Dawg Post Chat Recap

The recap of Dawg Post's chat - which answers a slew of questions including: scoop on Keith Marshall, Hutson Mason, Brice Ramsey, Dillon Lee and Mark Richt.

steven33880 - do we cover the 13?

Dean Legge - I think Georgia will win, but not cover a 13-point line


cdawgie - Dean, is CMR safe for next year

Dean Legge - It's hard for me to see Richt not being at Georgia in 2012...


steven33880 - extension?

Dean Legge - I think he will get an extension if Georgia wins the SEC East, which could happen Saturday...


dawg4everWOOF - Dean do you think Orson Charles will go pro after this year?

Dean Legge - I am not sure what Orson will do. His mother told me at the start of last season that she is pretty much going to insist that he graduate from college. It is very important to her. I am not sure if that has changed. My guess is that he will be too high to stay


Fletcher Page - I'm with Dean -- Orson may be too high on the draft board to stay. But he has told me in the past that as long as Murray is QB, he wants to be here. Momma and Murray will give him something to think about.


steven33880 - current contract expires at the end of 2013?

Dean Legge - The current contract expires after the 2013 season..


Sparageti1 - do you think we're still going to play @ Bama next year or will the schedule be changed?

Dean Legge - I don't think Georgia will play Alabama because Missouri is going to have to be on the schedule somewhere, and moving them into Bama's spot makes the most sense.


AlltelDawg – Dean – Doesn't Murray graduate before too long. How long is he realistically here

Dean Legge - I think Aaron stays four years... just IMO


steven33880 - Hutson going to leave?

Dean Legge - On Huston... I am not sure what his decision will be following this season.

Fletcher Page - Hutson Mason - "I always want to exceeded expectations when I get opportunities. I think I've done that. I'm grounded by my faith and my family. It will work out with some time."


cdawgie - Chad, you don't have to drop any names, but do we have any silent commits right now.

Chad Simmons  - cdawgie, No, none that I know of today. I think they feel good about a few possibly, but no silents.


AlltelDawg - Chad what does Cordelle Patterson see in UT especially their depth chart that makes them attractive to him?

Chad Simmons  - AlltelDawg - One big thing is, Patterson played with Justin Worley in HS and they have been on him for a long time as well.


dawg4everWOOF - Has Chris Conely moved ahead of Marlon Brown on the depth chart?

Fletcher Page - dawg4ever - No, Marlon is still listed ahead of Conley on the "official" depth chart.


steven33880 - Chad-is it a UT and UGA battle for Patterson? if so who has the edge currently?

Chad Simmons  - steven33880, Auburn is in the mix too.  I think UT and UGA are top two though.  Patterson will be in Athens for the GALA - that is HUGE.


mac25 - Chad, who do you predict that UGA will sign on the OL as well at LB?

Chad Simmons  - mac25, I do not think UGA is close to getting any commits at those positions right now, but they are in it with guys like Avery Young, Brandon Hill, Markus Eligwe, Dillon Lee, Tyriq McCord, and a few others.


cdawgie - Fletcher - how has Malcom Mitchell looked at practice?

Fletcher Page - cdawgie - Mitchell ran in 30 yards bursts on Wednesday and made it through with no setbacks. He said he was going to really open it up today, but we don't have availability on Thursdays. If he made it through today, he should be on the field.


AlltelDawg - Were there any Penn State recruits that Georgia targets now?

Chad Simmons  - Alltel, I do not see Georgia getting involved with the Penn State commits...


dawg4everWOOF - I say we should black out the SEC Championship game. What do you think?

Dean Legge - I wouldn't be surprised with something nutty if Georgia plays in the SECCG in the Dome


KLC_71 - chad - do we have any commits that could be soft or wavering?

Chad Simmons  - KLC_71, Nothing you guys do not know about already... It is all about Richt as you guys know.


steven33880 - is the Seminole Co rb legit?

Chad Simmons  - steven33880, He is not a UGA guy imo, I guess he could be a last minute guy IF they miss on Marshall, Gurley,...etc

steven33880 - can he be a db?

Chad Simmons  - steven33880, not sure... I'd have to see more of him in person to say that. I do not see the hips on the little film I have seen


Aldog - Fletch what about DeBell and ward's weight now?

Fletcher Page - Ward is going to have surgery tomorrow


mac25 - Chad, who is the most talented kid you have seen this year that is flying under the radar and not getting the offers he should?

Chad Simmons  - mac25, one would have to be Quinshad Davis... Very solid WR with only 4 offers... Legit 6-3 plus, long, lean, great body control.


KLC_71 - dean/fletch - who is redshirting in 2011 that will surprise us next year?

Dean Legge - KLC - Maybe DeBell; they are throwin all of the kids out there... I'd pick Justin Scott perhaps to have an impact in the future... but the best kids are playing this season out of this 2011 class

Fletcher Page - KLC - Rome is a good long term bet, once the TE depth clears out for him.


