Georgia prospect faces uncertainty

For the past six months, Brice Ramsey has known where he is going to college. But the next three years still hold some uncertainty for the highly touted signal caller.

Ramsey's father, Jason, will be transferred near the end of 2012 to a destination that is still unknown. An enlisted Navy sailor for the past 15 years, Information System Technician Chief Petty Officer Jason Ramsey settled into southeast Georgia with his wife, Yolanda, and their two children, Brice and Morgan, in 2001 when he was transferred to a nearby naval base in Jacksonville, Fla. Since then, he's left home to perform naval duties for an extended period of time before, but not under these circumstances with Brice heading off to college.

Information System Technician Chief Petty Officer (E-7) Jason Ramsey while serving in Tallil, Iraq

When the Ramseys settled into football-crazed Camden County a decade ago, they were not unlike many other citizens in the naval-heavy community. Their son played sports – including football – after school. But what was unique about the Ramseys was Brice's ability to throw (and kick) a football.

"He was special from the time he could pick up a ball as a little boy," Jason remembered. "You could just tell that he was gifted."

That gift – huge hands controlling one of the top football-throwing arms in the country – lead to Brice getting early attention from schools like Georgia, Clemson and Florida. He picked the Bulldogs last summer and then led his high school team to a regional title, a win on national television for the first time in school history, and a spot in the Georgia AAAAA state quarterfinals.

Jason and Yolanda were at every game. But that can't be the case in the future. Jason's service to the country involves him being gone from their home in Kingsland, Ga. until 2015 – during Brice's first three years of college and his sister Morgan's first three years of high school. The Navy has not yet finalized plans for Jason's location, but it could be pretty much anywhere around the country or world.

The Ramseys knew this day would eventually come, but now that the reality of Jason leaving is setting in and everything is becoming more difficult, every decision is scrutinized completely.

"I have to have a trust factor," Yolanda said of handing Brice over to college coaches for the next few years. "I don't think anyone understands that we could be leaving the country for three years at the end of 2012."

And while Brice maintains his commitment to Georgia, his father's transfer makes recruiting more difficult – and can make it seem even more important, too. If all goes as planned and Brice enrolls at Georgia in January 2013, he will be alone at college, and his family could be an ocean away. The best-case scenario for the Ramseys is that Jason is stationed in a not-too-distant land and that he will be able to watch games on TV.

"I really don't know where he's headed yet," Brice said. "I'm like everyone else – just waiting to see what happens."

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