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A slight change in name, the Discussion offers plenty of Fletcher Page's news, notes & somewhat relevant rambling.

I admire consistency. My past writings about Mark Richt's demeanor and my dad's weekly Saturday trek are the precedent for my first statement.

But consistency has never been a strong point of the Mailbag. I've changed the release time and date. Tinkered with the name. Fought with length, videos, pictures, making fun of Dean, etc.

After all the ups and downs and rights and lefts, I've come to realize there are "other" Mailbags around the Georgia beat. And I'm all for a free flowing market for discussion and information.

It's just that I don't think there needs to be four Georgia oriented Mailbags floating around each week.

The others are question and answer based. Mine is too, but I'm all about the discussion. I want interaction, people.

I'm not saying the other writers copied my idea to run weekly Mailbags. In actuality, I coped former Macon Telegraph writer David Hale's idea to incorporate reader responses into a column. He even called his Mailbag a Mailbag!

In fairness, he ripped the idea off ESPN's Bill Simmons. He probably borrowed it from somebody else. The Pony Express, the originators of the Mailbag as we know it (I think), must be pissed!

Speaking of David –

Hale butts in to say: "If someone hadn't ripped off Sergeant Bilko, there'd be no Top Cat. Huckleberry Hound, Chief Wiggum, Yogi Bear? Hah! Andy Griffith, Edward G. Robinson, Art Carney. Your honor, you take away our right to steal ideas, where are they gonna come from?"

Ah, it's always nice to have Hale around. I hear a rumor he may make a guest appearance at the SEC Championship game with a Dawg Post credential in hand. If Georgia makes it, that is.

Anyway, I'm creating further Mailbag upheaval – by distancing myself from the Mailbag.

A convo with two Dawg Post subscribers down in Jacksonville got me to thinking – I love discussion. Debating is fun, too. But I just like talking. So, from here on out, this column is no longer a Mailbag. We're labeling this the Dawg Post Discussion. I think this will make for a more welcoming enviroment, and will allow you guys more opportunities to get your thoughts involved (a scary proposal, I know).

Besides, the U.S. Postal Service is debt-ridden and on the verge of default. Our conversation is just starting. And there's no penalty if the Discussion goes into the red.

Hale – "You owe me $20 bucks!"

With all that said, let's get it poppin'.

The first sip

I don't want to bog you guys down with a load of stats (a warning that I'm about to bog you down with a load of stats), but let's consider what Georgia has done since starting the season 0-2.

The team has put together the longest winning streak (seven) during a season in the Mark Richt Era. Well, it ties the record. Georgia finished on a seven game streak to end 2007.

Further, if the Bulldogs beat Auburn on Saturday, the win would extend the team's current streak against SEC opponents to six. The last time that happened? 1982. Herschel. Vince. Olivia Newton John . Porky's.

Hale – "That movie changed my life. Sometime we should still sit down and discuss Porky's."

You got it. That was still a solid five years before this dude was born..

Now… Who has Georgia beaten of worth? The combined record of the defeated seven teams is 28-35. Not very good.

But, is it Georgia's fault Ole Miss eventually fired it's coach? Mississippi State was overrated in the preseason? Tennessee had no talent? Florida's John Brantley had a clubfoot and a penchant for pooping himself against the blitz? Coastal Carolina's coach was obsessed with getting rid of little kitty cats?

The answer is no. You only have the option to beat the teams you play. Again, I hear the dissenters and/or those worried about becoming emotionally invested in this year's team. The past two seasons have made you weary, afraid to get back in the saddle. Georgia lost to the two challenges on the schedule to this point. And quarterback Aaron Murray is 0-5 against ranked teams.

Suwanneedawg03 asks: How long has it been since we beat a ranked SEC squad?

If it seems like forever… LSU in 2008.

