Can't Break Glass Ceiling this Spring

ATHENS – Here we sit at the start of Mark Richt's 12th spring practice.

No huge issues (coaching changes; scheme changes; major position fights) linger over the program. Richt's seat is as safe as can be hoped after a division win in the fall and agreeing to a contract extension this spring.

Todd Grantham's 3-4 defense is in its third spring – the curiosity of it has died down because fans now know what to expect. All told very few starting spots are up for grabs, and for those few positions up for grabs there are heavy favorites already in the rotation.

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So, in a sense, boredom, which is a good thing this time of year, is threatening to set in this spring. Even Carlton Thomas' somewhat predictable announcement Tuesday that he would transfer seems to be very small compared to what was considered news here a year ago… and the whispers that surrounded Mark Richt's every move in Athens. "Yeah, but" seemed to qualify every statement last spring.

The questions are smaller this year. Fundamental questions are no longer being asked like they were a year ago. No one wonders what sort of impact Isaiah Crowell will have – we know what he can do now. (At the same time… if you were wondering or continue to wonder if Crowell is going to be the starter now and in the future rest assured that you are a bit in the dark, and that he will be.) We all only wonder just how good he can be now. The 3-4 defense under Grantham – that one is also a known commodity. We all wonder just how good it can be now.

Winning the SEC East has a way of settling many of the questions that nagged Richt and the Dawgs for the previous two or three years.

The question folks want to know the answer to – is this team good enough to win the SEC East and knock off a West power to win the SEC? – can't be answered in the spring. There are leading indicators… mainly that there are so few fundamental questions right now… that let folks know things are going well, but we won't know any answers until the fall. Also, we won't see the starting offensive line until John Theus comes to town in the summer.

Most importantly, no one knows if Georgia will be ready for its trips to the Columbias until they actually travel to opposite ends of the SEC universe for those critical road tests.

In short, this spring will only matter this spring (unless something bad happens). This spring won't matter as soon as G-Day is done. I'm not convinced G Day really matters too much right now, either. It's a bit like the par 3 contest at the Masters – something to see, but you don't get much out of it, and its almost never an indicator of what will happen when it matters.

But the glass ceiling at Georgia that is the BCS national title can't be won this spring – only next fall. So if you are ready for spring football I've got one for you... will Brandon Harton have more or less than 75 yards in this year's G Day... discuss here.

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