Barnes visits Vegas

In my conversations with Barnes, he has impressed me with his attitude and outlook. See what he said about his trip to Vegas and his top schools.

Humble. Blake Barnes is a humble player. He realizes that he is not the most sought after quarterback in the country, yet also understands that there are several schools that are interested in him.

The Georgia Bulldogs have a quarterback in David Greene that has the same sort of personality as Barnes. Does Barnes have the talent that Greene has? That is yet to be seen. Still, in my conversations with Barnes, he has impressed me with his attitude and outlook.

I recently had a chance to speak with him about his trip to Las Vegas for the EASports Elite 11 quarterback workout.

"It was a lot of fun," he said. "I was really looking forward to it. I love to compete and I was excited about going out there and competing with the best quarterbacks in the country," Barnes said.

Sometimes camps such as EASports and Nike tend to give players bumps, for lack of a better term, up the food chain with the schools that are recruiting them. I asked Barnes if he was hopeful that happened for him in Las Vegas.

"I hope that the camp helps me with Georgia and all of the schools that I am interested in," he said. "I'm not sure how that works but I would for my stock to improve with Georgia," he told me. A disclaimer must be added; when a writer from a Georgia (or any other school) site talks with recruits, the recruits almost always talk in terms of the school for which the writer covers. Still, Barnes would love to get an offer from the Dawgs. He lists them as one of his few favorites.

"There were about 60 quarterbacks out there on Friday and 40 or so on Saturday," said Barnes of the workout in Vegas.

"I know that there are a lot of great quarterbacks out there," Barnes acknowledged. Barnes continued, "Sometimes there are going to be guys that get a lot more attention than others and some that sink under the radar. But there are a lot of places for guys to go."

One gets the feeling in talking with Barnes that it is his feeling that he is flying under the radar more than anything else. Still, Georgia has targeted him but it is unclear if Georgia will extend an offer for Barnes to play in Athens.

"Michigan, Georgia, and Ole Miss are still my favorites. I am still trying to weight all of my options. I am trying to look at the ones that I am very interested in and concentrate on them," Barnes said.

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