Anyway, will a win over Auburn, the defending national champions, on Saturday erase the doubt created by the easy schedule? Nope. The game is in Sanford Stadium. The Bulldogs are a 13.5-point favorite. This is another game Georgia SHOULD win. Despite Auburn's current status as the No. 24 team in the country, a loss to Georgia places the Tigers well on their way to a five or six loss season. Do you think Auburn can beat Alabama? Or win a bowl game? Me either.

So Georgia will be right back in the purgatory of a stinky-schedule and a slow start. A win over Kentucky won't mean much (aside from potentially clinching the East). Fans have come to expect triumph over Tech. Finally, at the end of that gauntlet of unworthy foes would be a matchup with LSU, Alabama or Arkansas. Then, and only then, will Georgia have a chance to prove it's a good team, a program back from the ashes of mediocrity, ready to compete with the best of the best and for years to come.

But only after taking care of business against the schlubs.

Predications sure to go wrong (or right).

Gunter 2011 asks: How does the duo Dyer/McCalebb match up against our D? Seems if we can slow those two down, we make them more 1 dimensional. Neither of their QB's have really impressed me that much.??

Auburn's Michael Dyer is thunder, Onterio McCalebb is lightning. Or Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael if you'd prefer that. They're a talented duo, no matter if you go weather or Wham related.

Let's welcome in Todd Grantham to help out here.

Grantham -- "You've got to know your calls because things happen so fast. You've got to know your fits because they'll tell test you with formations. You've got to leverage the ball on the perimeter to make sure it doesn't break out."

But wait, there's more…

Grantham -- "I think they've got two really good running backs. I think that they'll test us. We've just got to play our game and play physical and do the things that we've got to do to play well."

Thanks Coach. I agree.

In saying that, I don't see this Auburn team being able to consistently run against Georgia's defense. The Bulldogs rank eighth in the nation against the run (91.1 yards per game), and I don't see that changing. Not at home. Not with the SEC East on the line.

The Tigers have used up to three quarterbacks a game this season. Three! Imagine needing to use three different sticks of deodorant each week… That would mean something isn't working.

That stinks.

If Georgia can stop the run, I don't see good things for Auburn in a one-dimensional offense led by quarterbacks Barrett Trotter, Clint Moseley and/or Kiehl Frazier.

Prediction of Jarvis Jones's stats against AU

It's probably ridiculous for me to even try this one… But I looked into the season totals and found some interesting tidbits.

-- Jarvis has had less than six tackles in six games this season.
-- All eight of his sacks came in four games. He had none in the other four.
-- Not counting sacks, the remaining 4.5 of Jones' tackles for loss came in three games.

What does this mean? I'm not sure, but I found it interesting.

Coming up with a game to justify the 20 minutes of research I just did: I'll take the over on six tackles. I predict he will not have a sack, but will finish with more than one tackle for loss.

Gadawgluver asks: Do you think we beat Auburn?

I do. And I think Georgia will cover the 13.5-point spread.

SuwaneeDawg03 says: It's time to get payback on the Barn (within reason) and clinch the SEC East...well, not officially. 13.5 point favorite is a little lofty for another ranked SEC team.

I agree, the spread is surprising, given this is a rivalry game and Auburn is ranked. But I don't think Auburn is very good. Keeping with the knock on shady schedules, what team has Auburn beaten? All right, I'll concede the win in Columbia against South Carolina (which still had Lattimore and Garcia) looked above average at the time.

But other than that? Squeaked by Utah State. Went down to the wire with the letdown Mississippi State Bulldogs. Mustered 30 points in a win over Florida Atlantic. Beat a bad Florida team at home. Losses to Clemson, Arkansas and LSU show that Auburn can't beat good teams. And all three of those losses were… You guessed it, on the road.

Can we beat LSU?

No. Well… Maybe. I think Georgia matches up better against LSU than Alabama. But asking me to pick the Bulldogs over LSU – I don't think I could. I would give Georgia a chance (always a possibility in the Dome). But I wouldn't make that pick.

What bowl will UGA go to and who do we play?

I'm thinking bloomin' onions and shrimp on the barbie! I think Georgia will play in the Outback Bowl against Michigan or whoever else from that conference ends up playing in the Outback Bowl.

