Robinson's Trip Helps Dawgs

ATHENS – There came a time during Georgia's Saturday practice when Demarcus Robinson just wanted to jump in there.

It was somewhere between an after-play fight.

"They were very intense," Robinson of the Bulldogs. "It seemed like they fought after every play. I could definitely see myself playing at Georgia because of the way they run their offense. They were going fast paced, which is the way we play at Peach County. They were also very intense."

Robinson, however, couldn't stay for all of the events in Athens on Saturday as his mother had to return to their middle Georgia home.

"When I got there we went into the meeting room and talked about nutrition and then we went to practice," he said. "We had to go right after practice."

Perhaps the visit was so eye-opening because Robinson had never seen a college practice before. Still, he felt like he could fit in well on the college gridiron.

"I'd never seen it before," he said with enthusiasm. "I'd never been to a college practice before. I didn't feel too left out – I was about the same size as everyone else."

Robinson's curiosity about Georgia specifically was raised even more after a talk with an old track rival.

"I spoke with Justin Scott-Wesley – we used to run track together," he said. "He told me that Georgia has some great playmakers, and I wanted to see what sort playmakers they had."

The entire experience helped the Bulldogs, Robinson said. He will visit other schools in the future – starting with a scheduled trip to Notre Dame next weekend. Oregon, South Carolina and Florida are also in the mix for Robinson.

"My visit today really helped Georgia," he admitted.

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