Return of the Dawg Post Mailbag

ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's news, notes and somewhat relavant rambling.

I had a feeling I'd see you here, but I wasn't sure. It's been so long, too long. … Gosh, you're looking great, you really are. … I've just been working, staying busy. You know, same old same old. … Oh yeah, still traveling. I went home for Christmas. Went to Tampa for New Year's. Atlanta for Signing Day. Tampa again for Spring Training to see Hale. Macon for a wedding. … I thought about reaching out a few times. I thought about you, wondered if you were thinking about me.

… Ha, yeah this is awkward. I can't believe it's been four months already...

Hey, I know I'm going out on a limb here, but do you think maybe we could see each other again. I mean, just to catch up? Only if you want to...

With all that said… Ladies and gentlemen you already know what it is… Let's get it poppin'.

SOUTHGADAWG88 asks: Can you help me on the Rueben Foster questions?

Looks like Master Legge swooped in and answered your questions on the message board.

I imagine this was the scene at Troupe County High this week: Adams. Adamlee. Adamowski. Adamson. Adler. Anderson. Anderson. Foster… Foster… Foster… Foster… Foster… Foster… Foster… Foster… Foster… (Um, he's transferring. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who goes with this girl that saw Reuben packing up his football equipment in the field house last night. I guess it's pretty serious). Thank you Simone. Fry. Fry. Fry.

godawgs123456 asks: Long time no see, Mail Sack. What adventures have you gotten into during the hiatus?

I spent a lot of my time in sweat pants eating Ramon noodles and watching the Wire. Hey Tony Soprano – it was real, but you've been replaced as my No. 1. Later.

Oh and I met Gary Matthews, too.

All of that was optional – except for the sweat pants.

Corey Moore-future stud or seat warmer for the class of 2012 studs we are going to bring in?

I've been all about Corey Moore since I first saw him – I believe that was in the spring of 2010. He's a competitor. I was trying to come up with a funny response to this question (because, you know, I like to be funny). I couldn't, so let's go with something either useful or interesting.

Guess who was the highest rated safety coming out of high school that is currently on Georgia's roster.

… All right, pencils down. … Rambo? Nope. He was a 3-star, ranked No. 29 at safety in 2008. Williams? Eh uh. He was a 3-star, No. 34 in 2009. OK, which of you jokers put down Cootie (2-star, No. 136) and Deas? (3-star, No. 59).

The correct answer is Corey Moore – four-star, No. 6, in 2011. Think about where Rambo and Williams are now… Yeah, I think Moore will be a good one, too.

Deas-can he contribute or is he just not someone we want playing out there this fall?

Remember when Rambo was suspended for the Boise State game and Shawn Williams got hurt for a series? It was Connor Norman that came in and played next to Sanders Commings.

That's all I have to say about that.

Berlusconi asks: Are we staying in touch with Chris Sanders and Nick Marshall for a possible return in the fall? Where are they now and any idea what the requirements are to make it back?

Sanders is the only member involved with the Sticky Bandits Dismissal that can come back to Georgia. He's currently at GMC and can return for the 2013 season if he keeps his nose clean.


No problem.

loganvilledawg asks: Questions - What's the latest on Max Garcia?

Georgia has a good chance to sign Garcia, but he's taking his time. There's no real rush because he has to sit out a season due to NCAA transfer rules.

Do you have a word limit for these mailbags?

Depends on who you ask… To quote Dean: "It's just too long, man. Who has time to read all that ish? I don't read it, I'll tell you that right now. It's too long." Yawn… To me, this is a buffet – the Golden Corral (or Ryan's) of Bulldogs information. You tired of eating? Hit the door. Want another helping of fried chicken and nachos and cheese? Grab a plate. There's dessert, too.

Comments - Looks like CMR has slightly "bent" on his quality over quantity policy.

But he's still as tan as ever…

Concerns - Missouri. I'm terribly afraid that our season is going to get kicked in the gut in week 2 without a monster, and i mean monster, game from IC.

If this does happen, Wes Muilenburg has provided a few mock headlines: "State of Mizzery." "Show Me Statement." "Missouri Compromised."