Full disclosure: I made this pick in part because I've heard tale of steaks and appetizers from Outback being served in the press box at the bowl. It's believable. Makes sense, I guess. I'd like to find out.

SuwanneDawg03 asks: 3. Do you think there is a chance the ole ball coach retires after this season? He has no QB, a top RB coming off an ACL injury, and no hope in sight.

If you haven't sold your shares in South Carolina, I'd recommend you dump the stock and salvage what you can (one beauty in stocks is that they can't go below zero. I don't think the same can be said for a college football program).

Despite all the troubles, I don't see Spurrier going away. The money is too good… And Dean thinks the OBC would get bored in the coaching afterlife. I know he's a big golfer, but I don't think he's ready to take it up full time.

The not-so happy hour

Not very many people are excited about the 2012 recruiting class Mark Fox put together. The Bulldogs finished with a trio of perimeter-oriented players.

While the collection of players Fox signed is certainly athletic and could possibly develop once on campus, three-star talent doesn't ever lead to much approval from the message board types.

Not with what Georgia missed on (to be fair, Shaq Goodwin has not signed with Memphis yet).

The Bulldogs needed an elite post player to complement the signing of five-star guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in the 2011 class. The state of Georgia had plenty of options – Tony Parker, Shaq Goodwin and Robert Carter were national recruits and would have been instant stars in Athens.


Patches33 asks: With Goodwin now off the board who is left for the UGA Basketball recruiting class?

There are some talented big men still available (Charles Mitchell is highest-rated left available), but none are on the level fans were expecting in this class. Adding to some of the frustration, Carter signed with Georgia Tech, despite Yellow Jackets coach Brian Gregory being hired on March 28 of this year.

Thedogfather asks: Is there any worse BB recruiting staff in the SEC than UGA's?

I'll go with Alabama here. Go look at what Anthony Grant has in this class. It's not good. Actually, it's terrible.

While I don't think Fox and his staff are the worst recruiters in the conference, I understand the dissatisfaction. Fox has been in Athens since the spring of 2009. The state of Georgia annually produces top high school recruits. And after this season, Georgia won't have Dustin Ware and Gerald Robinson.

I'm not sure why Fox isn't landing top-tier kids. But I was two credits short from being a History minor in college. Looking at the past, recruiting shortfalls (and facial hair styled in the 1980s) led to Dennis Felton's failure as a coach in Athens.

Say what you want about the on-court product – it all leads back to recruiting. Felton never made the proper connections on the AAU circuit. He never developed strong relationships with Atlanta's movers and shakers. I'll credit him for signing Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie, but other than the occasional four-star player, he was recruiting on the same level he had been at Western Kentucky.

Fox must not follow this pattern. Caldwell-Pope was a great get, but basketball recruiting isn't like its football counterpart. There is little margin for error due to only signing three, four or five players a class. String together too many misses and whiffs and not enough punches landed – and you'll be joining the rest of the 9.1 percent of the country's population that is unemployed.

Mark Fox: "We had to rebuild relevance in our team. We had to establish relationships. We had to do a lot of things, and we're not done yet."

No, Fox isn't done yet, considering the only AAU team Fox has tapped to this point, the Georgia Blazers, was recently implicated in a state investigation for improper use of government funds.

The underlying problem is that it's still not a surprise when these kids don't choose Georgia. Disappointment? Of course. Surprising? Most certainly not. That feeling, among fans, players, the media, etc., must change or the program will continue to have peaks and valleys.

One NCAA at-large bid is not enough to gain wholesale recruiting attention. I've seen some comments on the boards about ‘the lack of program resonance in the 2012 class following the tournament appearance.' Two seasons of competitive play and one first round exit in March is not a large enough sample size for recruits as a whole to be completely swayed. There is no magic button. You can't say, ‘Look, we did this. Now come play for Georgia.'

