Q&A: Rambo Enjoying Every Moment

ATHENS – If you ever get the chance to have a conversation with Bacarri Rambo – take it.

Even if only for a couple of minutes or in the parking lot of the grocery store, speaking to Rambo would be worth your time.

That's because the senior safety is funny without trying to be. He says things that are useful, but doesn't give away enough to be damaging to the team. He's honest about himself, and he doesn't think about his answers in terms of how they'll be perceived or consumed.

He's just Rambo – he's just real.

Dawg Post caught up with Rambo to discuss the situation in the secondary, his days as a quarterback and more.

You have some perspective on being suspended for the season-opener after missing the Boise State game. What have you told Sanders Commings and Branden Smith to help them out?

BR: "I just told them to keep God in their thoughts and keep praying about the situation. It's just a minor setback for a major comeback. You just can't let that get you down. You've still got 11 more games to play. You just go on and deal with your consequences and just go out there with the boys and have fun, man. Give it all you got."

Is it difficult to stay motivated in workouts, summer drills and practices knowing you're going to miss that first game?

BR: "It was for me because it was a bigger game than it was this year. We had Boise State in the Georgia Dome. That can't get any better, and I had to sit out. It probably won't be that hard for them knowing we play Buffalo. I mean we can't take those guys lightly, but just knowing they've got to sit out that game at home and it's in their senior year is going to take a toll on them. Just staying focused and knowing that we're going to need them for the rest of the season shouldn't let them get down. Once that first game is over with their back in the starting lineup and they've got to get out there and work."

How is the secondary going to adjust to not having those guys out there in games?

BR: "Coach Grantham will come up with something. Him and the coaching staff – they brilliant at that, man. That's what they're here for, so they'll come up with the right guys for the right positions to make plays and help out the secondary. They see we don't have much depth in the secondary so they'll handle that. The young guys – I've been telling Devin (Bowman), Damian (Swann) and Malcolm (Mitchell) and all those younger guys that they've got to step in and help out as much as they can by putting in the extra work, staying after practice, working on technique and asking questions and learning coverages. Those guys buying in, so we're going to miss Branden and Sanders, but I feel like those guys are going to step in and do a good job."

How about spring for you personally? How many springs have you been here for now?

BR: "I've lost count. I can't count on two hands. I've been here too long. (laughing)"

But do you still enjoy it? Obviously you had the choice to go pro…

BR: "Of course. I'm really enjoying it just to be out here with my guys, all my brothers, man. I just love every moment playing football with those guys. That's one of the reasons I came back because I saw all that talent we had and this is going to allow me to make more plays and allow everybody to make more plays. It is what it is. I'm just enjoying every moment being around this defense and this team."

If they asked you to play corner for a game or play or series due to the lack of depth in those first two games, could you do it?

BR: "I mean, whatever it takes. If it means me moving to corner, of course I'll do it. I just want to help my team win. I'll do whatever it takes for us to get to Miami (where the national title game is played) this year."

I know you wouldn't ever have to move to corner, but if something came up you could hang in there right?

BR: "Maybe one day y'all might catch me out there. I'll show you some of the cornerback skills. I've still got a little bit of ball skills. I'll have to go back to the high school days."

You should get a series or two at quarterback this season (Rambo was an excellent quarterback in high school).

BR: "I wish man."

I think they're underutilizing you. You could use the media to campaign for time at quarterback.

BR: "Then they'll start talking about me being T.O. (Terrell Owens). I really enjoy playing safety, man. I'm really glad I made that transition to play safety because I couldn't take no more hits playing quarterback. That's too much stress. I just like playing safety right now."

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