Thursday Practice Tidbits

ATHENS - Tidbits from Georgia's third spring practice on Thursday.

>>> I get the feeling Corey Moore is like the little brother of the secondary. I say that because Shawn Williams and Bacarri Rambo like to pick on Moore in front of the media every now and then – only when Moore is close enough to hear them.

"He's doing better," Williams said once. "Especially now that he's not falling asleep in the meeting room anymore."

I also get the feeling that Moore is going to be quite a player sooner than later. Williams and Rambo always follow the laughter of their jokes with a serious tone, talking about Moore's ability and potential.

Obviously playing time will be tough to come by for Moore this season unless some form of attrition occurs. But watching him the past three days you can tell he's motivated and understands that his time will come.

He looks ready to play now. Next season he'll slide into the starting lineup for sure.

>>> Keith Marshall continues to be attached to coach Bryan McClendon's hip during drills. He's always asking questions and having McClendon point things out to him.

>>> An odd sight from today – the coaches were running the entire defense through a drill that I've previously only seen at high school camps and combines. You guys probably know the drill – four guys sprint to a group of three cones. The last man there without a cone has to continue to sprint, then run in place, break down and sprint out. Up downs are included, too. I've never seen this at a Georgia practice. Doesn't look fun.

>>> On the injury front, Zach DeBell (ankle) and Xzavier Ward (knee) were more active today, but still in green non-contact jerseys. They both look closer to returning to the mix. Rantavious Wooten was not practicing. We'll get an update after practice. He was working with Coach T alongside Sterling Bailey (right foot).

>>> Some of you have asked about Brandon Burrows – I watched him for some time today. He looks as healthy as I've seen him. His problem is there are so many great looking players at inside linebacker.

>>> I saw Damian Swann being extremely helpful to Malcolm Mitchell during a drill working on hand placement. This is where Mitchell has to get down to business. He can run and catch and all that – but the subtle things that make you a great cornerback are going to take time. Swann was talking him through the drill and Mitchell looked happy for the help.

>>> Ben Jones was at practice. So there's that.

>>> Rodney Garner would be a great candidate to mic up during a practice. I'm just saying. He got into Garrison Smith pretty good today.

>>> Watched Cornelius Washington make Mark Beard look bad in a drill today. It was a welcome to the SEC sort of moment for the junior college transfer. Washington and Ray Drew continue to work as defensive linemen. I was impressed with Washington in the limited time I saw him during a one-on-two drill.

We'll have more after practice…

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