There are some parallels here. Most likely our nation's economy is still years away from stability and regaining it's footing for good (Notice I'm optimistic it will eventually improve. Also, I'm not endorsing either party here. Not interested in opening that jar of worms). But the Democrats taking over the House in 2008, only to lose control to the Republicans in 2010 proves that people want instant gratification, immediate change for the best. If people do not receive what they want, they become disinterested, over time seek change and become hopeful the new line of direction is the best thing that ever happened to them. It's a ferocious cycle.

Turning a program around and keeping the nose of the plane pointed up at all times isn't always possible. Georgia's hole when Fox arrived was staggeringly deep. One tournament appearance isn't going to fill that gap. Two second round draft picks isn't enough either.

But it's a start. Fox must find a way to win this season – and he must make the necessary connections with the proper metro area representatives. Travis Leslie showed massive improvement from his freshman year to his junior season. Ware has improved immensely under Fox. The team's grade point average has improved as well. And I almost saw Trey Thompkins play hard for an entire game once or twice under Fox. That's impressive.

There's no denying Fox has instilled some positives.

He may be able to coach on Roy Williams level. But with less than a third of Roy Williams' talent, he'll never make it.

Outside the box

SuwanneDawg03 asks: Was Dean wearing a Michigan sweatshirt to the NMSU game or was it another tennis shirt?

I'm not sure what he was wearing to the game. I never am. I've been thinking about creating a Twitter account called @DeanLeggesWardrobe. Could be fun.

Dangerranger6969 asks: With Mizzou joining the east have you heard anything on when they would be on the 2012 Schedule and do you think we would play a nine game schedule or eight. If we played eight I think we would drop Bama and put Missou in that slot.

I agree with you – I think they'll play eight conference games and Missouri will replace Alabama. I say that without any real knowledge of what is going to happen (just to qualify how much I really know). But going to a nine-game schedule could prove to be a hard sell for the coaches (not that they have much say in the matter).

Georgia has to play Tech every year. South Carolina plays Clemson. Florida plays Florida State. Going to a nine-game conference slate puts a lot of these teams at a minimum of 10 games where a legitimate opponent is played.

While some teams were already playing tough schedules (Georgia playing the likes of Oklahoma State, Arizona State and Boise State), it's nice to at least have some flexibility. Going to nine games would leave little wiggle room.

Hpdog asks: Do you agree that our band needs to move back where they were before? They are so far away from the students.

I'm not sure why the move was made, but I'm the wrong person to ask about the band. I don't pay all that much attention to it during the games, but you're not the only person that has asked me about the placement.

Perhaps moving them to the end zone was seen as a way to blast noise TOWARD the most possible people. Or it could have been an attempt to balance the majority of the students with the band on different ends of the stadium, or maybe even a way to set up an advantage if a game ever goes to overtime.

Petep211 asks: What is your Post-game routine?

Well… My postgame routine includes swimming through a sea of people to get down to the interview area following the game. We interview players in the locker room first. Then we get Richt in the press conference room. Somewhere in there Dean and I try to shoot a quick recap video.

After that, I return to the press box, bang out a sloppy story (if on deadline) or bang out a sloppy story (if not on deadline) and maybe send out a tweet or two (sometimes I neglect my Twitter duties).

As of late, Dean and Wes have been getting done uploading videos and pictures right as I'm finishing up my story or stories. We walk out of Sanford together, and usually Dean and I end up arguing for a good bit about the decision to kick a field goal or if Tony Soprano died or not.

As for the post-postgame routine, we usually set up two TVs and watch the rest of the games on Saturday. And I've been known to go out and about when the sun goes down (daylight savings time can lead to dehydration on Sundays).

RedRaider78 asks: how long will timmy tebow make it in the nfl?

I bet he'll hang around for quite a while. He's a big draw at the gate and his jersey is a top seller.

will he win a super bowl??

The odds already say no. His elongated throwing motion isn't helping.

does he go to the hall of fame? ?

Did Vance and Coy replacing Bo and Luke on the Dukes of Hazzard make any sense? The answer is no.

will he end his career as a bronco??