KLC_71 - chad - anything more on that safety from Camden County that you like - sorry forgot his name

Chad Simmons  - KLC_71, Shaquan Brock... Things have picked up for him with ACC/SEC showing more interest. The kid is a football player and he will be at South Carolina this weekend


AlltelDawg - Chad if  JHClemons were to commit to uga where would you see him start out his career

Chad Simmons  - Alltell, I see Josh Harvey-Clemons as an OLB all the way if he chooses UGA.  Once he drops bball and all that stuff, he will add 30 pounds before he can blink an eye


cdawgie - dean or fletch - DO you think IC learned his lesson?

Dean Legge - I don't know if he learned his lesson... Don't know one way or another... They are going to hold him down as long as they can... its up to him


suwaneegeorgia - so is lemay gone after this season

Fletcher Page - suwanee - LeMay is locked into the third slot. I don't see him passing Hutson or Murray. Ever. Not sure if that means he'll transfer, but he's got some work to do.

Dean Legge - On LeMay - IMO he's not close to passing Mason, but I am not sure that means he leaves


KLC_71 - dean/fletch - did we get rid of all the cancers from last years team?

Dean Legge - KLC - I am not sure everyone is always an angel, but the feel is much better than it was, and I think you can see that on Saturdays

Fletcher Page - KLC - There are still some knuckleheads, but I think the "cancers" are gone. There were some selfish players that found the door out.


Aldog - Will Ramsey be our next starting QB after Murray?

Dean Legge - Al - Ramsey is good for sure, but Mason will likely be a senior if Murray leaves. If Murray doesn't leave Ramsey will be the next starter IMO


KLC_71 - j jones - what does your heart say - stay or go?

Dean Legge - I think Jarvis likely stays...


cdawgie - Does Jarvis Jones and IC have a close brother type of relationship... Maybe JJ can keep IC stay clean

Dean Legge - I'm not sure it's a brother thing, but I am not quite close to either. I'd say that if Jarvis could stop IC from screwing up he would, but IC has to live his life, and Jarvis does, too. I do know that Cootie and IC respect Jarvis... I think everyone respects Jarvis

Fletcher Page - cd - IC looks up to Jarvis... but Jarvis is closer to other players on the team than he is IC


Chad Simmons - Here is my vision of UGA's perfect class as far as who they finish with - Jaquay Williams, Cordarrelle Patterson, Blake Jackson, Avery Young, Brandon Greene, Marshall, Gurley, Dillon Lee, Josh Harvey-Clemons, Yuri Wright, Elijah Shumate, Dalvin Tomlinson, Kenderious Whitehead


apple dawg - How many O-linemen will UGA take in this class, and who are the best bets to sign?

Chad Simmons - There is no doubt Avery Young is their top target and they are very much in it for Brandon Hill as well.  I think UGA would love to add two more OLs to this class.  Donald Hawkisn, the JUCO is a possibility too, but UGA is definitely on the outside looking in there.  IMO, 5 OLs would be a great haul for this class.


bhayesii - 1) Are likely to back out of their commitment if we do NOT make it to Atl?

Chad Simmons - No, I do not see SEC Championship as a must for UGA to keep any one commitment.


2) Are more likely to commit if we DO make it to Atl? –

Chad Simmons - Same answer as for question number 1.


3) Are likely to go elsewhere if we do NOT make it to Atl? 

Chad Simmons - Overall, I just do not see this being a big factor.  Of course it could help, but I do not see it hurting that much because I do not know if any of the current commits even saw UGA going to Atlanta when they committed.


EmotionalFescue - End of the year Gala visitor list request...

Chad Simmons - Ask in the early December chat, and I will have more, but they are trying to get Shumate and Yuri Wright down to Athens that weekend and that is when Tyriq McCord will be at UGA for his visit.  Kenderious Whitehead will likely be there that weekend too along with many commitments.


Pedro6644 - Should we be worried about Clemson in regards to marshall and gurley?

Chad Simmons - You definitely can't sleep on them. They are having a good season, they recruit hard, and they are an attractive bunch right now.  IMO, there depth chart is a little better than UGA's overall because Ellington is better than Samuel and Bellamy and Crowell are both playing as true freshmen this year.  The thing that UGA has on them is time… UGA has been on them consistently longer than CU.


Any news on when yuri wright and shumate might visit?

Chad Simmons - It is up in the air.  UGA is working them both HARD.


It seems like uga wants an inside linebacker in this class...who is that going to be?

Chad Simmons - They would like 1-2 imo, Dillon Lee is one top target for sure and Markus Eligwe is right there as well.  Tyriq McCord is an ILB in a 3-4 defense also.


Jayla1 - Rumor has it that Lonnie Outlaw will not be going to UGA. If so, what WRs are we looking at to to try to replace him?

Chad Simmons - I put that in my Insider Report a while ago Jayla.  It is not a rumor, it is a fact, Outlaw will not be a Bulldog. Georgia offered Jaquay Williams, they would love to replace Outlaw with Williams.


Jnc88 - What is the rule in regards who has the right to recruit a player on behalf of a University. Can only coaches recruit players, or can designated individuals recruit?

Chad Simmons - Coaches from the university can recruit prospects.

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