Ladies and gentlemen, Wes Muuuuuilenburg!!!!…. He'll be here all night. Take care of your waitresses and bartenders because they take care of you.

EmotionalFescue asks: #1 - If you had to guess, who will be the guys (one on offense and one on defense) that impress the most on GDay who are not first teamers?

Offense: Kolton Houston, Sanford Seay (whoops) and Bobby Thomas.

OK, so I made that last one up.

Defense: Connor Norman, Jordan Love (whoops) and Bobby Thomas.

Thomas switched to defense in the offseason… After I made him up.

#2 - If you were in charge of hiring our new recruiting coordinator what would be the #1 job qualification?

Something I like to call Passion & Ambition Soup. Or it could be a Enthusiasm & Aspiration Medley. Meaning, somebody who lives, eats and breathes football/high school recruiting, but also has goals to be something more than a recruiting coordinator someday.

I would want somebody hungry, somebody eager to show out and get the damn job done so as to improve both Georgia's and his or her own stock.

If I was running Dawg Post (and let's be honest, I practically do)… I just wanted to type that. Let's move on.

#3 - If Petrino is fired who should Arkansas call to fill the position? This is of course if they don't immediately appoint an existing coach as interim head coach and avoid cliched "fill the position"'re better than that.

Am I that much of a liability? You really think I would make inappropriate jokes in response to a Bobby Petrino replacement question? I scoff at the notion.

(OK, so my original draft had a long, unnecessary paragraph making veiled references about this situation. I changed it before publishing because my mother reads this. And like Fescue said, I'm better than that. I let you know all this because I spent 15 minutes typing said paragraph, and I want you to acknowledge that I made the effort).

Anyway, the obvious candidates: Charlie Strong, Gus Malzahn, Kirby Smart, the dude with two DUIs at UAB, Skip Holtz.

Under-the-radar guys who probably deserve a chance: Sonny Dykes (Louisiana Tech), Paul Rhodes (Iowa State), Dave Doeren (Northen Illinois).

With the candidates noted, there is almost a 100 percent chance Arkansas will name somebody not listed above.

#4 - Are they going to do the GDay draft again? If the Mailbag comes out after this question is answered by media reports/Coach Richt presser/Aaron Murray or Christian Robinson tweets, please disregard.

Looks like the coaches took the No. 1 defense and No. 2 offense for the Black team and vice versa for the Red team (or as Nick Cannon would say – the Red Squuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaadddddd!!!!!!!).

Richt really took all the fun out of this G-Day. No draft means no tweets from members of each team getting at each other. It also means I can't become the unofficial team rep for the squad of my choosing. Between this and Malcolm Mitchell and Keith Marshall not playing there's really no point in even going. This should have been held on the same weekend as the Master's so there would at least have been a reasonable excuse for the lack of attendance.

#5 - Most underrated and overrated Easter candy?

Pastel-colored M&M's – I see your creativity and I'm liking it.
Peeps – You're worthless and dead to me. What are you? Ugh.
Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs – Are you serious? Yuck. Get out.
Cadbury Crème Egg – You're tasty, but everyone is doing it. Blah.
Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs – Winner. But them treats in the freezer and we're talking bliss, son.

gunter2011 says: Been waiting for this for awhile.

All this anticipation is putting pressure on me to deliver…

1. Will John Theus be starting on the O-Line come September?

This is a tough question to weave through. I think most people polled would probably say yes. I think Theus is good enough to start in the first game.

The recent move to right tackle by Kolton Houston has me kind of thrown. I think Watts Dantzler can become a solid player, so I was surprised to see Houston moved to the spot I thought Watts and Theus would battle over.

Coach Will Friend has a lot of options. Gates can play tackle or guard. So can Watts, Beard and Houston. Lee and Burnette can play center and guard. All of these options are making it hard for me to commit to a starting linup – and I have commitment issues to begin with anyway.

At this moment I'm going to say Theus will start. But I'm beginning to think we'll see combinations on the line during September that could include at least six or seven different players. Perhaps fall camp will sort this out. Maybe.

2. Is the secondary going to be that bad without Rambo?

Well, it's not just Rambo. It's Commings and Smith, too. But you have to look at the games Georgia is playing without Rambo. Two of them are complete throwaways (Buffalo, Florida Atlantic). Another is against a team that significantly weaker than Georgia (Vanderbilt). Missouri is the only game that Georgia should have even a remote chance of losing – but the Bulldogs will still be favored.