Probably not. If there's any question that Peyton Manning could play anywhere other than Indianapolis (and there has been), I don't rule out any player playing for multiple teams.

what do you think of jim rome???

I think he's hilarious – he doesn't translate to television like he does on radio. His show, the Jungle, is pretty good. Dan Patrick is by far the best. But Rome has a good thing going.

what do you think of stephen a. smith???

Why is this man yelling? Don't click this link if you don't like cuss words.

No, I don't care for Stephen. I thought ESPN had gotten rid of him, but alas, he has returned. I do, however, endorse Samuel L. Jackson (for those of you who do enjoy cuss words and clicked the link).

skip balest? or how ever you spell his name???

Skip is pretty hard to deal with at times. But I'll hand it to him, he takes his side of an argument and he stands by it with conviction. I agree on some of his points, especially his take on LeBron James – or Lebrick/Prince James as Skip calls him. But after a while, Skip's contrarian nature starts making all of his arguments kind of blend together.

Skip is like McDonald's – good in small dozes. Terrible side effects – nausea, headaches, indigestion – if consumed on a daily basis.

does the media as a whole lead the sheep to the pasture???

I personally don't think so – but if it doesn't lead the sheep to the pasture, the media, especially ESPN, tries to keep the sheep pinned in.

Think about it – Mike & Mike comes on in the morning. They discuss various topics. Then First Take comes on. Skip and whomever discuss the same topics. Meanwhile, on the Original (as I call it), SportsCenter as been running all morning – same topics. A recap of Mike & Mike comes on – same topics. Jim Rome is Burning – same topics, more syllables.. Around the Horn, PTI, SportsNation, SportsCenter again – that's right, all the same topics.

The inundation is numbing. And yet, most of us watch as much as possible.

do you think i watch espn? da da da ....da da da ??

You seem like a fan. Would be interested to know your thoughts on other commentators for the next Discussion.

p.s. what does mike woods do for a living? and were does he live??

I was under the assumption he paints Bulldogs on his head and lives in Sanford Stadium… Have I believed a lie this whole time? Talk about sheep to a pasture.

Fine questions ain't they

Always, my friend. Always.

Another round on me

One day this past summer, a friend of mine, who is a schoolteacher, called me to tell me about his night out in downtown Athens.

He was describing the usual, mild debauchery that goes on – nothing heavy. But then he started talking about seeing a couple of Georgia football players out drinking. These players were both upperclassmen, both starters and both had never been in any kind of trouble during their time at Georgia.

My friend said: "I kind of lost some respect for those guys. I don't feel like they should be out drinking like that."

The needle went off the record.

I replied: "Then why should anybody be out drinking? Why were you drinking?"

His logic for coming to such a conclusion was/is flawed. The two players he was talking about were of age and were just enjoying a couple drinks and hitting on girls – the same exact thing my friend was doing.

When I pressed him further, he couldn't tell me why he thought the players shouldn't be drinking – just that they shouldn't. It's as if he believes Georgia football players should wear their helmets downtown or to class every day.

As horrible as this week at Penn State has been, it's been a terrible reminder that Joe Pa is not Joe Pa. He's not just 400-and-something wins and a figurehead atop a college football program. He' s Joe Paterno. He's human. He made a grave mistake. He's paying – and will continue to pay for that mistake.

Players and coaches are put on a pedestal – and I guess I understand why. They make a lot of money, receive a ton of exposure and influence many, many, many people's lives on a daily basis.

But they're real people. They do real things (like drink and chase tail). They face real issues. And they make real mistakes.

UGA53MAIN asks: Do you think Crowell will last 3 years at UGA?

If the over/under is 2.5 years, I think I'll take the over. Crowell is too talented to leave Athens sooner than that. The staff has done all that it can to place Crowell in the best possible situations. They've roomed him with Orson Charles and had Thomas Brown shadowing him.

jca239 says: Please no more smoking the wacky weed with our running backs.

