Southern Quarterbacks at Elite 11

Student Sports held the third and final EASports Elite 11 workout this weekend in Las Vegas, and it was a stellar day for the southern quarterbacks, Georgia commitment <b>A.J. Bryant</b> in particular.

The heat was beating down on the artificial turf in Las Vegas, NV as quarterbacks from across the country came to the third and final EASports Elite 11 workout. The south was well represented as several southern signal callers made a good showing. Seven quarterbacks in all from the south made the first group, and each of them is a big time division 1 prospect.

Georgia was represented the best as four quarterbacks from the peach state were in the first group. A.J. Bryant, Alex Mortensen, Cullen Harper, and Calvin Booker all showed something different on Saturday. 

From Left: Booker, Bryant, Mortensen, and Harper

I didn't know that A.J Bryant was going to be in attendance, and the first thing I noticed about him was how much stronger he looked. He has added about 10 pounds of muscle since I first saw him in February, and his arm strength reflected the weight training. He consistently threw a crisp, accurate spiral, and he had the quickest release on the day. He excelled in throwing not only the out pattern, but he showed an excellent deep ball as well. His footwork was top notch, and he has a chance to move on to the Elite 11 Camp next month.

This was the first chance I had gotten to see Alex Mortensen play. He was probably the most accurate and polished of the four Georgia quarterbacks. He has tremendous footwork, and he was one of the few quarterbacks on the weekend whose accuracy didn't suffer when he muscled up on a ball. As a 16 year old senior to be, Mortensen's best days are ahead of him.

I was very interested to see Cullen Harper play, because his highlight tape showed him running Sequoyah's Wing-T offense, and he never had the chance to throw the ball downfield. He got his chance to do that and more on Saturday, and he didn't disappoint. Harper has the highest delivery of the four Georgia quarterbacks, the second strongest arm, and he threw the prettiest deep ball of the four. Not surprisingly, Sequoyah has installed the Shotgun formation this summer to help take advantage of Harper's talent.

Calvin Booker has the strongest arm of the group, even when he is not 100%. He was flexing his elbow after several throws, and his accuracy suffered a bit. However, it was apparent how strong his arm is when healthy, because he was throwing with a nice easy motion, and still delivering ropes to the sideline patterns. He is the biggest of the four Georgia quarterbacks, and has maybe the best upside. He needs to work on his footwork, and he learned several drills at the camp to only get better and better.

Brent Schaeffer

Brent Schaeffer was Florida's top representative. He has a high, smooth delivery and an arm that is plenty strong enough. He is not going to throw the ball through a wall like Booker can, but he can make all of the necessary throws. He has unbelievably quick feet and is athletic enough to play wide receiver should things not workout at quarterback. Schaeffer's first position is quarterback though, and he is a very good one.

Blake Barnes

Blake Barnes of Mississippi was probably the top southern quarterback on the day. With so many great ones, it's hard to pick out just one in a 2 hour camp, but Barnes did everything well. His footwork in the pocket drills was top notch. He has great balance and stands high ready to deliver when going through shuffling drills. As expected after watching his video, he threw the most consistent and pretty deep ball at the camp.

David Wolke

Last, but certainly not least, we move up to Tennessee where David Wolke is from. Wolke cut short a family vacation to hop on a plane at 2:00 AM to make the camp. While he started with a flourish, he faded a bit at the end, which was not surprising considering he had been awake for nearly 24 hours. Wolke has one of the most naturally strong arms at he camp. Once he learns to rotate his hips and shoulders into the pass, he is going to be dangerous. At this stage of his career, he relies solely on his arm, and he can get away with that because of how strong it is. However, over the course of a long season, he is going to want to learn to use his body more. At 6-2+ and more than 200 pounds, he is big and strong and has tremendous upside.

All in all, the quarterbacks all looked to have a great time and learn something despite the blistering 100+ degree heat. Anyone that says "It's not that bad, it's a dry heat" has been out in the sun too long. 105 degrees is HOT, and the quarterbacks from the south made things even hotter with an excellent representation. All seven of these guys have big time division 1 offers, and they didn't disappoint in Vegas. It's going to be a lot of fun to watch them continue to develop and compete this year!

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