Q&A: Christian Robinson

Senior linebacker Christian Robinson met with the media to discuss the team, linebackers and off the field woes.

ATHENS – As sure as the sun will rise, Christian Robinson will be summoned for every single defensive media session.

If the media constantly seeking his quote annoys him, Robinson doesn't show any sign. And when reports circulated about fellow inside linebacker Alec Ogletree facing suspension, Robinson probably figured he'd field questions about that, too.

Indeed, the media called Robinson last week and he took the elevator up to the second floor of the Butts-Mehre building, a trip he's plenty familiar with, to face the firing squad. He once again answered questions about the team, the linebacker position and what the players are doing to make sure there isn't any more trouble away from the field.

If the reports about Alec Ogletree being suspended hold up, how will you guys at linebacker adjust to that?

CR: "I think after last year's Boise game we learned how to move people around. No matter what happens or when it happens, we're just going to find the best guy. The thing about the spring was that we were able to teach more than one thing. Ramik (Wilson) has been playing both a bunch. Amarlo (Herrera) can play both (inside linebackers spots). I can play both. I think Mike (Gilliard) is the only one playing true ‘Mike' right now. We have a lot of different options and a lot of different packages. We'll be ready better than we were last year."

Have you played both inside linebacker spots in the past?

"When I came back (from injury last season) I played the Moe position until "Tree got back. When ‘Tree got back he went straight to the Moe and I went in on third downs at the Mike."

Is it difficult to crosstrain at both positions?

"It is kind of difficult. It's just a lot of information, but each week we practice so much it's just learning something from that week and trying to retain it during the next week. It's difficult in spring because we're putting so much in. It's kind of like I'm a freshman again because I'm getting yelled at more because I've got to be expected to know more. It's a part of it."

Did you guys hold a team meeting due to some of the things that have happened away from the field?

"It's been more of just an overall – in our own position rooms talking. We've got limited time right now. I think once we're done with spring we'll have a lot of things thrown at us with dates and times for summer. I think that will be a time to get a team meeting. We've been through so much already with what's going on. It's been said that we just need to stay out of trouble and focus on getting to the season."

Has the team had additional priveledges, such as going downtown, taken away by the coaches?

"It's been kind of self-policing. We don't want to have guys going out when we have things going on and we have practice and things like that. We're kind of just self-policing. It's more us taking the initiative and not having anything like that happen."

If you could describe this team or season as an object, what would it be?

"I'd have to say a linden leaf. It's two sided. A lot of people are seeing the negative from the outside. It's really difficult for people to see what's really going on underneath and what's really going on here in the inside as we're putting this team together. I think once we actually get to the season people we'll see us produce, especially on the defensive line and at DB early. We're going to surprise some people. That's random, but I think that's good."

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