Alleged. Allegedly failed a drug test (I have to put this line in here to get this by the compliance department). But I think we all know a mistake was made.

People ask me all the time: Is Isaiah a bad person? Does he just not get it? Is he a prima donna?

My answer has been the same since I first met with him at a Burger King off Macon Road in Columbus back in May.

I don't think Isaiah has an ego, per se. I just think he doesn't fully understand what exactly it means to be the most talented player at Georgia. The expectations, the media attention, fans knowing his name – he probably thinks it's cool to a certain extent, but he kinda acts like he doesn't care about all that.

He's been the best person playing football on every field he's ever stepped on for so long that I think he doesn't comprehend all the work that some players have put in just to make themselves average or decent.

"He does things during practice that makes us lose it sometimes," one player told me. "He's that good. Like A.J. (Green) was. I don't even know if he realizes it, either. He just goes back to the huddle and waits to get the ball again."

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: Have the suspended RB's worked extra hard these past two weeks? Have they shown any remorse and/or displayed a positive attitude?

Yeah, the trio of backs had to push and pull sleds and do extra work with Joe T down in "The Pit," as it's called.

I think Isaiah will make it three years in Athens. I believe in second chances and learning from your mistakes. He does have an alarming paper trail developing. The whispers he wasn't working hard this summer, reportedly missing a workout with Herschel Walker, held out for a quarter against Vandy and suspended for the New Mexico State game.

That's not a good run for a guy that's only been in Athens since June. But these "freshman" errors will all be forgotten if he can get it together and learn from what hasn't worked.

He's human. And a young one at that. I'm not ready to slap a helmet on him before he leaves Butts-Mehre each night just yet.

Quick shots of conversation

Gunter2011 asks: Has Conley impressed you over the past couple weeks?


Do you think him and MM will be a great duo in the coming years?

And yes. Add in Bennett and the future for Georgia's wide receiving group is looking bright.

UGA53MAIN asks: In your opinion, who is the best Corner UGA has had since Champ?

Tim Jennings.

Gadawgluver asks: Who are the biggest surprise players so far this year?

Dallas Lee (up until his injury). Mike Gilliard.

Bhayesii asks: What is the current status of Dexter Morant?

He says he's 100 percent. Been mainly working with the scout team.

Hpdog asks: Is it now decided that R. Wooten will redshirt?

I haven't heard that officially, but I think that's the case.

Regarding those already here…

Gunter2011 asks: 2. I know NMSU isn't a very good team, but do you think Harton will move up to the #2 spot on the depth chart with RS out, or will it be Thomas staying there???

I'm not sure, and at the present moment, I think it may be too close to call. Harton and Thomas are similar in size, and Harton comes with less baggage. Thomas has the edge on him in experience, which I think equates to being a better blocker.

Just my opinion – I'd go with Harton. He's got more upside and a feel good story. I'll temper that by saying, neither of these two are going to win you an SEC game. But they could help you not lose one, I suppose.

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: 2. I was excited that CMB had to do some things differently due to no scholarship RB's for the (last) game. What is your opinion on how Bobo handled the NMSU game?

I thought CMB did an excellent job last weekend. The competition wasn't all that impressive, but he let Murray do his thing. Orson had plenty of touches. Conley broke out. TK had an end-around. Boykin and Smith were mixed into the game sufficiently and efficiently.

I thought it was one of his best of the season – looked like the offense was well prepared that week in practice in terms of knowing what to look for and exploiting matchups (Boykin's TD catch when he was matched up with a linebacker was the best example).

Of course, being better than the team you play helps. But I already went over that.

Petep211 asks: How many and who of our freshmen are still eligible to redshirt this year?

Here's the list of freshmen redshirting this season:

Sterling Bailey
Devin Bowman
Zach DeBell
Christian LeMay
Jay Rome
Chris Sanders
Justin Scott-Wesley
Sanford Seay
Nathan Theus
Xzavier Ward

DickVanDawg asks: Why do we not use Boykin and Brandon Smith more on offense, I know they have to play defense too but they are both too explosive not to use at least 3-4 times a game. If nothing else it gives the opposing DC something else to worry about.