As long as Corey Moore, Shawn Williams and Connor Norman stay healthy I don't think there is much reason to worry. Rambo is good, but I think Georgia can manage considering the competition.

3. How's Faton been looking in Spring practice?

He's looked like a kid who enrolled early and is going through his first spring – just hanging on for dear life and learning as much as possible.

I'm sure Hemingway didn't start out drinking his whiskey neat either.

"For Faton right now it's like every other quarterback that comes in; his head is probably spinning a little bit just like mine was," Hutson Mason said. "Faton is an extremely bright kid. Just sitting in the meeting room with Faton, he picks up like that (snaps fingers), which speaks highly of his intelligence. Any guy that can pick it up quick can get on the field as soon as possible."

From what I've seen, Bauta has a much stronger arm than what I'd originally heard. Now, accuracy has to improve greatly. His attitude (willingness to learn and stubbornness to prove he is a quarterback instead of an athlete out of position) is also a positive.

4. Had any apple pie lately?

I'm lost now that the apple slices (Brandon Boykin) have turned pro.

By the way, I apologize to any first time readers of the Mail Sack. Inside jokes are always the best – except when you're not on the inside.

DickVanDawg asks: How is LeMay looking and how come his brother doesn't want to come here and catch passes from him?

LeMay has taken a step forward since last season, but he's still the third-best quarterback on the team. If Bauta is drinking Whiskey Sours, so to speak, LeMay has progressed to Seven & Sevens or Manhattens.

Mason is ordering his On the Rocks (maybe letting the ice melt a little bit before sipping on). Murray is hitting the Neat level in comfortable stride. He knows and loves the taste inside and out instead of hoping to just get to the bottom of the glass without anybody see him wince.

That was either incredibly deep or just a short silly sip…

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: Fletch, the void in my life will now be filled.

Whoa, I told you I didn't want anything serious this soon…

1. Please answer all questions from the last sack that never was.

Yeah… About that… What are you talking about, again?

2. Do we have any more big recruiting weekends coming up?

I've been told over 50 recruits are expected for G-Day. Other than that, it will be a while before there is Much (Recruiting) Ado About Athens.

3. Who do you anticipate to be our #2 rusher this upcoming season?

I'm going to say Keith Marshall. I don't trust the health of Samuel (I think he'll move to fullback, anyway) and I'm still holding my opinion on Ken Malcome.

In these situations, I'll take the New Kid on the Block because it's what you guys want me to say in the first place. … Don't give me that look. At least I'm honest.

4. Any update on the possible move of Samuel to FB?

That appears to be all but a done deal. Richard just can't stay healthy enough for any of us to make sure of the move.

5. I heard a rumor that you were the new recruiting coordinator....what do you have to say?

Yeah… About that… I was in the mix for the job. Why do you think the Mail Bag went away for so long? Is it a coincidence that Chad and the Sack returned during the same week. People had the sitch wrong the whole time – Georgia was looking for a package deal. Avon Barksdale (Chad) and Stringer Bell (Me). It just didn't work out.

BIGBUSINESSBULLDAWG asks: Welcome back sack!

I just wikipedia'd Welcome Back, Kotter. Spent eights minutes looking for ammunition. Sometimes you have to let a joke walk on by…

Few questions.... Let's get this done. 1 what are your thoughts on recruiting thus far? What is the big difference between this year and previous years? What's good and bad about the new strategy?

Well the good is, so far, Georgia is on pace to sign a full class and is addressing positions of need.

The beautiful thing about recruiting is that it rewards partygoers that have their cake, eat it too – and eat somebody else's cake while they're at it.

The bad could be one of these early commitments isn't all that good or perhaps is a reach compared to a player that could still be available. Georgia isn't to the point of turning players away at one position due to needs at another. But that could eventually happen. This would be blowing out the candles too early. A contrarian would be quick to offer up that one in the hand is worth more than two in the bush. Given that Georgia can take over 30 players in this class, I see nothing wrong with grabbing a lesser-known bird or three this early. There's plenty of time and spots left to wait out the more exotics, too.

