Recruits: Turnaround Means the World

ATLANTA - There was a time when giving up on Georgia would have been the easy thing to do for recruits. But that's not what happened. Inside read what recruits have said about the Bulldogs' run to the SEC Championship.

Blake Tibbs: "I feel I am coming into a top notch program and it feels great being part of a program like that. We have a great football team and the coaches have done great preparing the team to win 10 straight games. Winning the SEC East is a challenging task and I believe we could go undefeated next year."

Quayvon Hicks: "I am very excited because many doubted them at the start of the season. Rumors flew left and right, but the team showed up every game determined to win. They built a team bond knowing Coach Richt's job could be on the line and made winning a habit."

James Deloach: "Georgia going to the SEC Championship game means a lot. It is a big uplift for the fans, players, and coaches. It feels great to know that I am going into a winning environment. It showed me Georgia is mentally tough because they kept playing hard despite starting 0-2."

Colin Barber: "Georgia is a great team that came together as the season progressed. They fought their hearts out and left it all on the field. They never gave up, they fought until the finish, and it feels good coming into a program with rich tradition."

John Atkins: "It means a lot to me the way Georgia turned their season around when everyone doubted them. It is amazing to sign with a team that could win the SEC is amazing. I loved how they have been determined to win this year."

Marshall Morgan: "I feel proud and confident to be a Georgia Bulldog. I am happy to be heading to a school that is stable and consistently winning games. It shows a lot when a team loses their first two games, then comes around, and wins the rest of them. I think the coaching staff is great and I can't wait to be part of the team."

John Theus: "I love Georgia getting to the SEC Championship game for the players because I have become good friends with them and they deserve it. From them to come back from two losses just shows being committed to the SEC East Champs is a bonus for me. I love UGA and that is why I am committed to them. I love their determination and how much they want, this is SEC Championship game is just icing on the cake."

Faton Bauta: "It means a lot to me that Georgia made it to this game. They are a winning program and they have obviously lived up to their hype. I want to be at a place that is all about winning and It feels awesome to be signing with them. It shows me that they know it is not about where you start, but about where you finish."

Stanley Williams: "I liked how everyone was still willing to work after the 0-2 start and that means a lot to me. It feels great knowing that I am going to be a part of a great foundation. We are now playing for something and it means something."

Jonathan Taylor: "Georgia getting this far means a lot to me because a lot of people did not think we were going to be that good. We proved them wrong and it feels good to be signing with them."

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