I agree – both players are extremely fast and have proven they can find the end zone.

While the cooler weather and television timeouts negate some of the fatigue that comes with playing both sides of the ball and special teams, the issue becomes knowing what to do and figuring what who exactly creates the best matchup on any given play.

You're right – they both have to play defense, too. Which means they spend most of practice on the defensive side of the ball. That limits how many plays they know and the number of formations they've got experience with.

Also, if you give the ball to Boykin or Smith, it means you're not giving it to Isaiah, Malcolm, Orson, etc.

Add all those factors up, and you're probably left with a maximum of five touches a game. I like the way the staff has handled those guys. Misdirection (Boise State) and mismatches (New Mexico State) have been successful with Boykin. Pure speed has paid off for Smith.

People ask why Orson doesn't get more targets. Or say that Isaiah isn't getting enough carries. Or ask where the hell is Ken Malcome? Or why Brandon Harton isn't rewarded for tough running. Or why Bobo doesn't throw deep more often to Mitchell. Or why Boykin and Smith haven't been in the game more often. There are only so many offensive snaps in a game and only so many yards on the field. Plus, defenses are scheming against certain players and plays.

Patches33 asks: What is the deal with Morant and Stripling? I know Morant has already been mentioned but I really expected those two to both be very good yet neither has seemed to contribute whatsoever. Are they "tweener" guys who dont really fit at any certain position in a 3-4?

Morant had two shoulder surgeries last year. I don't think he ever really practiced. So he's been behind from the jump. Stripling is still trying to get back to 100 percent after the devastating knee injury he suffered against Colorado last season.

I know Stripling is back out there and the expected recovery time on his injury has come and gone – but think about all the workouts he missed, all the time spent focusing on one specific body part in the weight room.

Those guys need time.

How realistic is it to think that Richard Samuel could play each game like he did in the Florida game? Running with that kind of attitude and power? If he could does this make him a legit RB?

If Richard could run that way in every game, he certainly would be a legit back. The line had a lot to do with those runs against Florida. And the Gators looked spent toward the end of that game.

I'm not discrediting Samuel's performance, but I'm not sure if he'll be able to consistently do that. He's injury-prone. And Crowell is a much better back.

Keeping an eye on future consumption

Petep211 asks: How many of our new recruits will be early enrollees ,opening up room for more recruits to take in this years class ?

Other than Keith Marshall (who is not yet committed), I'm not sure if any are. I think at one time John Theus was thought to be an EE, but I don't think that's still the case.

Gadawgluver asks: Do we have a chance with any other very, very good offensive linemen recruits?

This is from Chad Simmons: "There is no doubt Avery Young is their top target and they are very much in it for Brandon Hill as well. I think UGA would love to add two more OLs to this class. Donald Hawkins, the JUCO, is a possibility too, but UGA is definitely on the outside looking in there. IMO, 5 OLs would be a great haul for this class."

Well, there you have it.

Trooperdawg980 asks: Do you think the recent suspensions will be a big deciding factor now for Marshall-Gurley? I have to think the two of them now more than ever see UGA as the land of opportunity.

I don't know if these specific suspensions will play a large role in those two coming to Athens – if the chance for playing time means that much, Florida is losing it's top two backs in Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey due to exhausted eligibility.

Instead, I'm going to flip this around and say the suspensions should show the Georgia staff how important a Marshall-Gurley combination could be. The staff has done an excellent job recruiting Marshall – it's no secret that most think he's going to come to Georgia.

A second back in the class would be ideal. Marshall, at 5-11, 190 pounds, has speed, vision, elusiveness, balance and shifty feet. Gurley, who stands right at 6-feet, has more power and size. And the two are good friends. I think it would make for a good pairing in this class.

