Bellamy: Everything Seemed to Fall into Place

ATHENS – Davin Bellamy wasn't sure what to make of Georgia's scholarship offer, but his visit to the Bulldogs on Thursday made him reconsider, and in a big way.

"I thought they were a school just hopping on something hot because they were the 25th school to offer," Davin Bellamy said. "But Coach Grantham had my film cut up with some of the things I did best. Then it would go into things I needed to work on – like using my hand more. I think it took so long to offer me because they were legitimately evaluating me."

Bellamy said that after coming to that understanding it made him doubt what other schools were doing in terms of evaluation.

"You will be on the phone with some schools and they say they are looking at you, and then they offer the next day," he said. "Today I really felt like it was a very well-thought out process for them to offer me – you could tell that today."

Georgia's lead recruiter – Todd Grantham – showed Bellamy the way in which the Bulldogs would use the DeKalb County product in their 3-4 scheme.

"He showed me two drills that increase your pass-rushing speed," he said. We spent about an hour and 15 minutes just watching film on Jarvis Jones and DeMarcus Ware. He had the red laser pointing at the screen. I really felt like we bonded in a big way – Coach Grantham and me."

Grantham, who lead the charge for the Bulldogs, was not the only coach Bellamy dealt with on the trip.

"I was in Coach Richt's office for an hour. He just answered every question truthfully. I really got a very good genuine feeling," he said. "The trip has totally change my perspective on Georgia."

That's probably because Grantham went in detail about how he would use Bellamy.

"He told me that I could rush the passer, drop back in coverage or to play up on the line. He told me I could be diverse in their defensive scheme. To me that told me that I could play early – especially with my skill set. That stood out to me," he said. "Of all of the schools I've visited the Georgia scheme and the use of their outside linebacker speaks to me the most. I want to leave college in three years, and he went through with me what I needed to do to get there."

Grantham also enlisted the help of Joe Tereshinksi, Georgia's strength and conditioning coach, to show just what sort of work he needed to do to get done with college in three years.

"The strength coach showed me a chart of what the outside linebackers' numbers were at the NFL Combine," he said. "But he told me coming in as a freshman that those numbers would be seen by us from the get go, and that I would know where I needed to get."

It was a good trip for Bellamy in the end.

"Everything seemed to fall into place there. I was very, very impressed," he admitted.

The only hold up for the Dawgs may come from south of the border.

"I am going to Florida State this weekend," Bellamy said. "I have been looking forward to that trip for a while. I am pretty sure when I go to Florida State it is going to blow me away. But Georgia put themselves - everything in that program seems to be fitting me perfectly."

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