at the same time but we'll get past it I am sure," he said.

However, the linebacker is not concerned with the past. "What's done is done. All that you can do now is work. You have to keep working. We still have Clemson on the 30th and that is not going to change," Williams said.

Williams said that he has met all of the 2003 signees, but that he had only spoken with a few of them lately. "I really have not talked with any of the other recruits other than Coleman Watson recently. I think that I saw Mikey Henderson at the mall. I have not been in touch with a lot of them but I will see them when I get up to Athens in the summer," he said.

Williams will attend the second summer school session which starts in July.

I asked him what he feels like he can bring to the team in 2003 and he replied: "I just bring a certain passion to the field. I want to do everything the best that I can."

When I said that Odell Thurman has pretty much locked down the middle linebacker position Williams said: "I want to learn the system and play my hardest."

When asked about his first game, on the road against Clemson, Williams already seemed ready to play. "It's going to be unbelievable. Those are the types of games that you live for," he said.

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