2 how long will grantham stay at Georgia? If he has a super successful year and all his starters leave will he bolt for an upgraded job?

You just made the case for him to leave. Successful run. A good group of players leaving. An upgraded job becomes available.

If it's that simple, I'd would hope the man has enough sense to go get his.

But it's not that simple. He has a family. Maybe he like living in (or near) Athens (and who doesn't?). Maybe he likes coaching in the SEC. Maybe he's become attached to younger players (think Drew, Jenkins, Moore, etc). Maybe he's waiting for a particular situation (head coaching job, somewhere closer to his native region, a job under a certain head coach, a return to the NFL).

It's too hard to tell how long Grantham will be around. I don't know how content he is. I do know, however, that he's being compensated plenty. And he's coaching in the best conference in the nation. And he's shown in the past that he's not a job jumper (six years at Va Tech, three at Michigan State, four NFL teams in 11 years). Wait… that's an average of 3.33 years at each job. Holding to my calculations, Grantham is probably going to leave at halftime of the Florida Atlantic game. Just sticking to the numbers here.

Enjoy him while you can!

3 is our offensive line going to step up or is our defensive line so good that they are just making them look bad in practice? This has to be the best practice for the OL to get ready.

It's been an interesting spring for the offensive line. Breaking in three new starters will always bring some struggles – but it's been more than that. Will Friend has used numerous players all over the place. Each new combination increased the learning curve.

The only adjustment the defensive line has faced is adding Cornelius Washington and Ray Drew to a unit that already featured Jenkins, Geathers, Jones, Smith and others.

If Justin Anderson were still here he'd be false starting in his sleep.

I can't say if the line will step up or not – it's certainly the glaring question mark on the team (besides maybe dealing with suspensions early on). I do think you might be on to something about going up against a top-notch defense frequently. It has to make you better. I caution you, though, against taking the sack totals from the scrimmages to heart. Most of those came with the No. 1 defense going up against the No. 2 offense or worse.

G-Day will be ones versus ones. That could provide a better look.

4 if you could be born again and had a choice of hair color would you remain a souless day walker or change it up a bit?

I admit there's a fine line between Kevin Bacon and Ron Weasley, but I'm good with where I stand. And if you watch Mad Men, you'd understand that red hair is perfectly attractive.

14dawgs47 asks: When will the next update in rankings be and how many will be added. With Georgia's offer list this year, there is a bunch without scout's take. Not gona ask about them just wondering when we can look for updates.

I'd look for the next round of updates between now and the end of May. The camps and combines are just getting started and high school spring practice doesn't hit full stride until the end of April/first of May. Chad (and others) give out their take on kid's profiles as they become big names, but only after their sure of the eval. Fortunately more and more kids are showing up to camps to be evaluated. Unfortunately that leads to more profiles that have to be created and updated.

Takes time.

One player Question what does scout think about Brett Steverson, does he get an offer.

He's visited Georgia's campus three times already – so there is mutual interest. He's a big-bodied player; good frame, perfect attitude and his academics are in order. The kid checks out in most every department.

One going against him could be that he projects as a guard, arguably the biggest crapshoot position in the game. You just never know which direction a recruit could go on the next level. He and his family seem to favor the Bulldogs, so that could give the coaching staff enough time to get the full picture on the kid this summer.

How many bicycle cops will be on patrol for G Day.

I dunno, but that reminds me about an awkward exchange I had with a neighbor while running the other morning.

She told me my dog had been chasing her husband on a bicycle. I told her my dog couldn't even ride a bicycle.

Hell, I don't even have a dog.

TNLogDog asks: 1) Any suggestions as to what to do before and after the spring game?

I'd suggest figuring out how to set the Picture-in-a-Picture on your television beforehand so you can spend most of your afternoon watching the third round of the Masters. Maybe cook something legit on the grill and put some drinks on ice…

Wait… The Masters was last weekend? That's right. Damn. Does this mean we actually don't have an excuse to "miss" G-Day again? (loud exhale). OK, OK… Well…

Honestly, I don't care what you do before the game. There's no wrong turn as long on as you're in Athens on a Saturday. You could peruse the bars downtown, check out the bookstore or go all classy and tote a case of Natty Light to a tailgate somewhere and forget how hot dogs are made for a couple of hours.

