Rundown: Settling in on Day Two

ATHENS - A rundown of news and notes from Georgia's second day of spring practice.

The Lead:

Everybody is trying to adjust to Malcolm Mitchell's new role as a cornerback – It's hard for me to remember typing corner instead of receiver.

What exactly is he? A receiver playing corner or vice versa? A football player?

"Another piece to the puzzle," linebacker Christian Robinson answered.

That's about right. Having Mitchell play defense will certainly be a big help in the first two games of the season – while Sanders Commings and Branden Smith serve suspensions.

Once those two guys return, things could change all over again. I still think Mitchell will play more snaps on offense than defense in 2012, but perhaps he'll be so good at corner that Todd Grantham won't let Mike Bobo have him back. I don't think that will happen. But anything is possible.

Mitchell isn't helping to clarify anything because he keeps saying he has no preference and loves both sides of the ball. It appears he'll play the boundary corner, which I think best fits his athleticism and speed and lack of size.

I don't see him playing the nickel like Brandon Boykin did last year because I don't see him being great at the point of attack. But he can run with anybody. And he can catch nearly everything.

I don't know how to categorize Mitchell yet – but he's certainly an important piece to the puzzle.

Battle Lines:

Tight end: Arthur Lynch has been the No. 1 tight end thus far. Jay Rome has been taking the second-team reps.

Left guard: Kolton Houston has had this spot locked down the past two days. Dallas Lee is the No. 2 player at left guard.

Injury updates:

Dexter Morant, who has been out or limited due to shoulder injuries for two seasons since his arrival in 2010, is practicing at full strength for the first time in his career. He has worked with both the OLBs and DEs this spring.

Chris Conley (wrist) was still limited. Zach DeBell (ankle), Xzavier Ward (knee) and Sterling Bailey (shoulder) did not practice.

Amarlo Herrera had either a cast or heavy amount of tape on his right hand/wrist. However, he seemed to be having no problems.

Newcomer report:

One thing is for sure -- Keith Marshall is already loved in the locker room. All of his teammates rave about him – and I'm not just going off the coach's speak quotes that we always hear in the spring. From the tweets and interaction I see, Keith has already become "one of the guys," and he's one everybody on the team seems to gravitate to.

Why is that?

"I think he just has the right attitude," Robinson said. "I want to be around people like that and act like he does. He cares about what he's doing. Before we had our first meeting he had his little playbook with him, and he still does that. To have a guy like that who is so young and knows how to work already makes me want to help keep that attitude going after I'm gone."

There are so many quarterbacks on the roster that it's hard to sit and watch only Faton Bauta. He only gets so many throws. Wednesday Dean and I saw him throw about a half dozen balls.

His velocity surprised us. He throws the ball with some zip and fairly hard. Now, the throws weren't very accurate. He was kind of all over the place, but his arm strength certainly gives Mike Bobo something to work with.

Mark Beard remained the No. 2 left tackle Wednesday. I still think he'll end playing guard somewhere down the line – this may take place when Ward, DeBell and John Theus are all in the mix.

Outside the lines:

Georgia gave out rings Wednesday for winning the SEC East last season.

"Getting this ring meant a lot, but we're trying to get another ring for something even more special this season," Robinson said, referring to an SEC Championship and national title.

Quote of the day:

"I think Coach Grantham is being pretty nice right now, knowing I don't know anything. I'm pretty sure today there was one time he wanted to get at me, but I didn't really know." – cornerback Malcolm Mitchell.

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