Danielson: "I wouldn't worry about Murray."

CBS college football analyst Gary Danielson talks about Georgia's game with LSU inside.

Since Alabama, this is the first team that has some of the same parts. Georgia has a defense built with size. Their defensive coordinator is a disciple of Nick Saban and has built his team around the ability to stop the run with size up front and big linebackers. Georgia should be able to stay in the game without being able to bring up the defensive backs to stop the run like other teams have had to do. Their size up front should match up against LSU's size, giving them a chance.

LSU can win is so many different ways that it's really hard to isolate what teams have to do to beat LSU. They have playmakers everywhere. They don't have a lot of role players, they have a lot of game breaking players and that's why they are unique. If they get a lead, they can embarrass you. I don't know if I've seen a team this big, with very few drop-offs in talent. A lot of teams can beat you in a one game, LSU is built for the season.

LSU has tried to manage one area, quarterback. But now Jordan Jefferson is coming out strong. He is becoming a weapon, which makes LSU even scarier.

If I was Georgia I wouldn't worry about Aaron Murray. I think he'll be fine. I question the other ten guys on the field. Georgia has depth and a good group of wide receivers. LSU hasn't faced that many dangerous pocket quarterbacks this year. West Virginia and Oregon didn't match up well with LSU because they play so well against teams who spread the field. If everyone else on the team is up to it, Murray will be fine.

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