Patches33 asks: I know Young really, really enjoyed his visit to Alabama and Auburn and I know he really likes Georgia. Is there any way to know exactly where he is leaning?

It's hard to tell because he was so positive about both Alabama and Auburn following his visit to those schools. After he comes to Athens, we'll probably know more about which way he's leaning.

How much of a realistic chance does Askew have of playing WR in Athens? His video seemed to show he had some experience running routes and catching passes? Could he play CB? or is he going to be a small back and return guy only. What are the chances UGA offers him this weekend?

Good question(s) – I saw him at Dawg Night, but he spent all of his time at running back (at least of what I saw). I could see him moving out and catching passes to utilize his speed – but I heard the same things about Carlton Thomas when he was at this stage of the game, too.

In terms of getting an offer, I think a lot of it hinges on his grades. If he does well enough there, he could get what he's looking for. As for what the timetable is there, I'm not sure.

The kid's speed is legit though – he's worth a shot on special teams or just to see what he could possibly do with a little space on the football field.

Are we really recruiting Bauta as a QB? If so, could that be due to the possibility of Mason leaving after this year as he indicated is possible?

The staff initially seemed set on going after two quarterbacks in the 2013 class. Once Brice Ramsey got on board, I figured a lesser-recruited player in that class would join him.

Perhaps the staff is a little worried about Mason or LeMay and the recruitment of Bauta is a way to provide some insurance at the position. The kid has great size and athleticism. Even if he ends up at tight end (which most think he will), it would still be nice to have him on campus just in case.

How many of 2012 recruits will enroll early? Marshal I know is one. If I recall correctly the EEs will count toward last years class so we will be able to sign over 25, correct? Is there a cap on the number of EEs you can sign or a limit to the number you sign in a year plus EEs?

Correct, they count toward the previous class. I'm not sure if there is a cap or not – I know it's hard to reach a large figure because, well, graduating from high school early isn't always the easiest/most flexible thing to do.

I know Southern Cal had nine EEs last season. So unless there's a different rule in the SEC (which isn't out of the question), I think you can try to encourage as many as possible to do it.

Frequenter of the week

Jca239 asks: Strange question for the Sack...Someone mentioned a while back that the goaline "G" was no longer the UGA "G". Any idea why that changed and who made that call? I thought it was a unique feature of our field that I hate to see change.

I'm making this the Question of the Week… Because you have completely stumped me. I noticed the G absent from the goal lines, but I couldn't tell you the why, what, when, where and how behind the disappearance.

I could ask around about it, but I'm not even sure I'd get a concrete answer. For your efforts, you'll receive a parking pass to any Sherwin-Williams, valid for life. And also this handy field painter-whatchamacallit (elder gentleman not included).

Last call

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: What old school cartoon do you wish would be recreated into a movie? I am going with Thundercats.

Great question… And you can't go wrong with the answer. Teenage Mutant Turtles made the transition. Transformers did too (although the second and third movies were a high energy blast of machine-on-machine crime with little to no storyline or lasting worth).

I like your Thundercats. But I'll throw a few more out there. Overall, He-Man (despite the fact that the defender of the universe looked eerily similar to Race Bannon with an Uma Thurman haircut) was pretty dope. From the oldest of old school, I'd stack the Wacky Races against the competition. For the movie you wouldn't admit to watching, but secretly would want to see: Care Bears (don't you deny it). The new school (and for me, that means 1990-95, not a day later), TailSpin gets the nod over Duck Tales. And for the "I faked being asleep and my parents don't know I'm still awake and I'm sneaking to turn on my television to watch these insanely terrible cartoons and love every minute of it" category: Thundarr the Barbarian. Watch the clip – it's supposed to be set in the future – 1994!

With that, I'm hitting the back door and getting out of here.

Gunter2011 says: Thanks man! Keep it up!

Jca239 says: Love ya, mean it.

RedRaider78 says: you do a hell of job fletch

Patches33 says: Thank you. You do great work.

Turn out the lights boys, the party's over… We outta here baby… Thank y'all for coming.

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