I endorse all those paths. In fact, you could go all Will Friendly on it and mix and match. Kenarious Gates is downtown (the ability to provide something for everyone). Chris Burnette is the bookstore (nearly was his high school's valedictorian). Kolton Houston is the beer and hot dogs (doesn't matter how you got to this point, you're eligible now).

Again, I think that made sense. I never really know if you guys are going to know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, after the game your options are just as open. I'm willing to bet I'll be out and about. I welcome any and all tweets if anybody wants to meet up for a quick Dawg Post meet and greet. Except you, @OJSampson – you're creeping me out.

2) Of the four players suspended, which one will be missed the most?

4. Branden Smith – he's a solid player, but will only be gone for one game. Yawn.
3. Alec Ogletree – 2011 proved Ogletree was expendable. Gilliard, Robinson, Herrera and Wilson are plenty good enough to cover here.
2. Sanders Commings – Versatile player and Georgia's best corner. Will be missed in the Missouri game.
1. Bacarri Rambo – Gone for four games and sketchy-thin depth at safety.

3) I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty bummed about Chad not getting the recruiting job. What direction is the school taking in your opinion?

Shhhh… This is a matter we do not discuss, at least not out loud and in front of others.

I don't know anything about Chad and this job you speak of. But from what I hear, Georgia is looking for somebody that knows the game, understands how to talk to recruits, is organized, passionate, displays a strong work ethic and also isn't a dumbass that could potentially be a liability in certain situations (Legge, sorry you're out bro).

Chad would have been perfect for the job, I'm sure. Like I said earlier, he would have been something like Avon Barksdale from Season One of the Wire. But for whatever reason it didn't work out (for Avon it was a 25 year prison sentence) That doesn't mean Georgia can't find a Marlo Standfield to fill Chad's, or Avon's, place.

The game be the game, yo.

4) Which one of the dawgpost crew (you, Dean, Chad, etc) is more likely to secretly go to a spray tanning bed?

Easy – it's Chad. Has to be. I've been calling Chad Mr. Pocket Square since he up and went all Hollywood on us. Wearing a suit all swagged out for the Fox Sports Recruiting Show and representing in fine fashion. Yep, he's done made a name for himself on one of them moving picture shows.

gadawgluver asks: 1) Why did the Mailbag stop?

Had to hit the injured reserved list.. I'll admit – I'm not Cal Ripken, Jr.

2) Who are the biggest surprises of the spring or who is everyone talking about?

4. Marlon Brown –Brown has his teammates raving once again. Is this the year he finally puts it all together?
3. Bobby Thomas – I know – he's not a real person. Fine.
2. Damain Swann – not really a surprise, but has responded well to the opportunity provided due to suspensions to others.
1. Kolton Houston – from ineligible to left guard to right tackle. Whirlwind. And he's still technically ineligible.

3) Who will have the biggest impact this year that is not on campus at this time other than that offensive line guy?

3. Keith Marshall – Good change of pace back. Not expecting something amazing, but he could make a handful of important plays this season.
2. Collin Barber – Gotta have a punter.
1. Marshall Morgan – Very talented young man, and here's the kicker… No, really, he's the kicker. Get it? Ha. That ish just cracked me up after typing that.

So I took the easy way out here by listing the special teams guys. Hey, I never claimed to be Robert Frost either.

4) Have you been seen on a motorcycle with any females lately?

Sure. If by motorcycle you mean in a SUV and by female you mean Dean.

5) Will Crowell have another good year this year or has he improved over his All American year last year?

I think Isaiah projects to have a better year considering he technically only played in eight games last year, will have used a full offseason to get better and has reportedly shown a better attitude and work ethic to this point in spring.

That question was #socrow.

theburnem asks: 1. What's taking so long to hear about a confirmation on Tree and Rambo's suspension?

Remember how long it took Georgia to make Rambo's suspension for the Boise State game official? That's right, 10 minutes before kickoff.

I'd imagine we probably won't hear much from Georgia until the Buffalo game. These suspensions are related to an in-house offense – there's no reason for Richt to make a comment about something that isn't public knowledge – like an arrest.

2. Who do you think will be on the short list for Arkansas head coach?

Been here, answered that. My vote is for Jerry Glanville. Kidding.

3. How much of an impact can Deas make to the depth at safety? I've gathered that Corey Moore will headline over him but how good can Marc be?

Deas is a good talker (which helps me), an interesting person (which helps with the locker room chemistry) and is probably best suited for special teams (which helps the team on the field). As far as playing safety, both Moore and Norman are ahead of him. I don't see that changing.

4. Who will be our headline receiver this year if Mitchell spends more time then expected at corner?

I think the receiver position will probably play out a lot like it did last year. Tavarres King will continue to stretch the field, but could be hit or miss depending on the game and situation.

Michael Bennett will continue to make tough grabs and show up on third downs and in the red zone.

Chris Conley is actually the x-factor, in my opinion. He averaged 18 yards a catch last season and caught the fifth-most passes despite not catching a ball until the fourth game on the schedule.

Marlon Brown has the most room to improve over his performance last season. He had 15 receptions in 2011 – a number that could easily double if he stays healthy.

Rantavious Wooten doesn't have a niche quite like all the others, but he is experienced and has caught touchdowns before.

Justin Scott-Wesley is the unknown, the unproven. He has the best top-end speed on the team, which is obviously a great asset. Is he a wide receiver or just a fast person playing catch? We'll find out.

In all, I'll take King to lead the team in receptions. He'll reach the 45-catch plateau. I could see a scenario where Brown, Conley and Bennett all catch at least 25 passes, depending on how much the tight ends are used (a position that, counting Bruce Figgins, caught 61 passes in 2011).

5. I've heard a lot about the U.S. postal service cutting back. I didn't know the mail bag would be affected so much by this. Your thoughts?

‘Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night' – All a bunch of words if you ask me. This Bag has a lot of quit in it.

Now I hear they're cutting the Elvis stamps out of the budget. The U.S.P.S. is All Shook Up.

PIGGSKIN asks: What happened to all the talk @ the juco db Alford? Are we still on him?

Good question. His recruitment has taken a Jimmy Hoffa. It has to be somewhere, but I'm not sure if anybody knows exactly the location.

That one may be the case of a player getting excited about being contacted and jumping the gun with the media. His quotes from February made it sound like he was going to commit to Georgia and enroll this summer.

But he needed an offer first. At this time, it doesn't seem likely he'll get one due to the defensive backs that have committed since all the Alford talk was going on.

Is JSW looking like he will play a big part this fall?

I don't think he'll play a "big part." There are simply too many receivers that are already proven that are ahead of him on the depth chart. I think Scott-Wesley and Keith Marshall are two guys that could be big punchers – maybe make a big play here or there or score a long touchdown in a game or two. But I wouldn't expect either of those guys to put up crazy stats this season due to what is on the depth chart ahead of them.

Both could be main contributors down the road through.

Does it look like Drew, Bailey, and Morant will spend all their time at DE?

I know Drew and Bailey will. I'm not exactly sure on Morant. He still needs more time and reps as a healthy player before I think the coaches can stick him at one spot for good. His body makes him hard to classify.

What's your gut on Stripling contributing this year?

As it stands now, Stripling is the second-team Sam in the base defense. With a healthy summer and fall I could see Stripling getting meaningful reps in games this fall because, like Grantham likes to say, "second team means you're playing." Chase Vasser is currently the No. 1 at Sam, which is the OLB spot opposite Jarvis Jones.

It appears Cornelius Washington and Ray Drew will play mostly defensive end, so that will keep the spot somewhat open. And to this point Jordan Jenkins has been told he'll play the Will, which is controlled by Jones. These factors could keep Strip in the mix.

And with that, I think I'll hit the back door and get out of here.

Turn out the lights boys, the party's over… We outta here baby… Thank y'all for coming.

P.S. Don't Be Cruel, you say? OK, I Surrender. I made that up about the Elvis stamps. Man, you guys have Suspicious Minds. Well, it's Now or Never… Can I still be your Teddy Bear?

I believe we've set a new record… Creepiest Intro/Outro Ever… Until next time (four months from now).

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